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  Jaden woke up, and looked around his room. He saw that the Slifer the sky dragon poster that Syrus had was gone. In fact, when he got up and looked around, he didn't see anyone.

  He exited his room, and didn't see anyone. "This is weird." Said Jaden. When he entered the kitchen, he saw a man in a black cloak sitting on a chair that was floating in mid air.

  "Hello there, Jaden. How are you doing? My name is Merlin. The Dark Gatherer of Spellcasters. You are inside my own realm, and now I challenge you to a duel." Said Merlin as his duel disk activated by it self, and five cards were drawn by themselves and floated in front of him.

  "I accept your challenge!" Said Jaden, and then activated his Duel Disk. Jaden drew one card, saying, "I go first!" 'All right! Elemental Hero Flare Lion(Atk. ?/Def. ?)! I can't believe that I already got it in my hand! I also know exactly what to do.' Thought Jaden.

  "I activate Polymerization! Now by fusing the Elemental Hero Sparkman, Avian, and Bubbleman in my hand, I get to Fusion summon Elemental Hero Tempest(Atk. 2800/Def. 2800) in attack-mode! Now I place one card, face-down, and I end my turn." Said Jaden, and then one card from Merlin's deck drew itself.

  "I play Toad magician(Atk. 1600/Def. 1400) in attack-mode, and I end my turn with a face-down card." Jaden drew one card, and smiled. "I play one card in defense-mode, and now I attack and destroy Toad magician!" Merlin smiled, and then said, "I now activate my trap card! Inferno trap! Now your Tempest is destroyed, and you take damage equal to that monster's Atk. Points, leaving you with 1200 Life Points." Jaden looked at Tempest getting engulfed in flames, and then getting destroyed.

  "I end my turn." Said Jaden, and then one card was drawn from Merlin's deck. "I now sacrifice my Toad magician in order to play my Ice Demon Dragon(Atk. 2300/Def. 2000) in attack-mode! Now I attack and destroy that face-down card!"

  "Sorry, but you activate my trap card! Clay Charge! Now not only is you monster destroyed, but you lose 800 Life Points!" "Sorry, but in order for this trap card to work, you need a Elemental Hero ClayMan on the field, which you don't have one!"

  "Then what do you call this?" said Jaden, and the facedown card Jaden had flipped face-up, and it was Elemental Hero Clayman. Merlin snarled as his Life Points went down to 3200.

  "I end my turn with a face-down." "All right! My turn!" said Jaden, and then drew one card. "I activate Pot of Greed! Now I get to draw two cards!" When Jaden drew his two cards, he smiled.

  "I now activate Fusion sage! Now I choose one Polymerization in my deck, and add it to my hand! That's not all because now I play Elemental Hero Burstinatrix(Atk. 1200/Def. 800) in attack-mode! Now I activate Polymerization to fuse Burstinatrix and Clayman in order to fusion summon Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster(Atk. 2000/Def. 2500) in defense-Mode! Now I activate Rampart Blaster's special ability! Now half of my Rampart Blaster's Atk. Points is dealt to you as battle damage, leaving you with 2200 Life point! If that's not enough, I activate Ookazi, which means you lose 800 Life Points."

  Merlin watched as his Life Points went down to 1400 Life Points. "Nice move, but soon it will all be over with me as the winner." Said Merlin. "I end my turn with a face-down."

  Merlin smiled at the new card he drew. "I activate Holy Ritual! Now by discarding one card from my hand, you get to special summon one monster!" "Why would you do that?" "You'll see. Either way, summon your monster!"

  Jaden smiled, and then put Flare Lion(Atk. ?/Def. ?) out on the field in attack-mode. "Now that my Flare Lion is out, for every Elemental Hero monster in my graveyard, this card gains 1000 Atk. and Def. Points, leaving it with 6000 Atk. Points! Now get ready, because unless you destroy it by the end of your turn, you're going to be…"

  "I activate my trap card! Special tribute! Now by discarding two cards from my hand, your two monsters are destroyed! That's not all because now I get to special summon Creator of Darkness(Atk. 0/Def. 0) and my Red-Eyes black Dragon(Atk. 2400/Def. 2000) and now I activate Polymerization! Now by fusing these two together, I get to create my Ruler of Darkness(Atk. 9000/Def. 9000) in attack-mode! Now I attack and destroy the rest of your life Points!"

  "Sorry, but I activate my trap card! Negate attack! Now your attack is stopped and so is your battle phase!" "Fine! I end my turn." Jaden drew one card, and then smiled. 'I guess this is one of the new Elemental Hero's I got. Lets see just how good it is.' Thought Jaden, and then looked up at Merlin.

  "I activate my Elemental Hero Dragon Bots'(Atk. 2500/Def. 2000) special ability! By sending Clayman and Sparkman out of play, I get to special summon Dragon Bot!"  Merlin looked at the card Jaden just played, and smiled, then chuckled.

  Your monster only has 2500 Atk. Points while my Monster has 9000 Atk. Points. What can your monster do against my monster?" "Well you see, my monster has a amazing special ability. You see, by discarding my entire hand, my monster can attack your Life Points directly!" Said Jaden, and then he discarded his entire hand.

  "NO! YOU CAN'T! I'VE BEEN PLANNING THIS DUEL FOR HUNDRED'S OF YEARS! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" "Sorry, but I think I just did! Now, Dragon Bot, attack and destroy the rest of his Life Points!" said Jaden. Dragon Bot flew past the Ruler of Darkness, and then punched Merlin.

  'Hundred's of years of planning… were useless? This boy defeated me with sheer luck. That has to be it. There is no other explanation.' Thought Merlin. Beams of light came out of his wizard robe and his eyes, ears, and mouth.

  When they disappeared, his body was gone. Jaden smiled, and then the world around him started to twist and turn. When it stopped, there was nothing but darkness. Jaden was about to say something, but then fell unciounsce.

  When he woke up, he saw that he was in his room. 'Was that just a dream?' When he looked at his deck and drew one card, he saw Elemental Hero Dragon Bot. 'So it wasn't a dream. This means that I have a new card! This also means that I have one less Dark Gatherer to take care of! YES!'
  Jaden smiled a humongous smile, and then heard a knock on the door. "Jaden, its me. Jake. I have something I want to talk to with everybody in the cafeteria. Hurry up. It is really important."
                              To Be Continued In Part 10
Sorry it took so long. I don't like this part, but I just thought that it would be nice to see Jaden duel again.
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