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[PKMNation] Lucien evolves





I was DYING to evolve Lucien for so long >>;; and funny enough, I'm not even regretting putting him strait up to delphox. I mean, braixen is cool and etc, but delphox... it's just... amazing oHo

I love him so friggin much. I had sketches of his potential form's markings everywhere so I didn't have much trouble coming up with stuff. Also his personality changed so much since he was a fennekin x'D but that shall be explored in his updated app, soon enough. I also removed his eye markings just because... yeeeah they looked nice as a fennekin but I felt they were polluting delphox beautiful design, so I removed them. I like it better like this, yes. uvu

And yes, I used a huge canvas. LOL. That's also why it took so long to finish :'D

I had a pretty crappy day but finishing this made me incredibly satisfied =v= Yay for not so crappy!
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He looks incredibly amazing!<3