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So yeah, a little late, but I thought I'd give my thoughts and hopes. First off, the starters.

Scorbunny by FelgrandKnight34
This is the starter I feel the least towards. It's just a white rabbit with not enough secondary colors to really make it stand out. It's okay, but that little bandaid over it's nose is making me worried that it's another Fire/Fighting Starter. Hopefully the other theories that it is a Fire/Electric or Fire/Fairy is more accurate than Fire/Fighting.

Sobble by FelgrandKnight34
At first, this was my favorite one because I am a fan of Water starters. However... I don't know, it's just not very interesting to me now. Maybe it's because the only colors used in it's design is just blue, and a few different shades of blue, but I will admit it is more interesting to me than Scorbunny, especially since in that trailer it was revealed to have some sort of camouflage ability.

Grookey by FelgrandKnight34
Yeah, this is the starter I am most interested in. It has a good design, I am a huge grass-type fan, and in that trailer, when we see it put that stick in a rock with a gust of wind that surrounds it, making me quite interested in what they will do with it.

Now, Galar is a interesting region to me as it is based off of England, however here is what I really want to talk about. New Pokemon! Give us more new pokemon than just fifty or so pokemon! One problem I have had with these last two generations is how few new pokemon they introduced. I mean, why do you think I play new pokemon games? For the new pokemon!

trials and mega evolutions and Z Crystals are interesting... but I want new pokemon, not just "ALOLAN FORMS" or "MEGA FORMS!" I mean, those are fine, and while Gen 4 did do something similar with new evolutions from previous evolutions, they did it with more than just Gen 1 pokemon, and Generation 1 is one of the more boring seasons for me, apparently.
  I'm not redoing the Jakin trilogy, which would be silly of me since I only got a timeline and a prologue up, but I am able to start working on it again. It will be slow work, still have work to do with finishing moving stuff in, but I will be getting to work on Chapter 1. WHOOO! PROGRESS!

  Secondly, you all most likely saw the title and was like, "The hell's a Dropbearington?" It's a bit of a inside joke, but first off, what's a Drop bear? Well, have you all heard of Australia? You know, the place that just wants to kill everyone? Well, in Australia, every tourist is told that they need to look out for drop bears, which are pretty much Koala bears that hide up in trees, and will drop on you and eat your face. It's not true, at least there being a race of koala bears like that, but they use that as a way to tell tourists apart since, if you see someone go under a tree and look up, that's a dead give away they're looking for Drop bears. Long story short, me and a group of friends made a joke character during a game of Werewolf called "Dropbearington", who was a Drop bear that would wear a top hat and a monocle, and at night, would kill people because we're playing Werewolves. However, I have made a DND character all about Dropbearington! A gnome that is a werebear, but due to his small size, he instead becomes a Koala bear instead of a regular bear! He is a bard, and is trying to convince everyone that he is not a Koala Bear, but a very furry Dwarf! Hell, he might even believe it himself. 

  Why am I bringing him up? Well, I love creating characters on DNDBeyond, so I now have a question!

  Can anyone please draw me a Koala bear wearing a top hat, a monocle, and, like, some really fancy clothes? I don't know who to commission for this BEAUTIFUL piece of art that I want to turn into a portrait on DNDBeyond! For those wondering what DNDBeyond's page would look like, here is a link to a experimental character I made, and the portrait is in the upper left hand corner of the screen.…

  If you all know anyone that would be willing to draw this for me, please let me know!
  SO! Been a while since I talked about this... hehe... I would like to apologize for that, works been killing me, family's been getting on my nerves... like usual... and I've been having a bit of a problem with the Jakin trilogy. It isn't about Tika, or even the story, but about another character in her story, Anto Sinnan. I am changing quite a bit in this trilogy of their stories and back stories, and one back story I came up with for Anto, the one that immediately became my favorite one, but also became one I was hesitant in using for a while. Now, though, I have gone through it over in my head and I am just going to go through with it.

  Now, I know what I am going to do... however, as I was getting through this part of Anto's backstory I got started on a Mission Vao story to bide the time, and I am actually just about done with the first chapter, just re-reading for grammar usage, and I'd rather not focus on two Star Wars stories right now, or I'd get real sick and tired of it XD I am also about half-way done with the first prologue for the first book of Jakin, so... which one sounds good to you all? I'm probably going to do Tika and maybe do Mission on the side, but I do know, to help break up any monotony, I will probably be doing something Power Rangers as well... maybe. Again, we'll see how it goes, and I just thought I'd give a quick update.

Now, speaking of Power Rangers, here's some good old Tommy Oliver action!

I thought I'd give some quick thoughts on two Star Wars books and the first volume of "Dark Times" I have just finished, no real reason. Thought I'd keep my channel from being completely dead. So here we go!

Ahsoka = WHAT!? I READ A DISNEY CANON BOOK!? Surely this is a sign of the end times. But in all seriousness, I read this because my brother was a huge Ahsoka fan, he read it, and he wanted me to read it as well. So I did, and... eh. It's okay, there are some pretty good parts, but there are also some parts I either didn't like or just didn't understand, like how one of the female characters introduced in this book kissed Ahsoka in the end. It felt like it came out of nowhere to me, like "Hey, you know what this book needs? Some romance, have there be one kiss at the end that turns things really awkward and then NEVER bring up again." It's not a bad book, but I feel like it's there simply to fill in the blanks. That's not bad, but I do have some issues. One, why is this only a single year after Episode 3? For me, I would've gone closer to five as that would give the sense that Ahsoka truly has had to go through some hard times, watching the Empire do all these terrible things for so long but being too scared to do anything in fear for her life and anyone close to her, but that's just me and I will admit it only being a year isn't a negative, just odd that its only a year. Personally, I feel like you could've just read the Wookiepedia page on Ahsoka, learn about these events on there, and not have that different of a experience. "Oh, but you're just saying that because it's Disney Canon." To prove you wrong, here's literally the very next Star Wars book I read and just finished up not even a week ago.

The Approaching Storm = You remember in Episode 2 when Palpatine suggested that Anakin and Obi-Wan be Padme's bodyguards, and Mace Windu says that would be possible due to them returning from some peace talks? This book is about that peace talk... and my thoughts on it were the exact same thoughts I had on Ahsoka. It's there, fills in some information, read wookiepedia to get the same experience, and... that's it. I do like that it's not just Anakin and Obi-Wan, but also Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee as well with them, giving some other Jedi time to shine, but... yeah, it's only there to serve as foreshadowing that some groups of people are already planning on leaving the Republic and joining Count Dooku, whom you don't see or hear from until the end. If you want to read either of these two, I don't think you'll regret it, but I don't think these books are "Must reads".

Dark Times Volume One = The comic is dark in tone when it wants to be... but this has a problem with me. The story starts off with two characters shortly after Episode 3, one Jedi and one Separatist ally, and they're trying to fight off the 501st. The battle ends with all the males of the species dying out except for the one with the Jedi, and the women and children are captured before being told by the Emperor that, since none of them are males, they would do the Empire's work force little good but they could be sold for money to at least help give the Empire some more money themselves. So... Mission failure, until the two find a ship filled with a crew of... god, I don't even know how many people. Besides the main two characters, I remember the Captain, Captain Heren, and the female human pilot who is not shy about showing off some skin. :eyes: Besides them... every other crew member on here, and there's like five others, are forgettable. I like the idea of the story, and the execution isn't bad, but only the two main characters are given enough time and focus for us to care about them. It is also dark because the non-Jedi character, Bomo, had a wife and daughter who was sold to slavery. They then find out the wife was killed when her daughter was about to be sold, being killed for causing too much of a ruckus, and the daughter... was sold to some rich guy who kills her because he can... and that he also wants to eat her. This is literally screaming to me, "HEY! LOOK HOW DARK WE ARE! LOOK HOW DARK WE ARE! CANNIBALISM IS SO EVIL AND DARK AND EDGY!" I am about to read Volume two... but I don't feel much excitement for it.

