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A Moment Later... by FelinaofL2 A Moment Later... :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 1 0
The Eagle's Dance
(Read Artist's Comments at the end!)
Of all the Auditore sons, Ezio was the best at dancing. His mother had often said that his talent with it would help him easily court the girls, and his father had chuckled as he nodded in agreement. Indeed, the young man did enjoy wooing lovely girls by asking them for a dance.
This dance, however, was ridiculous.
While hiding in a dank Venetian alleyway to evade a guard patrol, Ezio felt a nasty sting on his cheek, and immediately pulled away from the wall he'd been against. Peering out from a small hole was a rather agitated wolf spider guarding its home.
"Merda!" the young Assassin hissed, cursing his luck as he quickly assessed his options: the guards were still on alert, so a doctor was out; the Thieves' Guild as well for the same reason. The only person that was left was his dear friend Leonardo, whose studio was only a few streets away, and surely the quick-minded artist could think of a way to treat the bite.
Slipping in a
:iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 2 4
Daigaku Hetalia Day 1 by FelinaofL2 Daigaku Hetalia Day 1 :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 0 1 Daigaku Italy Moods by FelinaofL2 Daigaku Italy Moods :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 1 0 Daigaku Prussia Moods by FelinaofL2 Daigaku Prussia Moods :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 1 0 Daigaku Hetalia Board by FelinaofL2 Daigaku Hetalia Board :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 1 4
The Promise -PW:TT SPOILERS-
The Promise
“Diego, will you promise me something?”
“Anything, Kitten. You know I love you.”
His face was burning with pain, the cold night air adding even more sting to the wound running across his nose. Stumbling blindly towards the direction of the gate, he desperately searched the snow until his fingers brushed against his visor, immediately putting it back on. Wincing from the chill of the snow still clinging to it that further irritated his fresh wound, he found Maya and scooped her into his arms, carrying her gently back to the Inner Temple. He was relieved to find that she was unharmed, but frowned, despite this revelation.
“You’re still in mortal peril, even now,” he said to the unconscious girl, “I can’t let that happen, or else I’ll have failed.” He stood up, his mind now racing. The plan had backfired horribly, Misty was dead and Maya stood as the primary suspect. There was only one choice- Iris had to tak
:iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 4 5
NOT an obsession. HONEST. -3 Years Later- by FelinaofL2 NOT an obsession. HONEST. -3 Years Later- :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 3 11 Halloween Special '08 by FelinaofL2 Halloween Special '08 :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 1 5 Not Again... by FelinaofL2 Not Again... :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 5 15
The Joker and His Quinn
The Joker and His Quinn
By FelinaofL2
Summary: A Dark Knight version of the creation of Harley Quinn, influenced by the comic Mad Love, that takes place shortly after Joker & Harley have escaped Arkham.
He grabbed her neck with his left hand just tight enough to hear her gasping for air as the blade of the butterfly knife held in his right gently caressed the corner of her mouth. He smiled at her, his yellowed teeth barely showing under his crimson lips.
“My dear Harley,” he said in a sickly-sweet voice filled with his menacing affection for the blonde, “I can see the smile on your face, but the world can’t. Isn’t that sad?” Harley did her best to nod, her eyes holding a speck of fear hidden within the eager-to-please look a happy Golden Retriever would give its master. The Joker chuckled quietly, amused at seeing the slightest hint of fear in his one-time doctor who was so deeply devoted to him.
“Then let’s make your happy s
:iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 7 12
Jet...? by FelinaofL2 Jet...? :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 5 9 A Guardian at Rest by FelinaofL2 A Guardian at Rest :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 2 12 Spike's Photoshoot by FelinaofL2 Spike's Photoshoot :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 5 9 Riding Lesson by FelinaofL2 Riding Lesson :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 0 5 Hidden in Plain Sight by FelinaofL2 Hidden in Plain Sight :iconfelinaofl2:FelinaofL2 0 6

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Is an insane otaku
United States
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Personal Quote: To lose a sense of wonder is to kill one's imagination.
Stole this from :iconthequeen-ofhearts: because I was bored and I could.

1) Answer all questions truthfully~! It's no fun if you don't.
2 ) Post the title of this blog as "Axis Powers Hetalia Meme!"
Or something of the sort.
3 ) Tag at least three Hetalia fans when you're done. Don't tag someone back!
4 ) Don't be shy - let your true Hetalian spirit shine! Go ahead, we're all dorks here anyways.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
Ready? Let's begin!

