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Ginny Sketch

Ginny Weasley sketch.

Art Rage and Photoshop

*Not based on the movie :)

©Felicia Cano
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I think she most resembles Rose Weasley
this is really good artwork but since ginny is described as having a 'long curtain of hair' that swishes around and stuff... i doubt it would be all curly like this. this is like hermione hair.
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Thanks! Ginny can't ever change her hair?
i guess she could perm it or curl it, yeah XD i just meant that if you intended this to be her natural hair, it doesn't fit the book descriptons, but it's your vision of her and it's a nice one :)
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great job! i like how you drew here with curly hair like her brothers. People always draw her hair straight or slightly wavy
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I never knew how I imagined Ginny when I read the book, I just knew that when I saw the movie that she wasn't it. This is how I know Ginny Weasley must have looked in my mind. It is so beautiful and perfect!
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Wow she's beautiful
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This makes sense, I could actually see her like that. Whenever I reread the hp books, I see crystal clear images of the actors of the movies in my mind. But with Ginny it's always a blur. Maybe I'll be using this portrait you drew from now on, great job! :)
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Really cool painting of Ginny
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OMG this is sooooooo beautiful!! exactly how I picture her O_O

amazing colors and textures, wow!!
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the hair is so lovely:love:
what brushes did you use for it?
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I painted this awhile ago so I don't remember. :(
Most likely one of them is a Spatter Brush (one of the default brushes in Photoshop).
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This is fantastic. It's different from how i pictured her, but that's the great thing about the books, is you can imagine them however you want. It's really cool seeing your interpetation. keep up the awesomeness
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