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Professor Lupin Sketch

A watercolor sketch of Professor Lupin on 5 by 7 paper using the "Velásquez" limited palette (Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna).

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Looks lovecrafty
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Great portrait of him and I love the aquatic creature (whose name escapes me). :heart:
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Thanks!!! It is a Grindylow. :)
slomiany-zapal's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Sherlock Holmes ^^.
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Me too now that you mention it. :)
he looks too old. i know hes meant to look older than he is, but hes in his mid-thirties so he should look like hes a bit above forty. here, he looks like hes in his mid-fifties :/ i like when artists dont disregard his description and make him look like a megahunk, but this has gone too far in the other direction... well, i think so anyway :L not knocking your technique though!! you're a fantastic artist :D
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Thanks! I know he is in his thirties but it is difficult to measure how much to make him look older.
If I were to make a larger version (this one is only 5 by 7 inches) I would be able to make the scars and the wrinkles more clear. I think some of his scars look like wrinkles in this version. Thanks for you comment!
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Great work! This is rather close to how I see him in my head.
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Wow, great pic of Lupin. :D The coloring is so well made, I like his face. :)
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I like how you didn't make him handsome. =D
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Very impressive! I love the way you rendered Lupin :)
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