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PKMNation - Astrid



Took a break from studying to catch up with the apps of the pokes I have so far! I have a lot of breeding plans and can't wait to start leveling up these beauties *v*

:new: Evolved and updated the Extras! Aww yee

Teach-mes: Ice fang, Crunch, Water Sport, Quick attack, Pursuit, Double-hit, Agility, Hydro pump.

• Name: Astrid
• Pokemon: Buizel
• Gender: Female 

• ID number: 7259
• Ability: Swift Swim

• Hidden Ability: Water veil
• Nature: Gentle
• Characteristic: Often lost in thought
• Hatch date: 04/17/2014
• Level: 77

• Start base attack: 9
• Current base attack: 26 [+2 evolution bonus]

• Moves:

Type Normal [START] Sonic Boom     Type Normal  Swift
Type Water Aqua tail
Type Water Aqua Jet

• Breeding status: Open!

• Level up log:

- Clutch image: +6 levels
- Old reference: +4 levels
- Current Reference: +0 levels
- Training spree: + 12 levels and learned Aqua tail!
- Payment: + 24 levels and leaned Swift and Aqua Jet.
- Budding Love: + 6 levels
- Underwater detective work: +13 levels
- [PKMNation] Astrid evolves: + 12 levels! Astrid evolved into Floatzel!

• Extra:

- Precision, coordination and a flawless sense of teamwork. This qualities are what made Astrid become the head and the heart of the water act. She swims with mastery and grace, and despite her nature, is very strict when leading her team mates. When off stage, she's more gentle and even motherly to some, and wouldn't mind taking some of her time to hear about your problems.

- When she's dealing with Lucien, she's completely different nonetheless. She's cold, even mean, and gets edgy often. Thing is, when they were both young and good friends, she had a mad crush/rivalry thing with the fennekin and due to his flirting she thought it was reciprocated. She was hit hard in the face when he started mating around and flirting with all the females that liked him enough. She cried a lot because of him and now she can't stand to be near the delphox. He started to approach again, what makes her angry because she still have feelings for him, even trying to hide it. She just wishes to be left alone...

- She hates to see people crying, and will do her best to cheer him/her up. This applies to children or even adults. Despite her confident spirit in the ranch, she is quite shy when dealing with pokemon from other ranches.

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