S E C T I O N   O N E: Your Hetalia Life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1. If you were a country, which country would you be? Why? What kind of personality would you have?
I wouldn't be a country, more likely a state (Maryland) or a capital (Berlin). I'll use Berlin, a tenacious gal with a good heart and a hell of a fighting spirit. :3

2. Which country would you be married to? Or at least have a romantic relationship with?
The German Brothers, especially Gilbert. I've been their capital for centuries because of him. (Kesesese~)

3. And how would said country dump/divorce you?
Gil'd either fick up and piss me off, or be dead. (Nooooo!)

4. You would...
a) Beat him/her to a pile of dog crap. [x] (Typical response.)
b) Cry. [x] (Don't die, Gil! :cry:)
c) Be completely indifferent. [x] (To really fuck with his head.)

5. Would you make up with said country? Or would you go find a better (and sexier) partner? If you're looking for another partner... Who?
Yeah I'd make up after awhile. In the meantime, Lud would be putting that BDSM kink to good use~

6. You would be most afraid of...

7. Why? (If you picked Russia, then you don't have to explain).
He's one of the bastards that made me a split-personality for 40 years!

8. Who would be the most afraid of you?
Probably Austria, since Gil & I love pranking him.

10. Pick a character you hate with a burning passion. What kind of strange and unheard of tortures would you put the poor soul in?
Russia, trapped in a room with Belarus.

11. You would have a secret unrequited crush on...
Turkey. Damn he's hot.

12. And your love rival would be...
Japan, Grecia, or maybe Greece.

13. What kinds of things would he/she do to get at you? (Flowerpots, hitmen, anything goes).
Send murderous cats and mecha after me. If they were REALLY serious.

14. Your best friend?
America, and probably Spain.

15. What about your daily punching bag?

16. And your drinking buddy would be...!
Besides the German Brothers? Denmark and Spain.

17. What kind of strange things would you and your drinking buddy get into/talk about?
World conquering and sex.

18. And what kind of drunk would you be? (Sad drunk, angry drunk, sentimental drunk...)
Sentimental drunk who swings between happy and depressed.

19. You start making out with ___ at/in _____.
Gilbert, in Lud's home office. It's happened before.

20. And exactly how did this come about...?
He's VERY persuasive when he's horny and kinky.

21. You get caught by...
Ludwig XD

22. Everyone's reaction? (You, the person you were making out with, and the one who caught you).
Gilbert: Having fun-- What does it LOOK like, West?
Me: How about a threesome~?

23. Who would your mother be? Father?
Mother: A human? Father-figure: Vati~~! :D (Germania)

24. Siblings?
All the states of Germany, the German Brothers?, oh and 17 SISTER CITIES!

25. Soap Opera Time! Here's the situation:
- Your best friend is in love with your drinking buddy.
- Except your secret crush loves him too.
- And that drinking buddy is madly in love with your love rival.
- That love rival likes your secret crush.
- And your punching bag loves you (even though you beat him/her up).
- And you love your secret crush (durr).


S E C T I O N   T W O: Hetalia Fan Grab Bag
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1. Who is your favorite character? Why?
Prussia, Germany, Turkey, Rome and America (in that order). Because they're sexy, awesome, and funny.

2. Your least favorite character? Again, why?
Russia, for being a creepy insane bastard and making Prussia suffer.

3. Your favorite pairing?
I'll say it loud and proud: GERMANCEST!!!

4. Your rival ship?
If you mean the pairing I really don't like: Russia/Prussia. I only see cruelty, abuse and pain in that.

5. Did you learn about a country through Hetalia?
Hetalia's had me research a lot more than I used to, and as a history geek, I'm grateful.

6. And which country do YOU belong to? Do you like the corresponding character?
I'm from the US of A. And I adore Alfred Fucking Jones!

7. Why?
He's the perfect version: young and stupid, but good-hearted deep down.

8. Which party do you like better? The Axis Powers, or the Allied Forces?
Hmm... German Brothers are sexy, but Allies are funnier. (And they don't have a certain psychotic Austrian.)

