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Theon Greyjoy

This is Theon Greyjoy for Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones collectible card game.
This was painted in Photoshop and Painter and is for the 5 Kings edition.

©Fantasy Flight Games
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© 2007 - 2021 feliciacano
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I love him, truly. tho I feel that I am the only one who does. 
ChronoGandit's avatar
He looks... cocky. Bad days ahead of him.
Sublime-Malice's avatar
Hey there, 

this is an awesome picture, really like the interpreation of Theon pre GoT-TV.

I was wondering, this looks uncannily like me, about 2 or 3 years ago perhaps. Did you use a photo for reference while drawing this? I look a little different now, but seriously this looks just like me before I got a little different hair. I wouldn't be upset or anything, just curious! Sorry if it's a coincidence, its just so strange. 

feliciacano's avatar

I did use reference but in 2007. I used a couple of stock images for lighting. I looked at your picture and I don't think you were the model in the photos. So it must be a cool coincidence.
You could totally cosplay as Theon. :)
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Oh, good. You get the joke. Finish the song for me?
UndergradAnalysis's avatar
Hey awesome art! Is it ok if I use it in a video I'm going to do on Theon/Reek? I will give you full credit!
feliciacano's avatar
It is okay with me as long as it is not for profit but if you want proper clearance you have to ask Fantasy Flight Games.
sesshowmall's avatar
This version of Theon is really weird. =S
Alfie Allen is much better.
feliciacano's avatar
Okay that is cool, I love the TV show too. This was done before the TV series and was based on the books. :)
sesshowmall's avatar
Yeah, I've already seen this picture before. Most of the characters are totally different in their book description. Even though I dislike it, I guess this drawing is more accurate to the original idea of Theon.
feliciacano's avatar
That is fine that you dislike it but why even comment on it?
sesshowmall's avatar
Oh, don't misunderstand me. The art is great. His appearance that is weird. He seems like a jerk. XD
Well, Theon is kind of it. LOL
feliciacano's avatar
Hehe, he is a jerk but I feel sorry for him. The books are great, you even get a window into Cersei's world and I get her. I use to hate her but I just dislike her and feel a little sorry for her too. :)
sesshowmall's avatar
Yeah, I used to hate Theon, but now I love him as Reek, prince of Winterfell, Turncloack and Ghost of Winterfel. *_*
His regret is really touching and we kind of hope he'll do something important until the very end.
About Cersei, I kept disliking her even after reading his POV chapters. =S
Tempest-vampire's avatar
awesome, I love the picture, and believe it or not after hating him I end up loving Theon XD
I did an excellent work.
feliciacano's avatar
Thanks! I still hate him, but I feel a little sorry for him now.
Tempest-vampire's avatar
I know how you feel :P
Reek! it rhymes with sneak!!
Jedi-Anakin's avatar
I hate Theon Greyjoy, but I love this picture!
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