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PKMNation - Erik



Meet my new favorite, Erik! <33 I KNOW I SHOULDN'T FAVORITE MY CHILDREN BUT... Just look at him ;3; he's too precious...
He will be an awesome sauce vaporeon/espeon one day ;w;

Teach-mes: Swift, Baby-doll eyes, Quick attack, Bite, Charm.

• Name: Erik
• Nickname: Eri
because it's cute
• Pokemon: Eevee [SHINY] [MORPH]
• Gender: Male 

• ID number: 7262
• Ability: Adaptability

• Hidden Ability: Anticipation
• Nature: Docile
• Characteristic: Highly curious
• Hatch date: 05/12/2014
• Level: 46

• Start base attack: 8
• Current base attack: 17

• Moves:

Type Normal [START] Helping hand     Type Normal  Swift
Type Normal [START] Tackle

Type Normal [START] Growl

Type Normal [START] Tail whip

• Breeding status: Open!

• Level up log:

- Clutch image: 5 levels
- Reference sheet: 4 levels
Feligriffin Payment: +10 levels, Erik learned Swift!
- [PKMNation] Happy Mother's Day!: +8 levels
- Bouncy Eri: +8 levels
[PKMNation] The great gala: +11 levels

• Extra:

- This little guy is a total dummie that often goes in misadventures with his brother and his helpless father. He constantly try to fix whenever his dumb family destroys, sometimes getting blamed for it.

- He sniffs everything. He is super curious about mostly everything, and likes to collect objects he find interesting.

- He is Alexia's (ranch owner) personal pet, and he is seen with her most of the time, what sometimes cause
Lucien to get EXTREMELLY jealous. Other than battle attacks, she also teachs him to roll over, sit down and so on.

- Loves treats, and will do anything for them. He also loves water, weird enough.

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aa such an adorable little babu!! ♥