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  Jaden smiled, and then said, "I play a new Elemental Hero! Say hello to Elemental Hero Flare Lion(Atk. ?/Def. ?)! And now, because of his special ability, for every Monster in our Graveyard's, this card gain's 1000 Atk. and def. Point's, and from just your Graveyard this card has 4000 Atk. and Def. Point's, and I have six card's in my Graveyard, so now he has 10000 Atk. Points, but now I activate one of his Special abilities! By activating one of his Special Ablitie's, by discarding three card's from my hand, he get's t attack your Life Point's directly! And since three new card's are in my graveyard, he gain's 3000 more Atk. and Def. Point's!" said jaden, and Adjo watched as his Life Point's went down to zero.

  "No... I... I lost... but... how?" said Adjo, and then screamed as beam's of Darkness came out of his eyes, mouth and then ear's. The paper fell to the ground, and they saw that his body is gone.

  "What just happened?" asked Chazz, and Alexis answered, "I don't know, but it seem's like Jake know's what's going on." The four of them entered the Nurse's room, and saw Jake was standing up.

  "So tell me, how was your duel with your first Dark Gatheror?" asked Jake, and Jaden responded, "Jake, what's going on? That Mummy said your name, and that you knew what's going on, so start talking." said Chazz, and Jake just smiled.

  "The Dark Gatheror's are a race of duel Monster's that have been tainted by Darkness, and they want to gather the power of Darkness in everyone. The only way to do so is by beating them in a duel, and then taking them to the realm of Darkness, and start extracting their power's there. The reason why they didn't take me was so then they could track you down and find out what you look like, so I was just bait. Tell me, what do you think of your new card?" asked Jake.

  You mean Elemental Hero Flare Lion? It's probably one of the strongest card's I've heard of." said Jaden, and Jake smiled. "Good, because every Dark gatheror has a card that is almost unstoppable, like the Zombie King of Hell. Wait, maybe I should tell you about what my Master taught me about the prediction of the Dark Gatheror's. I ws told that thousand's of year's ago they were foretold to come and try take over the Earth, and no one would be able to beat them. But then a group of Duelist's will come and fight the Dark Gatheror's to save the Earth, and since you beat him, you're one of them. No one know's who the other one's are, but they will come and try to help us." said Jake, and then looked down at his duel disc.

  "I'm not one since I lost, but I have some new's to tell you. The only reason why I'm here is to make sure that you get this message: Do not fight yourself." said Jake, and everyone had a confused look on their face.

  "What does that mean?" asked Syrus, and Jake responded, "I don't know, but whatever it is, it has to be important." said Jake, and then started walking out of the Nurse's room, then stopped when he was next to Jaden, and then said, "I almost forgot. Jaden, you will get a new Elemental Hero every time you duel a Fark Gatheror, which mean's that you'll be getting a card that can beat any Dark Gatheror." and then continued walking toward's the red Slifer dorm.

  "Do you think he's telling the truth? I mean we have seen some pretty weird stuff, and this isn't going to be much different." said Syrus, and Alexis responded, "Well we did just see a dueling mummy... again... so I guess he could be telling the truth, and it would explain Jaden's new card."

  "Don't worry, guy's. If Jaden is one of them, then I Chazz Princeton, will surely be one." said Chazz, and saw that everyone left the room, and then Chazz thought, 'They're just jealous.'

  Jaden layed in his bed, thinking about what he should do about the new's he was just told.(Read Author's comment)
                             To Be Continued In Part 7
The new Elemental Hero card that Jaden has is a card I made, and what should the next gatheror of Darkness be? The Dark Gatheror of Reptile's? SpellCatser's? Warrior's? You decide.
YuseiJaCrowK Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
the cards are so cool!!:)
where did you get the pictures?
FelgrandKnight34 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
I get the pictures on Google for the cards, but for the card's picture, I get them on YuGiOh card maker where I make them
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