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  Jake was in his room, looking through his deck. 'Allright, I think I'm ready to deal with Syrus.' thought Jake, and then heard Syrus scream, "WHAT!?" 'Seems like he found out that he's gonna duel me.' thought Jake, and then smiled.

  The next day, Syrus and Jake faced each other on the dueling area, and Syrus and Jake just finished shuffling their decks. They both drew five cards, and Syrus said, "Let's duel!" while Jake said, "Time... to taste defeat."

  "My turn!" said Syrus, and drew one card. "I play Submarinroid(Atk. 800/Def. 1800), in defense-mode, and also one card, face-down, and I end my turn." said Syrus, and Jake drew one card. "I play my Marauding Caption(Atk. 1200/Def. 400), in atack-mode, and because he was now normal summoned I get to special summon my Command Knight(Atk. 1200/Def. 1900), in attack-mode, and because of his special ability all Warrior-type monsters on my side of the field gain 400 Atk. points, so my Marauding Caption now has 1600 Atk. points, and my Command Knight has 1600 Atk. points too, and because of my Command Knight's special ability, as long as 1 other monster is on the field, this card cannot be selected as a attack target, and also because of Marauding Caption's special ability, as long as this card is on the field, no other warrior-type monster can be selected as an attack-target." said Jake.

  "Okay, so your Command Knight can increase your monster's Atk. points by 400 points, but they still don't have enough attack points to destroy my monster." said Syrus, and Jake just chuckled.

  "Yeah, that is true, but that is why I activate, 'stop defense', and now your Submarinroid is in attack-mode, and I'll destroy it with my Marauding Caption!" said Jake, and Syrus saw his Submarineroid get destroyed, and his Life Points go down to 3200.

  "And now I will attack your Life Point's with Command Knight, leaving you with 1600 Life Points. I end my turn with this card, face-down, and I end my turn." said Jake, and Syrus drew one card.

  Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, Alexis, and Bastion were watching the duel, and Chazz laughed. "Syrus is gonna lose! Jake has more experience and powerful strategie's than he does, and in his first turn, he got him down to only 1600 Life Point's! I would love to see how he can beat Jake. And let's not forget that that face-down card is probably a trap!" said Chazz, and Alexis looked annoyed at Chazz's comment.

  "Chazz, Syrus know's that, and he just need's the right card to turn this around." said Alexis, and looked down at Syrus, as he drew one card. "I play Truckroid(Atk. 1000/Def. 2000), in Defense-mode, and also one more card, face-down. I end my turn." said Syrus, and he now had two face-downs.

  Jake drew one card, and smiled. "I play Dark blade(Atk. 1800/Def. 1500), and because of my Command Knight's special ability, he gains 400 Atk. points, and now I attack and destroy your Truckroid." said Jake, and when Truclkroid was destroyed, Syrus said, "And now you activated my trap card! SuperCharge! And now, because a machineroid monster was destroyed, I get to draw two card!" said Syrus, drew two cards, and smiled.

  "Well I don't want to know what that face-down card is, so I Guess I'll use Dust Tornado to destroy it." said Jake, and saw that he destroyed the trap card, Wonder Garage, which meant that he get to play one level 4 or lower machine-type roid monster from his hand.

  Syrus smiled as he played Truckroid(Atk. 1800/Def. 1800) in Defense-mode. "I end my turn." said Jake, and Syrus drew one card. "I activate the spell card, 'Machine Aura', and now my Truckroid is in attack-mode, and his Atk. point's is increased by 500, which means he has 2300, and now he will attack and destroy your Dark Blade, and during the battle phase, then this card gains 200 Atk. Points." said Syrus, and saw Jake smirk. "Sorry, but my trap card is activated. Sakuretsu Armor. And now your attacking Monster is destroyed." "I end my turn." said Syrus, seeing how he has no cards in his hand that can help him.

  Jake drew one card, and smiled. "I sacrifice my Dark Blade, Command Knight, and my Marauding Caption inorder to summon my Royal General of the dead(Atk. 6500/Def. 7000), and for every Monster in my Graveyard, this card gain's 500 Atk. and Def. points, and because there are three, my Monster now has 8000 Atk. Points and 8500 Def. Points, and now he will attack and destroy the rest of your Life Points." said Jake, and Syrus watched in fear as the humoungous monster with bloody swords slowly walked to him, raised his swords, and hit Syrus.

  Syrus looked down at his Life Points, which now read zero. Jake put all the cards in his Graveyard back into his deck, and started to walk away, leaving a awestruck croud in the dueling arena.

  "W-What type of monster was that? I don't know if I-I've ever seen a monster that strong before." said Chazz, and everyone agreed with him, except for Bastion, who was thinking, 'Where did he get such a legendary card? I heard rumors of that card's existence, but I never knew it actually existed.'

  Jake walked down the halls of Duel Academy, thinking, 'Jaden... soon you'll remember me, and then we'll find and defeat them.'
                                 To Be Continued In Part 3
I made this monster on yugiohcardmaker, and I thought it would be nice to have this card in Jake's deck.
YuseiJaCrowK Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
this is awesome :)
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