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  Jake walked over to Jaden, and said, "Okay, Jaden. Are you ready for our duel?" Jaden looked at him, and said, "Give me one day to prepare for our duel. That's all I'm asking." said Jaden, and Jake smiled.

  "Allright, one day. That's all you're getting." said Jake, and then started to head towards his room. "Jaden, what can one day do? You saw the way he fight's!" said Syrus, and Jaden just smiled.

  "All I need is a certain card, and that monster card of his is defeated." said Jaden, and then started walking towards Dual Academy's card shop.

  At around Midnight, Jake was in his bed, sleeping when his cell phone started ringing. Jake picked it up, opened it, and he saw a skull and crossbones on the screen. 'So one of them's here. Master, I sure hope that your trianing is enough for me to beat him.' thought Jake, got out of bed, grabbed his duel disk and deck, and then started following a arrow on his cell phone pointing him towards the forest. Jake followed the arrow until the arrow turned red when he saw a mummy.

  "So you're the dark gatherer of Zombie's, is my guess. Either that, or the Dark Gatheror of toilet paper." said Jake as he activated his duel disk. The Mummy looked at Jake, and some of the ancient paper surrounding his left arm turned into a duel disk, and the mummy put his deck in the duel disk too.

  Their shufled their decks, and they both drew five cards. "I draw!" said the Mummy, and it was a little muffled voice. The Mummy drew one card, and Jake guessed he smiled. "I play Pyramid Turtle(ATk. 1200/Def. 2000), in defense-mode, and I also place one card, face-down. I end my turn." said the Mummy, and Jake drew one card.

  "I play Zombyra the Dark(Atk. 2100/Def. 500) in attack-mode, and destroy your Pyramid Turtle." said Jake, and the mummy smiled. "You activated my monster's effect. When he's destroyed, I get to play one Zombie-type monster with 2000 or less Def. point's unto the field, and I choose Zombie Mammoth(Atk. 1900/Def. 0) in attack-mode, and I know of your Zombyra's special abilty's. It cannot attack my Life Points's directly, and after that card destroy's a monster, it lose's 200 Atk. points, so then your Zombyra the dark now has 1900 Atk. point's, just like my Zombie Mammoth." said the Mummy.

  "Dang. For someone who has his mouth all patched up, you sure do talk alot. I place one card, face-down, and end my turn." said Jake, and the Mummy drew one card. "I play Clown Zombie(Atk. 1350/Def. 0) in attack-mode." 'Why would he play a weaker monster. He wants me to attack or he'll probably... OH NO!' thought Jake, and the Mummy pointed at Zombyra the dark, and said, "Now, Zombie Mammoth, attack and destroy Zombyra the Dark!" said the Mummy, and Jake saw both of the monster's get destroyed.

  "Now I activate my face-down, Call of the Haunted, bringing back Pyramid Turtle(Atk. 1200/Def. 2000), and I have to put it in attack-mode, but now I will attack your Life Points with both my monsters, meaning you lose 2550 Life Points, leaving you with a measly 1450 Life Points left. One card, face-down, and I end my turn." said the Mummy, and Jake drew one card.

  "I play..." Jake looked at the cards in his hand, and smiled. "One card, face-down, while I activate Giant Trunade and Dark hole, leaving your side completely defenseless, and now I activate Card Destruction, sending my hand(1 card) and your hand(4 Cards) to the graveyard, and then we draw the same amount of cards." said Jake, and then drew one card after discarding his hand, and the same with the mummy.

  "And now I activate my face-down card, Monster Reborn to bring back Royal General of the Dead! Which I sent to the graveyard because of Card Destruction, and because Zombyra the Dark is in the graveyard, he gain's 500 Atk. and Def. Points, leaving Royal General of the Dead with 7000 Atk. and 7500 Def. Points. I now attack your Life Points directly!" said Jake, and heard the mummy make a weird laugh.

  "Sorry, but I think something's wrong with your royal General." said the Mummy, and Jake said, "Whats that?" and then realized something. His monster wasn't atttacking. "What's going on?" said Jake, and the Mummy said, "You foolish boy. Don't you know I made that card, and that card will not attack it's creator." said the Mummy, and Jake had a surprised look on his face.

  'This... mummy is the creator of my strongest card? and also my card won't attack him? Will I guess that would explain the dead part in his name.' thought Jake, and then responded, "Well since that was a special summon I summon Dark Blade, who will attack your Life Points directly!" said Jake, and the mummy watch his Life Points go down to 2200.

  "And now I end my turn." said Jake, and the mummy drew one card. "I activate Monster reborn and Premature Burial, and because of Premature Burial, I have to pay 800 Life Points, but it's worth it to bring back Zombie clown and Pyramid turtle, and now I sacrifice these two cards to play my strongest monster. Behold, Zombie king of Hell(Atk. 9000/Def. 9900) in attack-mode. I also place one card, face-down, and activate Tribute to the doomed, sending your Royal general of the dead to the Graveyard, and now I will attack your Dark Blade, and lets not forget Zombie King of Hell's special ability. For every Zombie-type monster in my graveyard, this card gains 1000 Atk. and Def. points, leaving my monster wuth 13000 Atk. points and 13900 Def. points, so say goodbye to the rest of your Life Points." said the Mummy.

  "I activate Magic Cylinder, and now the attack is redirected to your Life Points." said Jake, and the mummy only laughed. "Sorry, but Zombie King of Hell is not affected by Magics, Traps, spells, and Monster's effect's, so the attack continue." said the Mummy, and Jake saw his Dark Blade get destroyed, and the last of his Life Point's go down to zero.

  "So sad. You were even doing a pretty good job, but it is a shame to see that my second strongest monster go to such a pathetic Duelist, but I'll let you keep that card so then you can remember how badly you lost this duel, and how truly weak you are. Remember, if you want a rematch, you know where to find me." said the Mummy, and then retreated back into the dark, and dissapeared.

  "But I won't forget one thing. The Punishment for losing to a dark gatheror is... well, you know the consequensces." said the Mummy, and Jake felt pain go throughout his entire body, and fell to the ground, holding his side's in pain, screaming.

  Jaden and Syrus woke up, hearing the scream. "Syrus, do you hear that? Let's go check it out." said Jaden, and the two of them followed the scream until they found Jake.

  "Jake! Are you okay!?" said Jaden as he and Syrus ran up, and helped him up. "JUST GET ME TO THE NURSE'S OFFICE!" yelled jake, and the two of them took Jake to the Nurse's office.
                              To Be Continued In Part 5
I don't beieve it. jake lost the duel, and the mystery deepens. What are the Dark gatheror's? Why was Jake trained to fight them? How is Jaden mixed up in all this? And will Syrus ever be cool? Probably not, but he can still dream.
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