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A game I worked on is currently being KickStarted:…

If you are interested, please order your copy now. 

It is a fun math game for kids designed by Isabel DuBarry when she was 6. I did all the art in the game.
I am really proud of this project and I hope it gets funded.

Here are some of the illustrations:
Cover for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Tiger Stripes Spot Illustrations by feliciacano Box Art for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Wild Pig for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Chital for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Tiger with Kingfisher for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Ruins for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Vista for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano Cave for Tiger Stripes by feliciacano

More artwork to come....




  • Reading: The Ruby In The Smoke
If you are interested in seeing more sketches and works in progress, check out my tumblr:

I also created a Facebook Page:

I just started it but it will have more sketch updates as well.

Other Stuff:


  • Watching: Black Butler
This person has a gallery on Google plus and is selling prints of other artist work and claiming them as their own.
He has used my Black Unicorn:

My original:

Please check to see if you recognize your own or someone else's work. 

Thanks to :iconsyoshiko: for giving me the heads up.

Is it just me or is it extra annoying that they put their own copyright on my image.

Update 9-24:
It looks as if my image has been taken down. I am hoping that means the rest of the stolen work will be removed soon.
Hopefully she will not just repost. Grrrr.....

I made a new website and it finally is up. Let me know if anything is not working or spelled incorrectly.

I post more sketches and works in progress on my blog:



Here is a link to my completed ABC Book Dummy based on creatures from mythology.
I need help deciding which 2-3 pages to finish first. If you can, let me know what your favorites are. Thanks!
(You can only access it through this direct link)
Here are my commission rates for watercolor on paper:

5 by 7 inches  $50-$100
Sketch of Zhaan from Farscape by feliciacano Baby Harry by feliciacano
6 by 12 inches(approximately) full figure $100-$200
Ron Weasley by feliciacano Neville Watercolor Sketch by feliciacano Parvarti Watercolor Sketch by feliciacano Luna Watercolor Sketch by feliciacano Hermione Sketch by feliciacano
10 by 14 inches $200-$300
Neville Longbottom by feliciacano
12 by 16 inches $300-$400
Ginny with Riddle's Diary by feliciacano
14 by 20 inches $300-$500
Hermione Reading by feliciacano
18 by 24 inches $500 and up
Hermione's Patronus Charm by feliciacano

For Digital commissions:

Single Character no background: 100-200
Single Character part background to full background: 150-400
Multiple character with background: 300 and up

Let me know what you are interested in and I can give a more precise price based on size and complexity.
Watercolor prices do not include shipping or framing.

A few pieces of mine got into the Harry Potter Tribute Show at Gallery Nucleus.
The opening is Saturday July 9th and should be fun!…

Hermione Reading by feliciacano Neville Longbottom by feliciacano Ginny with Riddle's Diary by feliciacano

Also I have a Tumbler account:



Neville is up for auction at Gallery Nucleus:…
I put up some more designs on Zazzle for t-Shirts, IPad and Ipod cases and bags:…

Let me know if there are any images you specifically want on something(except for any Talisman stuff :( ).

My Assassin Devil was featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 68.
It is on page 11. :)
Assassin Devil for ArtOrder by feliciacano
Sorry for the massive upload of old work.

Also Assassin Devil is on page 188 of Exotique 6! Yay!!
Assassin Devil for ArtOrder by feliciacano

My Something Wicked This Way Comes got into EXPOSÉ 8!
Something Wicked .... by feliciacano

Also my D & D Pin-up made the top 20 on Art Order:…
D and D Pin-up by feliciacano
I started a Flickr account to share my reference pictures. I am beginning with sculpture.…

I have used these for references for some of my studies:
Head Study from VAM by feliciacano

Mature Content

Bust Study from the Louvre by feliciacano
Head Study form the Louvre by feliciacano
I have 3 pieces in Ballistic Publishing's Exotique 5.…

Spirit Dancer…

The Horned Ones…

Lavahead Warden…

I also upload a bunch of new stuff.
I put up some new stuff from Fantasy Flight Games' Talisman Expansion and have some more stuff coming soon too.…

Also Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat is going to be in Ballistic Publishing's Expose 7. :)…
I finished and sold all 10 Artist proofs.

Here they are:



Black Cat:…


Scarlet Witch:…

Sister Grimm:…


Dark Phoenix:…


Invisible Woman:…
Lady Godiva is in Eye Candy From Strangers from Brandstudio Press. The book is a collection of artwork from different artists depicting the female form.

Lady Godiva

You can order the book from here:
Brandstudio Press
Snow White and Rose Red Scene with the Eagle has been selected to be in Ballistic Publishing's EXPOSÉ 6 on page 186.…
I was interviewed by ImagineFX Magazine. The interview apears in issue 23 on page 28 (on sale in the US in November).
The magazine is great resource for digital painting. It is also a special treat because one of my favorite illustrators Brian Froud is featured in that issue.……