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I'm Italian,Thats the way I roll
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My Bio
Axis Powers: Hetalia

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I am a cheerful, energetic guy, who although being the kin of Ancient Rome, is an irresponsible crybaby ;-;. I love pasta, pizza, gelato, and cheese. Although I rely on Germany a lot, I don't really listen to what he says and instead daydreams or wanders off. My hobbies include cooking, designing clothes, siestas, painting, and singing. I was noted as being able to use both hands skillfully, though it may have been a joke as it was cited that it he could hold a paintbrush in one hand and a slice of pizza in another.

Axis Powers: Hetalia
I frequently get stomach pains due to overindulging on gelato. I have been known to have a compulsion of stripping off all of my clothes for my daily 3PM "siestas," and usually forgets to put my pants back on after I wake back up (causing Germany to have to lend him a pair of his own). My public nudity has become notorious enough that Switzerland will fire upon me if he catches me streaking throughout his homeland.

Italy Brothers
I also have a verbal tic of making a "Ve" sound (really said by Italians, above all in Emilia-Romagna, whereas you could hear a "Be" in other Italian regions, which is an abbreviation of "bene", "good", and it has the same function of the English interjection "well" at the beginning of a sentence), though in the anime adaptation, he makes other onomatopoeic sounds as well, a more notable one being a chant of "herahera" (a Japanese onomatopoeia which means "acting foolishly" or "frivolous") .

North Italy

Though I was relatively weak and timid as a child, I was able to take on Turkey single-handedly at one point. It's also possible that i'm a skilled fencer, as Himaruya entitled one of his blog entries "Italy's Fencing Strength Is Abnormal." According to Germany, when his hands and legs are bound, he dies.

I have short brown hair and brown eyes, with a curl on the left side of my head, which acts as my erogenous zone when stroked or pulled. I wear a blue WWII military uniform, a black shirt and tie, and black boots. In earlier strips, my hair was shown smoother, and my curl was drawn smaller, a change which was noted in a gag illustration. My eyes were depicted as gray in the earliest artwork of me, but quickly changed to brown. In the Volume 5 Special Booklet, Himaruya notes that I'm changing the way Italy's hair falls, and it now appears shorter and more spread out as opposed to longer and falling to the sides of his head. In my first appearance in both versions of the manga, and the first two episodes of the anime, I wore a tan uniform that looked similar to my brother's, aside from being drawn as a jumpsuit in the manga (though it was shown as a two-piece suit in the anime). As a child, I wore dresses, and was often mistaken for a girl by Holy Roman Empire (and many others). When not in uniform, I can often be seen dressed in a white sailor suit-style top (with blue collar, necktie, and sleeve bands) and blue shorts.

(( Pictures are not mine ))


Would you rather..

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  • live in the hetalia world
  • own hetalia

Whats your favorite flag?

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  • American
  • Italian
  • German
  • British
  • Prussian
  • Canadian

A weird time travel chance suddenly appears, where too?

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  • Ancient Greece
  • Viking Age
  • The Renaissance
  • The Victorian Era
  • The Space Age

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(like holy crow, how long has it been since I last came on? lol summer gets to me ;D)
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Not to sayyyy anythingg but may have took some of the Pasta. Asta La PastaHetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ 
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>ahh! sorry for the late reply! I had my week of pressure and urg.. it just got worse and spread threw out the whole month! anywayyyysss.

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(It's ok.Hey do ya wanna roleplay? Also my name is K.C.)
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Thank you for the favorite!~
-runs away to the fridge and gets all the pasta and runs away-