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- Feline adoptables only, no canines, equines, etc. Hybrids with non felines are alright as long as the feline part is evident (Hybrid adopts will be subjected to vote) Humans with feline ears/tails (kemonomimis) are not accepted! Adoptables that are too vague in appearance will be removed.

- Adoptables of any price are welcomed! This includes free, points, or cash.

- Join requests are automatically approved!

- Do NOT request to be a Contributor or Co-Founder! We only invite people that we can trust.

- Please NO MAKER ADOPTS! Adoptables made from line arts are allowed, but please make sure to credit the original creator if it's not yours!



- Please submit to the correct folder! If you are unsure on where to submit, please feel free to ask! Feature folder is reserved for admins and designs that we wish to spotlight.

- For Co-Founders and Contributors: Please do not abuse your power for any reason. Using your position to harass others, whine about personal problems on journals, or using it to bully prices is absolutely unacceptable!

- Design theft will not be tolerated, if we discover your designs are stolen you will be banned and reported!


:bulletred: Violations of Rules:bulletred:

If you violate the rules listed above, here are the consequences

:bulletred:1st Offense- A warning from the admins

:bulletred: 2nd Offense- A three day suspension from the group (co-founders and contributors will have their role stripped)

:bulletred: 3rd Offense- A 2 week suspension from the group

:bulletred: 4th and Final Offense- Permanent ban from the group.

We really wish to avoid any bans or suspensions so please read and follow the rules!

Group Info

Welcome to Felidae-Adopts! This group is for feline specie adoptables, big and small! Whether natural, full of color, or mythical, as long as it's feline we welcome all!
(Click "More" to learn about the folders)

Folder Info


A folder to showcase adoptables that we think deserve attention! Co-Founders and Contributors can submit their own adoptables here as well.

:bulletgreen:Big Cats:bulletgreen:
Feline species that are part of the Panthera group or generally accepted as big cats. Species include lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards, cheetahs, cougars, clouded leopards, sabre toothed cats, and any hybrids between these species.

:bulletgreen:Small and Domestic Cats:bulletgreen:
This folder is for small to medium sized felines. Species include the house cat, ocelot, margay, fishing cat, geoffrey's cat, caracal, serval, lynx, bobcat, andean mountain cat, oncilla, pampas cat, black-footed cat, clouded leopard (it is allowed in big cats as well as they are considered a link between the two), and any hybrids between those species.

:bulletgreen:Mythical,Hybrid, or Original Feline Species:bulletgreen:
This folder is for mythical felines, feline hybrids, or original species that are feline. Creatures include winged/horned cats, elementals, fu dogs, cabbits, sphinx, pixiu, bakeneko, chimera, manticore, and griffins (not hippogriffs!) Submissions to this category are subjected to vote.

:bulletgreen:Mixed Adoptables:bulletgreen:
This folder is for adoptable batches that have a mix of big, small, and mythical felines.

This folder is for anthro/furry feline adoptables, kemonomimis (humans with animal ears/tails) are not accepted!

:bulletgreen:Line Art:bulletgreen:
This folder is for feline line art, either free or P2U.

:bulletgreen:I Don't Know Where My Adoptable Belongs:bulletgreen:
If you are confused as to where your feline adoptable belong in what folder, put them here and we will place them! This is so you don't submit to the wrong folder and violate the rules, so if you are not positive please put your designs here!

This folder is for adoptables that have been sold. Please put "Closed" on the title of your sold adoptables so that we may move them here!


To post any journals with content related to feline designs/adoptables, such as contests, customs, character sales, etc. Submissions to this folder are subjected to vote.

:bulletgreen:Customs and Contest Entries:bulletgreen:

This folder is for feline designs that have been custom made for a person, whether commissioned or a contest entry.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 27, 2013


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1,390 Members
1,221 Watchers
27,736 Pageviews
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It's been said many times and I now want to point out the groups name Felidae-Felidae is the name of the biological family of cats; a member of this family is called a felid, or cat. Which mean this group is for cat or cat-hybrid adopt only. The mixed folder doesn't mean you can add other species to this group. It's if you have say a hybrid cat create and a normal cat or big cat adopts on the same page. Now I will allow some pages with other animals in it in the group but only if the felines on the page have yet to be sold.

I do and will delete adopt pages from the group that do not follow this simple rule.

-Admin Hani (Formally Nay)
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