There, channel's still limping along now. Hooray? Anyways, if you all have read any of these three, let me know what your thoughts were in the comments below, and I will see you all next time!
(Swift + Cloud)
TYPE: Flying
Physical description = Swouds are pure black birds with a short, white beaks and bright blue eyes, and has a small, cloud crown on his head as he travels on a small cloud. Female Swoud's are pure white birds with a short, black beak and blue eyes.

Pokedex Entry = When you see a large gathering of small clouds moving in a single direction, you are most likely seeing a flock of Swouds.

Method of Evolution = Evolves at LV 24

(Sultan + Stratus)
TYPE: Flying
Physical Description = Solirus are large, black-and-white birds with beaks that have a small horn coming out from the top of the base of his beak. The Cloud crown on his head is much larger, and isn't directly touching it's head but floating above his head. The cloud he sits on his a large throne. Female Solirus's have a opposite color palette of the male Solirus's.

Pokedex Entry = Solirus's are very egotistical, being self-proclaimed kings and Queens of the sky. If they see anything else trying to fly above them, they will either try to fly above it or try to attack it and force it out of the sky. 

Method of Evolution = Shiny Stone

(Jehovah + Nirvana)
TYPE: Flying/Fairy
Physical Description = Jehovana has not a crown but three cloud halos above it's head. It has grown extra wings, now equaling six wings overall. Unlike the previous evolutions, Jehovana's two genders both have the same color pallete, mostly violet with golden eyes, beak, and talons. The cloud that it used to sit on now resembles a steed. 

Pokedex Entry = It see's itself as king no more, and is defender of the weaker bird pokemon that it finds. It usually stays to one territory, and hopes to live the rest of it's life in peace.
Title explains it all... I don't know why I'm making this, just thought I'd get my thoughts on which Pokemon I think deserve a second typing or need a different second typing because... Eh.

1: Blastoise needs to get a steel typing, it has cannons coming out of his back! Come on! Venusaur and Charizard both have secondary typings, its just odd to me that Blastoise doesn't. And it's not like Steel types are OP, they are the best defensive I will admit, so maybe some other typing, but Blastoise just looks like it deserves the steel typing so much more than having just the water typing.

2: Golduck needs the psychic typing. That may have been a OP typing in Gen 1, but it isn't anymore, so give us a Golduck with psychic powers, like how he is always described as having.

3: Most bird types need no dual typing. I know that's odd considering the subject of this journal, but why is it that the only mono-flying type Pokemon is Tornadus, a legendary, and one of Arceus's forms when it holds the correct plate. Why do they need the normal typing? I don't mind some having that, but all Flying types need a second typing? Why? What's the point? Starly could be just a flying type, as well as Farfetch'd, Tailow line, Hoothoot line, Pidove line, Rufflet line, Pidove line, hell I don't even know why Fletchling has the normal typing. I'm not putting every flying type like Pidgey and Spearow because I'm not against that specific typing, just... just give us some mono-Flying types that aren't Legendary's. 

4: Pinsir needs the Fighting type as he mostly learns normal and fighting type attacks. He does learn X-Scissor naturally, and maybe there are some TM's I don't know of, but Pinsir couldn't even learn X-Scissor until the fourth generation. Either let him learn more Bug-type moves naturally, or let him gain the fighting type already.

5: Sunflora needs the Fire typing. It's a sunflower, SUN flower! We don't have a grass/fire type yet, and this is a pokemon that could easily gain that second typing, or have a third stage evolution where it gains the fire typing. We need to give some love to pokemon that aren't just gen 1 pokemon. 

6: Skitty needs the Fairy typing. I don't understand why the Skitty line didn't get it, it seems like the perfect evolution line to get it. I don't have much else to say besides the fact that I don't understand Skitty not being giving that typing, either as a secondary typing or replacing it's main typing.

7: Plusle and Minun need... any secondary typing. I would almost wish for Plusle to get Ice, to make him more of the offensive one, and for Minun to get steel, to be more defensive. I'm saying this just to give these two more combat ability when not in dual battles, and this would probably have changed their designs... but honestly, I'm curious to see what the artists would've come up with if they had done this.

8: Basculin are just like Plusle and Minun, give them SOMETHING else! I always thought they were worthless to have two different types, with the only real difference being one has some red outlines and another has blue. Was there seriously nothing else that could've been done with these guys? Seriously?

9: I won't say Gothitelle needs another type, but doesn't she look like she would have a dark type? Or maybe a Ice type? Am I the only one that thinks that?

10: Lumantis I can somewhat understand why they only made Grass type... but if it's based off a Praying Mantis, then shouldn't it have also been part bug? Since, you know, a Praying Mantis is a bug, after all.

Hooray, this pointless journal is over... off to bed with me now, good night everyone!
  So one thing I do to judge new Ranger seasons is to see what is new in this season that will make me want to come back to it when I have so many other seasons to watch. (For those that need a recount, there are twenty other teams for me to choose their season(s) from) So now, with Ninja Steel done-


  ... So now, with Ninja Steel done, let's looks to see what they have in their forty episodes that I find will bring me back to this season.

  So lets start off with story... nothing. Stuff happens, yes, but if you were to ask me what happened in the story, here's the story. "Brody's father and brother disappears, Brody is enslaved for ten years... which has no effect on his mental stability because why would it... before he is then able to free himself with the help of his friends Mick and Redbot. They meet the other Rangers with the Ninja Steel, morph, and fight monsters until they find Brody's brother, and then at the end of Season 1 they lose their powers before gaining it back in Season 2, have some episodes lead up to the 25th anniversary episode, and then have more filler episodes until the two-part finale where Madame Odius uses satellites to mind control the people of Earth... or a single town, from what we are shown... before the Rangers manage to destroy the satellites, and then use a "Deus Ex Magic-ka" to give them more power to destroy Odius." That's it. It sounds like a lot, but for forty episodes... there's not a lot, and even with the story-focused episodes, they like to have "Morale of the Day" stuff even in the story-focused episodes. So while the story could have something important going on, something that could result in the destruction of the planet, the episode will take more focus on the B-plot, which is, "But guys, what about the school project? It's due tomorrow, and I only have half of it finished!" Yeah... that's the story, really. The Rangers are fighting to save the world, but they are more concerned that one of them has detention and might miss some other minor event, like... going camping, or something stupid like that.

  Okay, so the story sucks, but the characters are good, right? Well, they start off as generic character ideas... and they end the same as they started. That's all.

  But what about the action? Nope, it's... okay. The music? The music is fine, nothing bad, but nothing note worthy. How about them being Ninja's?



NINJA IN NAME ONLY! Any time they try to be ninja's, there is so little work put into it that Season 3 of MMPR had better moments of the characters being Ninja's in their first episode with the ninja Powers! If it includes something that doesn't involve hiding, or using the Power Stars, it's not going to happen, and as someone whose personal favorite Power Ranger season is Ninja Storm, that hurt. A lot.

I will say that episodes 8-10 of Super Ninja Steel are quite good, watch those three for sure, but beyond that... why bother? If you want to watch a show about Ninja Rangers, you have Season 3 of MMPR and Ninja Storm, both of which are far, far more superior than this show. I will say I do like the actors, they all seem like really nice people and they did do a good job (Or as good a job as they could) with their roles and characters. So there's the anniversary episodes, the acting... I also liked the suits, they were pretty nice. 

So yeah, just go watch Ninja Storm or MMPR Season 3 if you have a want for Ninja Rangers, or watch Kakuranger. Hell, I haven't watched Hurricanger, but watch that one. DON'T watch Ninninger, trust me, that one you should just skip. So Ninja Steel, personally, isn't worth a rewatch, but what do you all think? Do you all agree with me, or disagree? Let me know in the comments below~
I thought I'd go into all the colors we've had of Ranger outfits so far, and explain what they could possible mean, but mostly what the colors usually show for the Ranger's positions in a team, and maybe even why.