9. Shinatty-chan. Respond with one word.

10. You will become one with mother Russia, yes?

S E C T I O N   T H R E E: I am 96% Hetalia Fan. (Holy SHIT...)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I N S T R U C T I O N S:
Put an "x" in each bracket if the statement is true.
Add up your total of "x"s, and multiply that by four.
Rewrite the title of section three as "I am "Number"% Hetalia Fan."
(I fucking hate math...)

1. You've read Hetalia. [x]

2. You've watched Hetalia. [x]

3. Ever drawn any fanart? [x]

4. Ever written any fanfiction? [x]

5. You've pulled an all-nighter doing any of the above. [x]

6. What about fantasized about a character? (Either with you or with another character) [x]

7. Do you ever find yourself sometimes looking over your back randomly to make sure Russia isn't following you in a Shinatty costume? []

8. Any of your icons of a Hetalia character? (SodaHead, dA icon, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, etc.) [x]

9. You think a Hetalia character is cute. Or hot. Or sexy. Or all of the above. [x]

10. You've cosplayed as a Hetalia character. [x]

11. You own merchandise with a Hetalia character on it. [x]

12. You've quoted a Hetalia character before. [x]

13. You end up using Hetalia strips as the "Economy/World Affairs" column of the newspaper. [x]

14. You've said things like "England is so cute! He has tsundere eyebrows!" during a conversation and nobody understands what you're talking about. [x]

15. You sometimes assume that a country/people from said country are like their Hetalia counterpart, only to remind yourself that Hetalia is a comic, not a true-to-life Bible. [x]  (Though DAMN is it close sometimes...)

16. You've lost breath laughing from a Hetalia strip/episode before. [x]

17. During school, you've absentmindedly doodled a Hetalia character on a paper. [x]

18. You know, more or less, the majority of the Hetalia cast's real name. [x]

19. You've taken up an uncanny interest with world history ever since you were introduced to Hetalia. [x] (Always was passionate, APH only added fuel to the fire!)

20. You've attacked a Hetalia cosplayer before. [x]

21. You hugged or was angry at said cosplayer (But not because they were THEM, because of the character the were cosplaying. E.G "France, I hate you!" "JAPAN I WANT A HUG!!!!" etc). [x]

22. Have you memorized any version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu? (If you don't know what that is, get out.) [x]

23. Do you have any Hetalia fan friends? (Either met at a con, online, or RL) [x]

24. Ever had a dream about a Hetalia character? [x]

25. You're still perfectly fine and willing to answer even MORE Hetalia questions. [x]

S E C T I O N   F O U R: Drink Beer From Our Boots!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let's do a drunk round! Or rather, some completely random questions. Do you still remember your character from section one?
Respond to the following random statements in their personality.

- - - - - - - - - -

1. Axis Powers.
Our bosses are/were idiots and Italy is/was useless!

2. Italy.
You're still cute though...

3. Germany.
Shall I get the whip, Master~?

4. Japan.
What's that you're drawing?

5. China.
The fick does aru even mean?

6. Hero.
Old Fritz! *raises bierstein*

Haha England, you're such a bitch~!

8. Yaoi.
Are Gil and Lud making out again?! 8D

9. Frying pan.
Bitch better NOT hit Gilbert...

10. Austria.
Haha, you lost your glasses, Prissy Boy!

11. Pastaaaa~
Spätzle's better!

12. Magic!

13. Tell me a story.
Once upon a time, there was a lady who lived with two sexy brothers, and they were happy. The End. Now where's my bier?


15. France.
Not interested, you STD-ridden bastard.

16. America.
Hey kid! :) Gil says you still owe him for Valley Forge!

17. Sealand.
What're you doing in a biergarten...?

18. Switzerland.
Oh Gott, don't shoot anyone...

19. Belarus.
Oh schieße-- LOOK THERE'S RUSSIA! *points*

20. Russia.
*screams and hides behind Ludwig & Gilbert*

21. Random Country.
Teach me to belly-dance like you do, you damn sexy Turk~

22. Shinatty.
Did Gil buy another weird thing? *pokepoke*

23. Allied Forces.

24. Matthew. (Who's that?)
Oooo, you're the Maple guy Gil likes!

25. Prussia.
Sex? Right on the bar? You're so kinky, Master~

Anything you'd like to say, now that the meme is all done? Frustrating? Fun? Are you dying? Let it all out, sweetie.
Prussia will seize your vital regions and conquer the world with his awesome! (I love Hetalia~)

I tag anyone who feels like doing this. *shot by Switzerland for being lazy*


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