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Salt Wife

Illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' A Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game.

©Fantasy Flight Games

Painted in Photoshop and Painter
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© 2008 - 2021 feliciacano
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The crazy thing is, this art was actually prophetic : it's a good depiction of Falia Flowers, Euron's salt-wife, after her tongue had been cut.
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Raw and true. Very well done, and good attention to detail such as the bloody knuckles.
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Very good! =D
Which character is this? I can't remember.
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Thanks! It is not a specific character from the book. The game company wanted a non specific salt wife for the game but the idea of a salt wife is from the books.
In the show Theon has one while he is on his way to the Iron Isles but they are usually taken by force.
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Oh, I see. I thought it was some specific salt wife. In the books he has one as well.
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They wanted someone taken from her village by force. :(
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The way you illustrate this card tells me that you took a woman's perspective.
It's like "Personal Concubine" : A male illustrator might have focused on the man and made the woman an accesory but you did the opposite and that's refreshing.
I Like the spirit of this illustration : even bloodied and draged away, her eyes say that she is not defeated
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Thanks! I tried to avoid making her "sexy". I want the viewer to empathize with her but also know that she is not finished.
Thanks so much!!
sexy as hell
Amazing picture. This whole scene made me want to kill Theon. What came later just strengthened that urge.
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this is a great piece of art, I love it, her expression is really moving, great work!
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Awesome piece. I love the detail on it.
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I love the detail in this piece! You are great at creating a whole world. I think my fav piece of design in this are the kraken pauldrons. :)
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It looks like they made her totaly drunk, but she still didn't want to go, so they gave her a knockout. This is so damn sad!
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They beat her up to take her to the ship. It is what the people of the Iron Islands do in Westeros. :(
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*sigh* at least they don't anywhere near where I am. :P
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Very nice.

But what is a "Salt Wife"? Whaterver it is, i do not think she likes being one.
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In A Song of Ice and Fire series a Salt Wife is a woman taken on board a ship as a sex slave for one of the high ranking crew members (usually the captain). Sometimes they are taken by force, some by semi-choice but it is not a good thing. This is common practice for the people of the Iron Islands in Westeros.
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Beautiful, especially the eyes.
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