But only four colors in and I realized something. THE COLORS DON'T MEAN SHIT! Does Red automatically mean leader? For the most part, yes, but there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, White Mighty morphing power ranger AND White Alien Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger, and the Black Dino Ranger I consider more of the leader of the team than the red Ranger... so again, Tommy is the leader. 

Blue Rangers seem to be more likely the smart ones or the second-in-commands... but then someone like Max from Time Force proves this wrong, as well as Dax from Overdrive, and Koda from Dino Charge. Black seems to be the most consistent, with either focusing on strength or a more skill-based fighter. Pink is always female, though, right? Right?

Legendary-pink-ranger-mode by FelgrandKnight34

... F*CK!

So yeah, never mind this. I'm not going into the colors, especially Green... green is completely random with whatever role and/or personalities they take.
Got the first three "books" generally planned out, knowing the major things that will happen in each one. They won't be as big as I had wanted, but I feel like Tika's story is important to tell first as it will be important for anything after. I have also changed up Tika's and Cinton Alon's relationship slightly, if any of you had read my Tika Jakin stories before you should see the change pretty quickly once we get there. However, this is where I need a bit of help now.

  So everyone knows how each era of Star Wars has a name to it, right? The Old Republic Era, Prequel Era, Original Trilogy Era, New Republic Era, etc. Well... I am trying to ocme up with a possible name for this era. I have currently put down "Knights of the Galactic Triumvirate" as a place holder, but I don't really know what else to put here. Any suggestions would be nice, but no guarantee I would go with them. 

  Or maybe I should call this the "Shadow of the Sith" era, still open to suggestions :) Anyways, thought I'd post the journal because why not, and I hope that you all will be patient with me until I am done :)
  "Whose Tika Jakin?" You may be asking, in which case I will like to remind you all of my OC, a female human Jedi named Tika Jakin. Tika is a character I absolutely adore using, and I've been trying to figure out how to write more stories about her, so I just came up with a idea. Why not write a trilogy about her? I have also been wanting to write a story based in Legends Canon that happens after Legacy, but that seems like a LOT of work for me to do. So instead of trying to do a whole galaxies worth of stories, I have decided to instead do a trilogy of books involving Tika, and go from there. 

  For anyone who might be wondering what this trilogy might entail, I... have very little to no idea at this point in time. I do want her trilogy to reveal to the Triumvirate that the Sith under Darth Nihl did still survive, despite what happened at the Battle of the Floating World. However, I do have some twists and ideas that I could throw in there to spice things up, and I might even have a friends OC make a appearance, but I don't really have that big of a plan for it just yet. Here is what I do know.

  The Galactic Triumvirate formed at the end of Legacy will still be in charge, with a Fel still in charge of the Empire with a child along the way, the Republic would have just voted in a Kel Dor by the name of Tyro Taa to be their President and representative in the Triumvirate, and the Jedi Order are being lead by a old OC of mine, Danis Stari, whom will be married to another OC of mine Maryna Caballa and their old apprentices, Horuck Falco and Sarli Kennison, would probably make special appearances at some point as well. But this trilogy is just a first step for me to creating my own era of Star Wars, a basis for me to create more stories before, in between, during, and after the three "Chapters" as I will call them. So wish me luck, everybody! :wave:
  So today I was able to see Episode 9 of Super Ninja Steel(A week late because my parents decided to delete the episode before I could watch it), and something hit me. Something... odd. Is it just me, or is there a sudden shift in the rangers from the past seasons compared to the Rangers of today? I mean, in Super Megaforce they were almost like watchful mentors in the background, only helping the Rangers when they need guidance or during that final battle, then they become orbs of light and disappear... because Power Rangers. Now it appears they are taking on that same role, but what I find odd is their almost god-like powers and abilities here.

  Becoming orbs of light, Casey appearing in the Tiger's den to first appear to the Rangers for them to only end up figuring out he never worked there and no one knew who he was, and now in Super Ninja Steel we see them appearing from portals, telling the Ranger's some advice on what they need to do to unlock their new Zords and what not. Obviously, when Episode 10 comes out, I should be able to tell more of what is going on as more information is given to us, but for now it appears like the Rangers of old have become something more. 

  Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but it does feel like the show is trying to tell us that the Ranger's of old have almost transcended to something more, like the Morphing Grid has become so powerful with so many new Rangers that the ones that have been around longer get to somehow become stronger. I do remember hearing the Blue Dino Charge Ranger will be making a appearance in another episode, which one I don't know, but I am curious to find out what it is that they may end up becoming. Maybe it's just me over looking this stuff, but I do feel like something is going on with the Ranger's of old, and I don't know how to think about it. If you all have any ideas, let me know in the comments below, and have a Grand day!
So I am a part of three different DND Campaigns, going to drop one soon but since two take place on the same day at times that I can attend both, I should be good for now. But then I got thinking about my DND characters that I have made, and thought I'd share them with you all! So here we go! 

1: Girax is a male human monk that follows the way of Punch-U, training under the female Gnome monk who invented the style Nikini. He doesn't just punch things for no reasons, he just likes looking for reasons, but doesn't just come up with reasons himself. He has no real goal in his life, but he is hoping to get better at Punch-U so he can become a master one day and have his own students.

2: Sheldruakmerror Nyeneth is a male black Dragonborn Fighter who lived in a country filled with cultists, but he and the Nyeneth family lived out in a forest as farmers until Sheldruakmerror's, or Sheldon for short, mother was killed by a cultist. He takes the family rapier and crossbow as he hunts down his mother's killer, aiming specifically for the killer if not the whole cult if he can help it. However, due to his living far away from society, he is very naive, to say the least. He's not unaware of danger, but he doesn't get innuendo's or subtlety. 

3: Sharfire is a male Halfling Wild Magic Sorcerer, who on the night he was  born his father found a weird shadow creature standing over him, casting a spell on him but was interrupted by his father. Because of this, his yellow is got a yellow color to it, and during the second session he... might've... blown himself up and died before the party found someone to revive him. However, the revival spell was rather random, so he didn't come back as Sharfire the halfling with his long, curly blond hair, but as Sharfire the Yuan-ti, with long, curly blond hair. He left on his journey because he wanted to practice his magic, but he didn't want his wild magic surges to harm his family, unaware that he had already accidentally killed his family and his mind is just shutting out that memory.

4: Barkosis is a male Wood Elf rogue... named BARKosis... aren't I just great with names? But Barkosis was only in a one-off campaign, but he is what made me realize I REALLY enjoy the Rogue type. He was very self-centered, and grew up on the streets of a very large city for most of his childhood years. He managed to get a system of contacts and informants around the large capitol city and a few surrounding towns. He is very good at what he does, and is very much greedy, doing any job if it pays well enough. Barkosis was very fun to play, and I wouldn't mind doing him again in a full on campaign instead of just a one-off. 

5: Dropbearington is a male Gnome afflicted with the werebear disease... or curse, or whatever it is, and he looks like a koala because of his size! He is a bard, so imagine a Koala bear walking around with a monocle, top hat, and pants as he is singing songs with his lute to enhance his allies. I was the animal sidekick until he died from demons dragging him into the darkness and eating him! HOORAY FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY! He was also convinced he wasn't afflicted by the werebear curse/sickness, and that he was actually a dwarf, so he was very good when it came to persuasion and Deception.

6: Belarva is a female Dark Elf Mastermind who was killed by Lolth after Lolth stole Belarva's man. Belarva feels very betrayed by this as she was a loyal servant of Lolth, so she tries to cause a rebellion... against a god... it doesn't go well. She is brought back to life from the Raven King to help the party in stopping the time loop that the world is stuck in. (Long story, not our fault, I promise)

7: Dragonswoop is a male Kenku Inquisitive... that's right, the inquisitive, AKA the Detective, can't speak common, only what he's heard. Do you now understand why I am looking forward to playing this guy? He grew up in a orphanage with what people believe to be his twin brother, Coyotehowl, until Coyotehowl and the orphanage was all killed by a Dragon, Dragonswoop imitating the sound of the Dragon swooping down in honor of those that had dies as the Dragon followed Dragonswoop back to the orphanage, and now wants to find the flock that left them at the orphanage and find out why they did this.

