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Dreamlandchronicles: Felicity

Yay finally :)
This is a second Fanart from the Webcomic Dreamland Chronicles :)
Its the only comic i really like ^^

As you can see, i tried myself on color-pencils too, but i will never give up the grey ones too :evillaugh:
This is Felicity my favorite charakter in the comic and the magical amulet with the pouch. They are lying on a map from Dreamland. And Felicity is stealing something from Nicodemus treasureroom :evillaugh:

Hope you enjoy it :)
And after that work which took hours, i really high appreciate every comment :boogie:
Dreamland chronicles written by :iconssava:
Website: [link]
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Have I mentioned how much I love this?
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Now you did. Thank you very much :boogie:
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That Amulet's caused nothing but trouble...
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Hmm, maybe. But on the otherhand they found the tablet of the dwarves with the amulet. Without the tablet of the dwarf they would never have gotten the dwarfes on their side =P
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Maaaaybe...Felicity is...mysterious
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mysterious and cool ;P
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Felicity and Dan are two of the best characters I think
Felicity because she's cute and holds a many secrets, and Dan, because we all need a brother like him...
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To that i agree :)
What would happen with our world if we dont had such brothers =P
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Moep: Jetzt auch in Farbe^^ Ist supercool geworden,mach mal noch so eins :eager:
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:onfire: bin aber schwarz-weissmalerin! :onfire:
Aber ein Farbtupfer kann überall mal rein ;)
Danke fürs fave :tighthug:

And eventually im making one more picture about a dreamland-character :nod:
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Uiii, bin mal gespannt! :woohoo:
*stolz ist auf klein Moep :pat:
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