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Darkness falls and darkness will rise
darkness is the font of the boldest of lies.
It deadens the heard and it veils the eyes,
long after all of the lost goodbyes.

Demons parade in others clothes,
for in the darkness no one will know.
But we all have our time to go,
and burning light the truth will show

The bonds that they make
Of metal that's baked
though hardened by lake
May still break.

Pain is an object to be watched closely
Cherished by some but despised mostly
Doled out by others is the way it may be,
But never forget the rule of three.

Lights will fade when darkness comes,
and into that place all would succumb
But for a light of purest of flame
there in the light no one will gain

Dance like a fool but dance while you can.
The one in control is not a sane man.
The darkness is growing and no light is found,
like a pool of cold water welled up from the ground.
A brief bit of poetry, spawned from RPing madness.
© 2003 - 2020 Felinaeus
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