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[PKMNation] Oliver



:iconpkmnation: afkasjhfakjf I WAS WAITING TO REF HIM FOR SO LONG AAH I seriously adore omanyte, I do. They are the cutest things ever and I don't wanna evolve him ever >>;; hhhhh he's already all over my sketchbook woops?

• Teach-mes: Bite, Rollout, Brine, Ancient Power, Hydro pump, Shell smash.

• Name: Oliver
• Nickname: Ollie <3
• Pokemon: Omanyte
• Gender: Male ♂
• ID number: 18951
• Ability: Shell armor
• Hidden Ability: Weak armor
• Nature: Jolly
• Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas
• Hatch date: 05/10/2015
• Level: 26
• Start base attack: 5
• Current base attack: 10
• Moves:
:iconnormaltypeplz:[START] Constrict
:iconwatertypeplz:[START] Withdraw

• Breeding status: Closed! (My heart isn't ready to let him breed yet ;v; he's a bby)
• Level up log:
- Reference sheet: +4 levels
- [PKMNation] Happy Mother's Day!: +8 levels
- [PKMNation] Sticker babies: +4 levels
- [PKMNation] Carnival fun: + 10 levels

• Extra:
- Oliver is one of the few mons that act according to his age. He's a baby, and very affectionate and clingy, and Alexia freaking loves him. Seriously she takes him on her shoulder wherever she goes and plays with the little nautilus to her heart's content. Of course that caused Lucien to be MAD jealous of him. Like seriously he'll be a brat to him just because he can't stand that an octopus thing gets more attention than him.
- Pokemon-wise, he really loves Nina and it's reciprocated as she looks after him like a mother. He's kinda friends with Pocky too, surprisingly.

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