These are all very different but fun characters I got to play, I enjoyed playing every single one of them, looking forward to playing Dragonswoop, and I hope you all have some fun characters to tell me about :) Let me know in the comments below, and have a grand day!
  So if you can't tell by my username, I really enjoy the Felgrand archetype from the YuGiOh card game. I first got Felgrand Dragon during the run of the first season of YuGiOh 5D's, and I LOVED it's design. I also misread it's effect, which is when it is special summoned from the graveyard, choose one other monster in your graveyard, and increase Felgrand's attack equal to that monster's level times 200. I, however, misread it and thought Felgrand's attack would be increased not by the selected monster's level, but by it's ATTACK points, leading me to believe it could easily get up to the tens of thousands easily, especially if you had a Egyptian God Card in your deck. However, I immediately fell in love with it not just because of it's effect and my misreading of it, but also of it's design.

Felgrand Dragon by FelgrandKnight34 (Look at this shiny boy...)

  But this not the purpose of this journal. No, this journal is to talk about my all time (completely biased filled) favorite deck, and how people need to make a proper deck around it. AKA, STOP USING IT WITH BLUE-EYES! Trust me, if you want to throw in Blue-Eyes, considering it is just a vanilla monster that has huge attack points but needs other support cards to help bring it out on the field, and by that point just make a Blue-Eyes deck with some Felgrand support, otherwise replace Blue-Eyes with Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Just like Blue-Eyes, Galaxy-Eyes has the same attack and defense points, level 8(Which is really important for Felgrand), Dragon-type(Which is also just as important), and light attribute(Not as important, but can possibly help you get some good support cards in there that can work with Galaxy-Eyes and other Felgrand cards). So what do you need to focus on with Felgrand?

  First off, DON'T PLAY FELGRAND DRAGON! I love it, I really do, but it's just a brick in your deck. First, it needs to be sent from your field to the graveyard, otherwise it can't be special summoned, and while Paladin of Felgrand(And Guardian of Felgrand) can help with that, there are better choices for it.

  For example, Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand! 

Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand by FelgrandKnight34

  This guy is your main play maker, because he can be sent to the graveyard from ANYWHERE, and can still be special summoned. Also, when he is special summoned, you can choose one of your opponent's monsters on the field or in his graveyard, BANISH it, and then gain attack equal to it's level times 100. Not as big of a boost, but the banishing effect makes it a better effect, especially when it is not as restrictive. You also get to work well with Galaxy-Eyes because when this shiny boy destroys a monster by battle, you can special summon one level 7 or 8 Dragon-type monster from your graveyard onto the field, meaning you special summon this guy, destroy one monster your opponent controls, and then special summon Galaxy-Eyes to attack your opponent again. Sadly, it doesn't let you special summon other Divine Dragon Lord Felgrands, but that could get really ridiculous. While he is your main play maker, there is one card you should build this deck around, the XYZ monster Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand!

Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand by FelgrandKnight34

  First off, no, I don't like his design. Its okay, but the helmet kinda ruins it for me, personally. However, I play him because of his effect, and this is what you need to make your deck around, effect negation. Throw in some Divine Wrath to negate a opponents monster effect, or Magic Jammer for Spell effects. While I don't use anything for traps, personally, I'm certain you can find other cards for specific trap negation and not just trap/spell destruction. Divine Dragon also helps with this by just banishing monsters, throw in Arkbrave Dragons to help with spell/trap destruction... if they're face-up(WHYYYYYY!?)... and Galaxy-Eyes effect lets him help you stop your opponents monsters from attacking. Throw in two "Keeper of the Shrines" for recovery and to help tribute summon the high-level monsters in your hand. Throw in three "Paladin of Felgrands" to help with deck searching, and Guardian of Felgrand to help with getting a good level four monster out if you have a Level 7 or 8 in your hand and/or graveyard, and can help with using "Arkbrave Dragon's" revival effect again.

  Beyond that, use cards like "Return of the Dragon Lords" for revival and protection, one or two "Foolish Burial" to help send monsters to the graveyard but three might be a little much, and I'd say one or two "Trade-In" to help with drawing through your deck while sending in a high-level monster from your hand to the graveyard. The only real problem this deck faces is that it does have some problems with trap cards, but also it is destroyed by... "Gravekeepers"... sorry, having flashbacks of all the times Gravekeepers would just destroy my precious dragons. ;-;

  Also, focus on Level 4 and 8 XYZ monsters, especially with "Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis" to destroy your monsters field while setting your graveyard up for future plays. While I wish the original Felgrand Deck wasn't so hard to special summon with how restrictive it's special summoning conditions can be, even if it didn't have that it wouldn't be really good for the deck as it doesn't help in negating effects or destroying opponents monsters or really work well with XYZ monsters since, if it's used as one and sent to the graveyard, for reasons beyond my mortal understanding, that doesn't count as being sent from the field to the graveyard. Why? Because... yes.

  While I don't know Link monster's very well, I'm certain there are Link monsters that can help with this deck. From what little research I've done, Decode Talker can help with effect negation and sending your dragons back to the graveyard. Firewall Dragon could help, but mostly with Arkbrave Dragon, and I think that Decode Talker just does it better for Felgrand's effects. Tri-Gate Wizard, however, seems to love negating effects, and banishing them, so definitely include Tri-Gate Wizard if you can. Borreload Dragon is also a interesting choice, but I say use it just to try to help with either bringing out other Link monsters, or maybe XYZ monsters if it destroys Level 4 or 8 monsters, or maybe monsters that help you search your deck, special summon from the graveyard, or just send monster(s) to your graveyard, but this one is more for helping to fill up your extra deck with Link monsters. I am no Link monster expert, so maybe there are other Link Monsters that are better choices but this is just what I have found. Let me know if there are better options, or if I am forgetting a good card to go with this deck, and I hope you all have a grand day!
So I am just now starting Kamen Rider Kabuto, and something hit me. What if every Kamen Rider season was not in separate time lines, but instead what if they were all in one? Could that work out without changing the stories/characters from any of the seasons? Now know that I have only seen some Kamen Rider seasons, so when I am talking about this, do know that I am only talking about what Kamen Rider seasons I have currently seen. Here is the list(And expect spoilers for the following):

Update: Guess who JUST finished Kabuto!? I did! And now I am starting Den-O, watching Episode 1 as we speak! 

(Part of) Kabuto

So here we go, let's see how they can all work out if they were to be in the same universe! 

  So for starters, Kuuga and Agito are in the same timeline, that much is very clear from at least a few scenes in early Agito. But what about Ryuki? Well, while Ryuki has many different endings, there is an canon ending. While some people may be disappointed about me not trying to connect all the Ryuki endings, but that would be impossible without creating god knows how many inconsistencies, plot holes, and god knows what else. However, since most of Ryuki's fights and even a good portion of the story takes place in that mirrored world, Ryuki could take place in this time line easily with very few people even taking notice of the new group of Kamen Rider's fighting the monsters and each other.

