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PKMNation Lucien



omg my first starter <33 I squealed so hard when I saw I got a morph! So lucky eeh! I know his type don't match much my ranch and all, but it will when he evolves since my ranch is water/psychic uvu

Update :: Fully evolved smexy beast *v* Also updated extras!

 Name: Lucien
 Pokemon: Delphox [MORPH] 
 Gender: Male 
• ID number: 7256
• Ability: Blaze
• Hidden Ability: Magician

• Nature: Impish
• Characteristic: Mischievous
 Hatch date: 05/03/2014
• Level: 100
• Start base attack: 5
• Current base attack: 29 [+4 for evolving twice!]
• Moves:
Type Normal [START] Tail whip    Label Type Fire  Fire spin          Label Type Psychc  Psyshock
Type Normal [START] Scratch      Label Type Fire  Flamethrower    Label Type Fire  Will-o-Wisp
Label Type Fire Flame Charge          Label Type Psychc  Psybeam     
Type Normal  Lucky Chant           Label Type Fire  Fire Blast

• Breeding status: Open!
• Level up log:
- Reference sheet: +4 levels
- Lucien learned fire spin! : +12 levels
- Glowing like the sun : +4 levels
- Training spree : + 12 levels and learned Flamethrower
- Mass Payment : +70 levels and learned Psybeam, Psyshock, Flame Charge, Will-o-Wisp, Fire Blast, Lucky Chant.
- [PKMNation] Lucien evolves: Evolution to braixen then delphox!

• Extra:
- Lucien is one of the main performer's of the aquatic show (surprisingly!), specially now that he fully evolved, and his job is to use his psychic abilities to levitate huges drops of water from the pool while water type pokemon swim inside and jump from one to another.
- Though he can still be pretty mischievous and even childish in some matters, he grew to be a lot less of a douche than in his earlier days. He looks after his children ( Ashitaka specially, as he tend to cause more trouble than Erik ) very well and may even treat you as such if you are very young. It is not common though.
- He is still extremelly cocky and full of ego, BUT after having his fair share of breedings and children, he feels like he's lacking something more serious and is longing to find someone to love for real, even tho he ain't admitting it that easily. He's trying to invest in Astrid but breaking through her is being a lot harder than he expected to reasons he don't quite know yet.
- He loves to be groomed. Seriously look at that amount of FUR. If you brush him nicely he won't even complain if you put ribbons in all that fluff. He'll burn them when you aren't looking and "lose it" right after.
- Can be annoying as hell when he's not the center of attention... what makes him fight for Alexia's attention with Oliver, one of her favorite babies. He may pick on the little omanyte just because he can in excuse of his jealousy.
- The fire in his staff never extinguishes. It also reacts to his mood - when he's sad, it gets blue and small, when he's furious, the flames increases and dark smoke comes out of his mouth, when he's average, it stays like in the ref.
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omg what a cutie ;v;