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Widow's Wail

This is Widow's Wail for Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones collectible card game. This was painted in Photoshop and Painter and is for the 5 Kings edition.
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He looks like a monkey king. LOL.
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Very nice artwork that captures the Caligula on the throne. Have you seen the Caesars: Augustus?…

The fate of Augustus' grandson made me think of Joffrey's  fate.
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Olenna: That was Joffrey's sword, wasn't it? Not that he ever used it, what did he call it?

Jaime: Widows Wail.

Olenna: He really was a cunt wasn't he?
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This is utterly perfect. Joff has never been more punchable XP

Seriously, his expression is very well done. It's so... Joffrey.
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I love this pic! Love this style.. this is my favorite image of Joff and Widows Wail(blood in steel, lion ornaments.. etc) spot on, truly! :)
really hope you'll do more GoT related images (just now found you, this don't know how many images are there :p)
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Shows a young megalomaniac in all his glory. 
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I love Joffrey's expression, It's very "Joffrey-ish." 
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As it turns out, there IS indeed a cure for being a c**t.
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Thank you Olenna Tyrell.
It looks like a nasty crossbreed of Patrick Bateman(Christian Bale - American Psycho) and Alen Harper(Jon Cryer - Two and a Half Men).
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Awesome drawing I love the details! Joffrey's face is hilariously evil!
He looks like Biff Tannen!
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Hehheehe, he does! :)
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