  Up next is Faiz, who, again, is very self-contained for the most part. Most of the villains, if not every single one, is under the rule of the Smart Brain Corporation, who has a lot of power and could hide the existence of the Orphnoch from the public, which is made much easier considering that the Orphnoch's have a human form that allows them to walk among the people without any of them noticing that there's a monster just a foot or two away from them. Blade is a bit of a harder one due to the ending, where the world was being attacked by endless hordes of insectoid monsters, but the people would probably still remember the monsters from Kuuga and Agito, all of whom seemed to have hard-ons for killing humans, so just imagine this happening after about two years of seemingly no monsters, with very few to possibly no reports of the Orphnoch's, and not only that but the monsters that Blade was facing against, the Undead, were rumored to already by many to exist at the beginning of the series, so as more would pop up it wouldn't cause as big of a panic considering it hasn't been too long since Kuuga and Agito had happened. And with a new Rider like Blade taking the spot light, most people would just think of how he must be a successor to Kuuga made by the government, like the G3-X was, and that once the Undead were defeated the Rider Program was disbanded for one reason or another. For Hibiki, the Rider's all work for a secret group that are focused on killing monster's who are trying to discreetly kill humans by feeding the humans to the large creatures they are trying to raise to giant killing machines, so the Rider's are very secretive as well as the enemies, fighting in the shadows and not bringing much attention to themselves. 

  For Kabuto, while the Asteroid that has struck the Earth seemingly brought the Worms I believe seven years prior, placing it about the same time as Kuuga, there is a explanation why we hear no mention of them during Kuuga and Agito since the Worms are obviously able to hide as Humans, changing what forms they take unlike the Orphnocs and that Zect was keeping them under the covers while any that slip through their grasp at first could just be explained as being one of the Unidentified lifeforms from Kuuga or Unknown Lifeforms from Agito. So now having seen all of Kabuto, I know that of the Natives and how they had pretty much made Humans... well, Zect, but still... their servants. They want all of humanity to become Worms like them, so why don't they try helping in the other seasons against the other enemies? Most likely, the Natives didn't consider them as threats to the Natives, or just entrusted the humans to defend themselves, as we will see most Natives, if not all, really didn't care much for the human race, only as servants and future Natives. The meteor landing thirty-five years ago was back in 1971, when the internet wasn't really a thing so it was a lot easier to keep something like a meteor striking the earth a secret, especially when the monsters that emerged from it could make themselves look like humans. Honestly, though, I could see Zect/Natives maybe helping some of the enemies from previous seasons, like maybe Zect and Smart Brain had one or more business deals together, or maybe had some dealings with BOARD as well. Only reason I bring up the past organizations is because Zect is a extremely powerful and influential organization, so it would make sense that they would want their eyes and ears in organizations like Smart Brain and BOARD, or at least have these businesses be partners with them so they can stay in contact with one another.

  Now we have Gaim, and since this is a huge time leap, about seven years in between, I will focus on Gaim and Drive here and not try to connect Gaim to the previous seasons until I see the seven seasons in between Kabuto and Gaim. So for Gaim and Drive, there's the "World Freeze" that happens in Episode 0 of Drive, which happened a year prior to Drive, placing it at about the starting point of Gaim. However, this is when 001, the leader of the Roidmudes, has his own ability to get people to forget whatever he wants them to forget with there being VERY few people who can resist him, which is what 001 uses to take control of the Police Force by making them forget about it and unable to properly remember the Roidmude. As to why no one in Gaim makes mention of it could be that the World Freeze happens shortly before Gaim, and that only pushes at least the people in Zawame City to get even further into the Inves game as a way to forget about the World Freeze, and as the situation gets worse with the Inves, the people have whole other problems to worry about.

  Also, while I haven't been able to watch all the specials and movies, to the best of my knowledge those are already considered non-canon, so that's why I'm not talking about any of them.

  SO what do you all think? Could this actually work, or not? Also, :iconshisutomuluxray: reminded me that the World Freeze was only forgotten by the Police Force, and I would like to thank him for that! :wave: Let me know in the comments below what you think, and if I make any other mistakes! :wave:
So I am about to finish up the Prequel novelizations trilogy, and here's the order I read them in and what I think of them because... why not? Also, like I said, I am not done just yet, so this might change, but we'll see when we get there.

Episode 3: Of the three novels, it has the best story. I LOVE how Palpatine manipulates Anakin in this book, if you enjoyed Palpatine's manipulation in the movies, then your jaw will DROP like mine did at just how much Palpatine plays Anakin like he was a piano, and Palpatine is a master pianist.

Episode 1: It is better than the movie, but not by much, in my personal opinion. I will say the parts they add that have to do with Anakin before Qui-Gon and the others arrive on Tattooine are really good, and I'd say read it just for that, but beyond that, not much else to really say. Besides the fact the best Jedi in the Prequel Era, Qui-Gon Jinn, is obviously in this book, and you should read it just for him! :stare:

Episode 2: So I am at Page 101 of 353, however so far I have to say that not only do I like Episode 2's novelization more than 1's, but of the three, it is actually the most enjoyable, and this is coming from someone whose least favorite movie of the prequel trilogy is Episode 2, however so far every page has just about every page has kept me enthralled, and excited to read more. I felt the same with Episode 3, but that was more because of the story and the character arch of Anakin. But the enjoyment of the events happening? The manipulation is, like, ninety-percent of the events, and it is enjoyable, but trust me, the speeder chase in the novel is MUCH better than in the movie, not saying it was bad in the movie, just better in the novel. Now Episode 2 does have the most memorable scenes of the Prequel Trilogy, with, like I said, the speeder chase, Obi-Wan VS Jango Fett, Shmi Skywalker's death, "I don't like sand", The arena fight with the Beasts AND the Jedi, and the fun fight with the three Jedi against Dooku. It has it's very fun scenes, and the book can focus on those scenes! We'll see if this stays the same as I read the book.

So personally, even if you don't like the Prequel movies and aren't certain if you want to try the novelizations, then just stop doing yourself a disservice, and read them already. Trust me, they won't take you too long to read, and you won't regret it :)
Me and my brother are watching Stargate Atlantis, and... why does everyone hate it? We are currently on episode 2 of Season 3, and so far it's been a very good run. I remember I tried to watch SG1, and... my god, is it SOOOOOO SLOW! Like, I was so bored with it! I'm certain it's good, and I might've continued it if Netflix had kept it, but... yeah, this one is better from what I have seen so far. The characters are good, the story is interesting, the villains of this series, the Wraiths, are MUCH more frightening than the SG1 villains, and much more imaginative. 

Maybe there's something I am missing here, but I don't see why this is the "Black Sheep" of the series. From what I've heard, that's Stargate Universe. I mean, honestly, I'm not a die hard Stargate fan, but still! This show does not deserve the hate that it gets.
Hey, remember that Teen Titans Trailer I still haven't seen yet? Yeah... this is inspired by that, and Linkara's March of the Titans, and what team I would use if I was put in charge of making a Teen Titans TV show, and what possible stories I would do with them.

Setting: The Teen Titans has been a small group in a single city for years, sticking with three team members, the first three listed down below. They are fine with staying like this until they are introduced to a new team member by Batman, which you will learn more about down below at the number four spot, and how this new team member is going to start them on their adventures, and quest to grow the Teen Titans.

1: Nightwing = There has ALWAYS been a Robin with the Teen Titans, so if I didn't have one, that would just be crazy. Here's the thing, I'm fine with Dick Grayson being Nightwing here since his story is that he has become used to being not only the leader of the team, but also is having trouble being the leader. The Titans, at this point in time, are not only three members, but not really a team. They're off on their own in the same city, and might occasionally help each other, but overall the most they would do is meet up, give reports, and inform the others of any potential threats that could rise up in the future. Dick is fine with this, as since his training with Batman, he believes he needs to be a bit more like him, in the shadows, wanting to do everything alone, and that he can only improve by pushing himself harder and harder and doing it alone, making him work with the other two much less than the other two work with each other. Nightwing's main story is about growing into a leader, and discovering what it means to be a part of a team. Kinda basic, but I think that it is believable that one of Batman's Robins would start believing this since Batman is... Batman... and LOVES to do everything on his own. 

2: Kid Flash = I think it would make sense that Dick would want a Speedster, so Wally West is here to fill that role. Wally wants the Titans to be more like a team than they really are, but the other two don't necessarily agree and are fine with doing things their own way. Wally West is more of a down-to-earth kind of character, he has a job at a gaming diner, where the team members go to have their meetings while they have some food. Wally is the peace maker, helping to keep the team members happy with each other and the team together. Not much for him at this point in time, but his character, at least for the beginning, is just to help the team as a whole, something that it needs.

