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It's been said many times and I now want to point out the groups name Felidae-Felidae is the name of the biological family of cats; a member of this family is called a felid, or cat. Which mean this group is for cat or cat-hybrid adopt only. The mixed folder doesn't mean you can add other species to this group. It's if you have say a hybrid cat create and a normal cat or big cat adopts on the same page. Now I will allow some pages with other animals in it in the group but only if the felines on the page have yet to be sold.

I do and will delete adopt pages from the group that do not follow this simple rule.

-Admin Hani (Formally Nay)
This is strictly a feline only adoptable group, so when we post a mixed adopts folder it means a mixture of any of the pervious folder items already listed.

Not of birds, dogs, rabbits, or any other type of animal (feline-mixed creatures excluded of course)

Please be mindful when you try and submit a ton of these like I just almost had done.

Because this has become a repeating nuisance for the admins and myself, I'm afraid I have to enforce some penalties for those who continue to ignore the rules.

I REPEAT, WE DO NOT ACCEPT ADOPTABLES MADE WITH TRACED LION KING SCREENCAPS AND CLIPART! I greatly disapprove of those who create bases by tracing or outright stealing property of Disney. Also, WE DO NOT ACCEPT ADOPTABLES CREATED FROM MAKER GAMES! Both will not be tolerated here, and unfortunately because there are those who continue to ignore this rule, punishment will now be enforced when people violate this.

We will give out a reminder to the person first time it happens, afterwards we will carry out our normal penalties of an official warning, 3 day suspension, 2 week suspension and ban.

Also, I would like to remind those who create massive adopt dumps to consider the amount of felines that are in a batch, we don't like having batches with 40 adopts and with only one feline in the group.

We really don't want to see people suspended or banned from the group, we want it to be an enjoyable place for people the share their adoptables. Please do not be ignorant of our rules and policies.
In a previous journal and written in the rules on the front page, TLK trace screenshot adopts and maker adopts are not allowed.

We have removed several over the last couple of days a and handful just recently, we shouldn't have to because the rules state otherwise so it shouldn't happen.

Please read the rules and follow them.
Now that are group is a little bigger, we feel that it's necessary to add in two more rules for group submissions, so that our group can be the best it can!

As of now, all adopts must be clearly feline in appearance; you can't just say something is a feline. We have dealt with a lot of submissions that were too vague in appearance and did not have distinct feline traits. If we feel it is too ambiguous, it will be removed from the group.

Second, all TLK traced bases will not be allowed! We do not support tracing/frankensteining Lion King screen shots nor do we support the use of official clip art. We will be removing bases of this kind; many artists have free original line art you can use freely.

We will not be manually approving our submissions as we would like to avoid that. We do however check all things submitted and if it does violate the rules, said deviation will be removed.

That is all.

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