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PKMNation - Ashitaka



Holy cow I'm falling behind in apps owo; I have to fix that hah... >v>;;;;;
I believe the funniest part of pkmnation is that you are able to make typings that make absolutely no sense. =w= Also if you get the name reference, I'll love you forever <3

Teach-mes: Fire fang, will-o-wisp, Ice fang, scary face, chip away, slash, Aqua tail, flamethrower, fire punch.

• Name: Ashitaka
• Nickname: Taka
• Pokemon: Totodile [MORPH] [FUSION]
• Gender: Male 

• ID number: 7273
• Ability: Torrent

• Hidden Ability: Sheer Force
• Nature: Brave
• Characteristic: Scatters things often
• Hatch date: 06/22/2014
• Level: 43

• Start base attack: 18
• Current base attack: 25

• Moves:

Type Normal [START] Scratch
Type Normal [START] Leer
Label Type Fire Flamethrower

• Breeding status: Open!

• Level up log:

- Clutch image: 6 levels
- Reference sheet: 4 levels
100 Chibi Part 3: 5 levels
Levels For Feligriffin: 17 levels and learned flamethrower!
[PKMNation] The great gala: +11 levels

• Extra:

This playful little gator is quite daredevil and found of rough-housing. His back fins emanate heat, and sometimes make the water around him boil when angry or afraid.
- He have a terrible problem of munching everything he put his paws on, from rocks to legs and well... pokemons. His nibbling doesn't - usually - hurt, but still is quite frightening.
- He is great friends with his brother Erik and Anemone. He really enjoy chewing on her shell~

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// google Ashitaka
wait a sec,,, do you mean that guy from princess mononoke?? I would have known it if they wouldn't have different names in the german translation :x