3: Osiris = I know, Osiris? A Captain Marvel character? Well, after doing some research, I found that going with Osiris was much more interesting than going with, say, Aquaman since Osiris got his powers from Black Adam, and I thought that maybe this could help with some interesting stories that a bad guy has given him powers, and that will lead to him keeping it hidden from Nightwing. Why does Osiris not want to reveal this to Nightwing and not want to work with the others? Imagine if this Nightwing found out one of his team mates got his powers from someone evil. What would he do? Osiris doesn't know... but he doesn't want to find out, and since Nightwing is a very good detective, and that Osiris gains his powers by saying "Black Adam", so it wouldn't be too hard for Nightwing to figure this out, but Osiris is willing to hang out with Wally since Wally is pretty chill, and isn't known as being trained by the world's greatest detective. 

4: Petals = So if there is a character already like this, let me know, but Petals is a character of my own making. Why? Well, I thought that Osiris was not the only change I should add, but also try a new character idea I had. So what is Petals backstory? Well, in short, she was once Poison Ivy's side kick, learning how to use her powers from Ivy, whom was still a villain at one point. The long version is that unlike Ivy, Petals, which is not her real name, was born with her powers, but they didn't start developing until she got older. Her skin started to grow green, her hair turned from black to bark brown, and she can control plants... she developed these powers in Gotham City, right after Poison Ivy tried to cover the city in her plants. Her family and friends became scared of her, and they thought she was working with Ivy, so they tried to kill her. She ran away from them, not wanting to hurt anyone, but is saved by Ivy, who promises to train her to use her powers. Petals loses her old name, Dahlia, and takes the villain name Petals. However, after Ivy is defeated by Batman about a year later, Petals almost accidentally killed a pregnant woman. Petals turns herself into Batman, who see's the good in her, and after she spends some time in prison, wanting to be sure she was telling the truth, and then gets her out and sends her to Dick, believing Dick can actually help her learn how to use her powers for good considering how Dick has been a part of a team that has two super powered team members. Petals sticks with Dick because she doesn't know what else to do, and no, they don't grow a romantic relationship with each other. However, Petals is the starting point for Dick Grayson's character into being a leader. 


Enigma = The daughter of the Riddler, and a future Teen Titans member, Enigma is... well, the daughter of the Riddler. Guess what type of character she is? She starts off by leaving riddles around the city the Titans are in, and if the Titan's can't solve them, eitehr someone dies, many people die, or something gruesome happens. Enigma's first Riddle? If it's not solved, then it will lead to the secret identities of the Teen Titans being released to everyone in the whole country. "Tick tock, Titans. The Timer starts... NOW~"

Kid Eternity = A little different from his comic counterpart in that he is the brother of Osiris, and that he can call upon the spirits of dead people and demons by saying, "Infinity". He is the main villain of Season One, and is a future Teen Titans Member, but his goal is to push Osiris as far as he can before "The Daughter" arrives and brings doom to them all. He understands the potential of the Titans, but knew they needed something, or someone, to unite them, like a common enemy.

That's all I got for the first season off the top of my head, tell me what you think of it, and what you think of Petals. And no, that's not her definitive name, but I needed to come up with a name for her, and I liked the name Petals.

(I'm open to suggestions) 

Anyways, tell me what you think, and have a Grand Day!
  So I was driving in my car, minding my own business when BAM! I suddenly remember just about everything about my first Hero. So, here we are.... AWAY! (Maybe one day I'll know how to properly start these journals, eh.)

  So I was about five to seven-years old, and I was a HUGE fan of animated hero shows, such as Static Shock, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Justice League, X-Men, and any other shows that involved heroes. (Also Power Rangers, but that one's a given for me.) So when I was tucked into bed by my mother one night, I had a epiphany. Since I loved Super Heroes so much, why not make one myself? So I quickly look around my room, hoping to find some form of motivation, and then it happens, my eyes land on the object that will inspire my first ever not just Super Hero, but also my first ever character ever:

  My Piggy Bank.

  Thus, PIGMAN was born! 

  Yes, Pigman... Did I mention that my creativity that I am at least somewhat proud of now a days didn't come until after I started writing in Middle School?

  Anyways, Pigman's origins was that he was a farmer who was bitten by a radioactive pig... and he decided to become Pigman. Great origin story, huh? And he had three powers, none of them having anything to do with pigs, but the last one did have something to do with the origin. The first two is Super Strength and flight because I liked Superman's ability to fly, and the idea of just punching through most of my problems. The last one came from my love for Power Rangers and Anime, when the main hero would have that super duper awesome finishing move, so I gave him the Pig Blast! This is when he shoots a large beam of radiation from his stomach, and he hits his opponent... no, no one ever dies. They just get arrested, and are completely healthy. 

  I remember I had made three to five stories of Pigman, no reoccuring villains but the last story I remember writing had to deal with a rather dark idea. There were two evil scientists, Dr. Red Apple and Dr. Green Apple, whose plan was to cover the city that Pig Man was defending in a large dome that not even Pig Man could break, even with his Pig Blast! So Pigman quickly finds out that the two doctor's are the ones that are causing this, and when he goes to their lab, he finds out that they have hostages! Their plan? To use a machine of theirs to fill the dome with apples, not just fill in a slow pace like one at a time, but with a machine that acts like a sort of bomb that will shoot out thousands of apples, filling the dome and pretty much squishing the city and everyone in it. I know now a days apples would be squished against the building, and probably wouldn't do what they wanted, but let's not tell them that. Either way, Pigman saved the day, I had moved onto something else, and I forgot about Pigman.

  That is, I forgot about it until about a year or two after High School. My reaction to remembering this?

  "Man, am I ever happy I don't come up with such silly ideas anymore... however, this could be a good idea for a Spoof hero."

  So in my head, this character's story is thus:

  The origin is the exact same, but now Pigman is married! His wife is very happy with the life of a farmer's wife, and despite seeing him coming and going as Pigman, doesn't put two and two together, not because she is unintelligent, it's just she's so compliant with her life that she can't imagine her husband doing something so out there and dangerous as being a Hero, and just thinks either he's become a Cosplayer, or that she wasn't seeing things right. Then there's my favorite part of the story, the villain. So I had a hard time coming up with a villain for Pigman to fight against, who could be the best villain for Pigman to fight against? Then I remembered Lex Luthor, and I came up with a similar hero, named Larry.

  Larry is similar to Lex Luthor in that he is egotistical, and is very rich, but his ego works differently for him. You see, Larry knows he is a villain, and he is fine with it. He is in charge of a corporation that has taken control of a city, and Larry, wanting to be a villain because he finds it fun, has his men cause crimes throughout the city, even robbing his own banks to try and get a Hero to come to his city. Why does he want this? Well, part of the reason why he became a villain is because he wants the satisfaction of outsmarting a Super Hero, however despite living in a world of Heroes and Villains, none of them have taken the challenge of trying to take him down, until Pigman came in, and stopped one of his robberies. While most of his corporation finds Pigman as just a annoying joke of a Hero, Larry, desperate to find a Super Hero rival, insists that Pigman's ridiculous outfit is just a guise, and that he is secretly a genius and is just trying to lower everyone's standards of him until he reveals his true plan, when in actuality Pigman, while not a idiot, is only mediocre, but Larry can't accept that! No! Pigman is one of the best, if not the best, Super Hero out there! 

  That's about it for Pigman, why did I decide to write this journal about him? I don't know, I felt like sharing this with people, so here we go. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this journal, and if not... have a good day! BYE! (I also hope one day I can finish a journal better, that would be nice.)
Again, another random journal, but at least this one has to do with my last journal. No list, just me giving what I really enjoy about this era, and it will start off with me talking about why I enjoy this era.

Kotor by FelgrandKnight34

For one thing, there's the characters. Zayne Carrick is what I would most definitely be like if I was a Jedi, probably not that great but wanting to do the right thing. Not only that, but the story of him is really unique, and what happens AFTER that main story is something else I could also see me doing, so there is a personal level to this era for me. Then there's the history, despite there not being as much material in this era as there is in other era's, but there's still a lot of history behind it! The Mandalorian Wars, the fear the Jedi have since it's not been that long since Exar Kun fell to the Dark Side, so the Jedi are extremely scared of the Dark Side at this time. There is also the fact that the Mandalorian Wars was, indeed, was just a front for another Dark Side user... one that won't be brought to light until TOR, but it does show the Jedi were still able to detect the intentions of the Dark Side. However, not all of them did, like the Revanchist, or Revan, and Alak. Revan and Alak lead at the least a sizable number of Jedi to leave the Order, leaving a rather hard question to answer. Imagine you were a Jedi at the time, and you know the Mandalorian's are causing terror along the Outer Rim, however the Jedi are asking you to be cautious and patient as they decide on what to do... but it's taking years, and the Republic is unable to hold them off. You hear of two Jedi, both of whom are very respectable Jedi, start talking about how they will lead the Jedi and the Republic to victory against the Mandalorians, and how they will save people, something that Jedi should be doing. What would you do? Would you follow them to war? Or would you listen to the Jedi Council?

Well, for the Jedi that left, if what I have heard is correct, then there is only one that answered the Council's call for the Jedi to come back and face trial for disobeying the Jedi Order, Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile. The rest? Well, after the disastrous battle of Malachor V, the final battle of the Mandalorian War, Revan hears from Mandalore, whom Revan had bested in combat, he tells Revan of a Dark Empire out in unknown Space. Revan and Alak, as well as the rest of the Jedi, excluding Meetra Surik, and some of the Republic's forces went to the outer rim, where they meet a Sith Empire, led by Emperor Vitiate, whom is so powerful he managed to use the force to turn all of the Jedi and Republic Forces into Dark Jedi and a Dark Side army, and sent them back to fight the Republic.

So for those that want a specific timeline so far, The Mandalorian Wars began in the year 3976 BBY(Before Battle of Yavin), and then ends in 3960 BBY. In other words, this war lasted SIXTEEN years, which is a long time. The Clone Wars everyone knows about? That lasted about two-and-a-half to three years. Then what happens? Just a year later, Revan and Malak return after finding the Star Forge, and name themselves Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Two years later, Bastilla Shan leads a strike team of Jedi against Revan, but before they could capture him, Malak finds this as a good oppurtunity to take the reign of Sith Lord... probably also wants some revenge for Revan cutting his jaw off as some form of punishment, but also taking the title of Dark Lord, that's a big part too, certainly has nothing to do with his new metallic jaw... yeah...

I won't say too much of what happens as now we're getting into events of what happened during the game Knights of the Old Republic, but I will give a quick synopsis of what canonically happens. The Player Character wakes up on the Republic Ship the Endar Spire, where the player character as well as Republic Soldier Trask Ulgo run to the bridge in hopes of getting to Bastilla Shan, whose Battle Meditation has helped the Republic win many victories against the Sith. However, Bastilla has already left the bridge, and now the two make their way to the Escape Pods. Sadly, Trask stays behind to try to keep a Sith from killing you as well, but then you get to the Escape Pods where you meet up with Republic Pilot and War Hero, Carth Onasi. You two make it to the planet Taris down below as the Endar Spire is destroyed, and the planet is then out under planetary blockade. No one gets in or out until the Sith find Bastilla. You and Carth make some allies here, most importantly with the young Twi'lek girl Mission Vao and her Wookie friend Zaalbar, Jedi Knight Bastilla Shan, the Mandalorian Mercenary Canderous Ordo, and the Astromech Droid T3-M4. You manage to get on the ship the Ebon Hawk, and then escape Taris to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. There, you are discovered to be a Force Sensitive, and you are trained in becoming a Jedi. You then go to the nearby plains where the fallen Cathar Jedi Padawan, Juhani, and you can choose to redeem her, keep her alive, or just kill her, but canonically you redeem her. Then you go back to the Temple, and are sent to the Plains again to a location you and Bastilla shared in a vision that Revan and Malak had visited years ago, and you find one piece of the Star Map that leads to the Star Forge. You then are sent to go find the other planets, Juhani joining you as you then go to these four planets, to the best of my knowledge there being no real order of which planets are visited first, to find the other Star Maps.

Tatooine(Where you can get the Assassin/Protocol Droid HK-47)
Kashyyyk(Where you can get the Jedi Hermit Jolee Bindo, my favorite character in the game)

Malak captures Bastilla after the third planet and you discover that Malak has sent his Sith Fleet to Dantooine to bomb it, and when you and your crew goes to Rakata Prime to find the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk crash lands on the surface where there is a Rakatan temple, and very few of the Rakatan people left. You and the crew go into the Temple to deactivate the machine that caused the Ebon Hawk to crashland, and on the rooftop you find Bastilla, having turned to the Dark Side after a week of constant torture from Darth Malak. She fights you, but then retreats. You go back up to the Star Forge now, with the Republic Fleet coming in now to attack the Star Forge. You and your crew gets into the Star Forge, where after some time you go and meet Bastilla one-on-one, and she is convinced to join the Light Side once again, confessing her love for you and the start of a beautiful relationship. You then go and face Malak alone on the bridge of the Star Forge, whom has captured Jedi in Bacta Tanks around so that, when you start winning, he uses Force Drain to absorb their life energy into his own. You eventually defeat Malak, and then escape the Star Forge with Bastilla and the crew, and you and your crew are awarded Republic Medals of honor, and declared as Republic Heroes. We then find out the remaining Sith that were serving under Malak became Sith Warlords, the Republic attacking them and slowly getting rid of them, unaware of the real threat hiding in the shadows, the Sith triumvirate.

First off, events from the novel "TOR: Revan" take place here, which I would love to talk about what happens exactly, but due to spoilers for the first game, I will stay quiet to most. Just know Canderous and the Ordo clan found Mandalore's helmet, Bastilla and your character have a child, and your character goes missing when he goes to find out what happened to Revan and Malak in Unknown Space.

Oooh, this is where it gets good! The Sith Triumvirate are led by three Lords. Lord Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger, who was so powerful that when a group of Jedi gathered on the planet of Katarr, he used such a powerful version of Force Drain that he killed all organic life on the planet... except for one, Visas Marr, whom will soon become his apprentice. He is just a suit of armor that is kept alive with his will. Then there's Lord Sion, whom is just a walking corpse whose body is constantly breaking apart and stitching itself back together constantly through sheer force of will. He was the one that started the first Jedi Purge by sending his assassin's out against the Jedi Order, all but wiping them out. Then there's their teacher, the one who brought them together and all Sith Warlords under one rule: Darth Traya, lord of Betrayal. She was once a Jedi, then became a Sith. However, as stated by Kreia, "To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best." So guess what happened to the Lord of Betrayal when surrounded by Sith? She got betrayed.

... Maybe that wasn't the wisest of names to take when you are surrounded by Sith. Just saying.

Either way, she gets betrayed, with the Jedi almost extinct and the Sith fighting from the Shadows, but then comes a very important character into play. Meetra Surik. Remember her? The Jedi Exile? Well, she's returned now as the Sith now believe her to be the last Jedi, and she picks up some allies. The Force Sensitive Kreia, whom I will say is obviously Traya as it was never any big surprise that's who she was. Then the Scoundrel Atton Rand, whom seems very secretive when it comes to his past. The Astromech Droid, T3-M4, again. The Zabrak engineer Bao-Dur and his small floating droid Remote, whom worked with Meetra Surik at the battle of Malachor V, and was the one who designed the Mass Shadow Generator. In canon, you get the Disciple/Mical, but non-canon you get Handmaiden if you choose a male character to play as, but back to canonocity. Then you get the new Mandalore, whom we also know as Canderous Ordo from the last game. HK-47 again, and a new droid ally, GO-TO, whom was in charge of the Exchange, a large crime syndicate. Visas Marr, the lone survivor of her planet and redeemed servant of Nihilus. And finally, Mira the Bounty Hunter.

After Meetra, Kreia, Atton, and T3 escape the Peragus Mining Field, they go to Telos where they pick up Bao-Dur (And possibly the Handmaiden), and then discover from the surviving Jedi Historian, Atris's, archive that the Jedi Council has survived the Jedi Purge, and have all gone into hiding on these planets. Master Vrook on Dantooine, Zez-Kai Ell on Nar Shaddaa, Lonna Vosh on Korriban, and Kavar on Onderon. Meetra wants to find these Jedi as the Sith have finally revealed themselves, and she believes that getting the Jedi Master's together she and her allies can work with them, alongside the Republic, to fight and kill the Sith. Vrook, Zez-Kai Ell, and Kavar are recruited, sadly Lonna Vosh is killed by Darth Sion on Korriban, and Atris does not get the invitation because she is rather... bitchy. And Sithy. Yeah, during her time hiding from the Sith, she thought that learning from Sith Holocrons could help her learn how to fight these Sith, but instead she just fell to the Dark Side, but didn't want to admit it. This is probably a good thing, though, as Meetra learns that the Jedi Masters will just go back into hiding, and have gathered here to cut Meetra off from the force. For good, this time. However Kreia, angered by the Jedi Master's, stopped them and then killed the three Masters using Force Drain, cutting them off from the Force. Kreia then goes to Telos, and then lures Darth Nihilus to the planet to end him. Meetra meets Atris first in her secret Jedi Academy, and manages to redeem the Jedi Historian whom tells her that Kreia has gone back to Malachor V where she plans on actually KILLING the force. Meetra, with the help of the Mandalorians, boards Nihilus's ship and Meetra, along with the aid of Visas Marr, defeat Darth Nihilus. 

They then go to Malachor, where the Ebon Hawk crash lands on the planet due to the storm constantly surrounding the planet, and we see Bao-Dur has died, but given the Remote the codes to activate the Mass Shadow Generator again to fully kill the planet this time. Remote manages to do so as Mira fights a demon from her past, and the Force Sensitive crew members of your party try to stop Kreia... but fail in doing so. Meetra, right before facing Kreia, finds Sion waiting right outside. Meetra then manages to convince Sion that, while death is a frightening thing, it is far better than a life full of pain and misery. Sion, convinced by Meetra of this, dies the only way he could die: By letting himself die. Meetra then meets with Kreia, whom after a lightsaber duel, at a certain point where Kreia calls upon three lightsabers to float around her and fight for her, Kreia tells Meetra that there is a greater threat, and just how much she hated how the force controlled Kreia, Meetra, and everyone, how no one had free will. Meetra is then told about how your character left known space, and has been missing since then. She leaves Malachor V with at least T3-M4, the other companion's fates confirmed for surviving this. Meetra is then met by Bastilla, whom tells her more about what happened with your character, and then Meetra also leaves for unknown space... where she won't be seen by anyone again. Until TOR, that is. 

I didn't go into too much detail, but you all can hopefully see why this era is not only so interesting, but also my favorite. So much potential for stories and already so many interesting characters, I can't get enough of this era! I wish there was a KOTOR novel, not just a TOR novel, and explore more of this era. Sadly, I highly doubt that will ever happen now... so yeah, there's my random journal of the day. I hope it was somewhat interesting, and you all enjoyed it.……


Just thought I'd make this journal because... why not? SO HERE WE GO! Going in order, from three to one, let's go!

3: Legacy Era

This Era is the farthest that Star Wars has ever gone so far, including both Canons in this. The bulk of this era deals with the great-grandson of Luke Skywalker, Cade Skywalker, who had to watch his father get killed by Darth Nihl on Ossus when the Sith Lord, Darth Krayt and the Empire, took over the galaxy. Cade then left the order, and became a Bounty Hunter where, after several years, he is being pulled back into the fight because of his ability to bring the dead back to life as Darth Krayt is sick with some illness, and he wants Cade to ensure his continues rule of his Rule of One Sith. Sadly, this era does not have too much material around it. Besides the main comic series of this era, and the sequel that deals with one of Han Solo's great-grandchildren, there's no other matreial that I really know of. And sadly, the sequel was more interesting in my opinion. There's something about the cast and the story that reminded me of my favorite comic series, which I won't say on here for spoilers, but a rag tag group of unlikely people seemingly against the galaxy as they fight for what's right, even if all of the members of the crew are morally grey. If there is more material for this era, let me know, but to the best of my knowledge, that is it, and that is kinda sad since it is a pretty interesting era, in my opinion.

2: Prequel Era

While I do like the OT more than the PT, I just find the "world" of the PT much more interesting. A corrupt Republic, interesting stories with plenty of material to spare, a ton of characters to go through and read about, and my favorite part is seeing just how manipulative Palpatine can be. I just finished reading Cloak of Deception, and I enjoyed it much more than I should just because I could see how Palpatine was controlling everyone and everything for his benefit. I do like the Jedi characters as well... except there is one problem I have with this Era.

Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Now I don't necessarily hate these two, I really don't, but honestly I just feel like these two get WAY too much attention, and I do understand why they do. They're the big stars of the Prequel Trilogy, and that would bring more readers into books and comics, however I am not a huge fan of Anakin's character. I can stand a certain amount of his character, but they made too much stuff with him in it, and that is sad since I wanted SO many more Jedi to get more stories, like Plo Koon, or even Saesee Tiin! To the best of my knowledge, there is only ONE story that has him as a main character, and that is the one short story in the original Clone Wars animated series, the one in the style of Samurai Jack, and where he and Clones leap from their ship onto an enemy ship as their ship was too damaged, so Saesee decided, "You know, if this one is too damaged, why not just take theirs?" THAT is bad ass, and yet that seems to be the only story with him in a lead... in a two-to-five minute short... I do enjoy the story of Anakin, I really do, it's just the character I don't like when there's too much focus on him. Either way, I find it to be a very interesting era, it is fun to see just how wrong the Jedi Order are, and how Palpatine can just play everyone like a fiddle! But now for my favorite era of all time...

1: KOTOR Era

I know this is technically part of the SITH ERA, but this very specific part is my FAVORITE part of all of Star Wars! I love the two "Knights of the Old Republic" games, mostly the second one, and my favorite comic series of all time? It's the "Knights of the Old Republic" Comic series with Zayne Carrick, and his crew is similar to the crew I mentioned in the Legacy Era, which is why I was so dissappointed when they had to cut it short for Disney Era, and got it replaced with Ma-Rey Sue, hooray... but at least we got KOTOR done! Ish... You see, this does have another issue that I don't feel like there's enough material for this. I know of the two games, and the comic, as well as one of the Star Wars Tales comics, issue 6 I believe, having a story with Darth Nihilus and the time when he destroyed the planet of Katarr... with just the force. "But Fel, there's the Star Wars novel Revan, and that book takes place during the KOTOR Era." Yes, yes it does... but it is called a "TOR" novel as it is more of a prequel for TOR, and while I do appreciate the answers given in the novel, overall I don't really count it as a KOTOR novel since it was made more for TOR, which has about four books? Five? I don't really recall, and it does have some of it's own comics as well. I don't dislike the TOR era, I do find most of the books, or the ones I've read anyways, to be good books, I just don't find the era as interesting as KOTOR. I love the stories during the KOTOR Era, the characters, and I love some of the mystery and darker tone around this era. So if anyone knows of any good KOTOR fan-made material that does stick well with the old material and expands on it even, let me know because I need my fix of this era ;-;