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  Jake and Akuma finished shuffling their decks, drew five cards, and then they both said, "Duel!" "I'll go first, human." Said Akuma as he drew one card, and smiled. "I now play Demon Tamer Thunder Spirit(Atk. 500/Def. 2500) in attack-mode, and I end my turn." Said Akuma, grinning.

  Jake drew one card, and looked up. 'Why didn't he place his monster in defense position, and how come he left it unprotected? I think I know what his plan is, and I will not fall for it.' Thought Jake, and then looked at the card in his hand.

  "I now activate the spell card Shien's castle of mist! Now I play Six Samurai - Zanji(Atk. 1800/Def. 1300) in attack-mode, and now, because the Six Samurai - Zanji is on the field, I get to special summon my Grandmaster of the Six Samurai(Atk. 2100/ Def. 800)! Now I destroy your Thunder spirit with Zanji!" Yelled Jake, and Akuma chuckled.

"My Thunder spirit's special ability activates! When he is selected as a attack target, he goes into defense-position, and his defense points are 2500!" Akuma watched as Zanji sliced at the Thunder spirit, and then died, Jake's Life Points going down to 3300, but then gasped when his own monster was destroyed.

  "What the heck? What happened to my monster?" Said Akuma as he looked at Jake's field. 'He didn't activate any traps, and the only card he has on his field is that Grandmaster and the castle of mist, so how come mine and his monster was destroyed?' thought Akuma.

  Jake grinned, and then said, "Zanji has a amazing ability. You see, when he destroys a monster, and there is a monster with the name six samurai on my side of the field, if he attacks a face-up monster, then that monster is destroyed."

"Whoa, those Six Samurai's of Jake's is really strong. I'm surprised that he..." Atticus stopped when he heard something in the distance. It sounded like singing, but what would be singing out in another dimension in a dessert?

  "Hey Hassleberry, do you hear that?" "You mean the sound of Jake kicking this Dark Gatherer's butt? Heck yeah I do! His last deck pales compares to this deck." "No, I mean the singing." "Singing? I think the sun finally got to you, son." Said Hassleberry, and then started cheering for Jake again.

"Now I activate Monster Reborn, bringing back Zanji in attack mode, and now my Grandmaster will attack your Life points directly, leaving you with 1900 Life Points, and I attack your Life Points with Zanji, leaving you with 100. I end my turn." Said Jake, and then Akuma drew one card.

  Akuma laughed out loud, and then said, "I now play my Demon Tamer Aquaion(Atk. 1800/Def. 1000) in attack-mode, and when he is the only card on the field when played, then I get to draw one card, and If it's a monster, then I get to destroy one monster on my opponent's side of the field, if it's a spell/magic card, I get to bring back one monster from my graveyard, or if it's a trap card, then all cards on the field are destroyed excluding this card."

  Akuma drew one card, and smiled wider. "It's a trap card! Now say goodbye to your monsters, and now I activate the trap card! It's reinforcements, giving my monster 500 more Atk. Points! Now I attack your Life Points, leaving you with 1000 Life points, and now I activate Dian Keto the cure master, giving me 1000 more Life points. I end my turn with a face-down."

  Jake drew one card, and smiled. "I activate the continuous trap card, 'Swiftstrike armor'! Now every time I draw a Six Samurai during my drawing phase, I get to special summon him, but right now I play the six samurai Irou(Atk. 1700/Def. 1200), and now I equip him with the Legendary Ebon Steed, giving him 200 more Atk. Points, and now I attack and destroy your Aquaion!"

  Akuma watched as his monster got destroyed, and his Life Points go down to 1000. "Well we're tied now, but is that really all you got? I know 1-year olds that duel better, but oh well. I now play my Demon Tamer Boulder Roller(Atk. 1500/Def. 1700) in attack-mode, and now I equip him with the spell card, Demon Tamer sword', increasing his Attack points by 500, and now his special ability! For every Magic, spell, trap card, and/or union monster equipped to him, he gains 300 Atk. and Def. Points, so now he has 2300 Atk. and 2000 Def. Point! Now I will attack and destroy your Irou!"

  Jake watched as his Irou got destroyed, and his Life Points went down to 400 Life Points. "I end my turn." Said Akuma, and then Jake drew one card.  'Okay, so he's tougher than I thought. I still have a few strategies left, and luckily my swiftstrike armor is still on the field, and I just drew the one card I need.'

  "Okay, now I get to special summon my Great Shogun Shien(Atk. 2500/Def. 2400) because of swiftstrike armor, and now I destroy your Bolder Roller, leaving you with 800 Life Points. I end my turn with a face-down."

  Akuma drew one card, and then said, "I now activate Monster Reborn, bringing back Thunder Spirit! Now I sacrifice this monster in order to summon Demon Tamer Eaglion(Atk. 2300/Def. 2600) in defense-mode, and I end my turn with a face-down."

  Jake drew one card, and smiled. "I now get to summon my Six Samurai Yariza(Atk. 1000/Def. 500), and I hope you remember this card because I used this card to beat you last time!"

  Akuma clenched his fist, and then smiled. "I now attack your Life Points directly, and I win!" Akuma laughed, and then said, "I activate my trap card! Sakuretsu armor! Now your Yariza is destroyed!"

  Jake watched as his monster get destroyed, and then said, "Fine, I end my turn with a face-down." Akuma drew one card, and smiled. "I play one card, face-down, and now I activate Tribute to the doomed! By sending my Demon Tamer Necroid Knight(Atk. 3500/Def. 2500) from my hand to the graveyard, I can destroy your Shogun, and now I activate Dark Hole!"

  "Oh no! I know what he's doing! Jake used this strategy before to summon his Royal General of the dead!" Said Hassleberry, and then looked over at Atticus, and was surprised that he wasn't there. "Hey, Atticus! Where are you, private? Jake, where did Atticus go?"

  "I don't know, but you better go and find him!" Said Jake, and Hassleberry started to run off. "Now I activate Premature Burial to bring back Necroid Knight, and now I summon My Demon Tamer Hellion(Atk. 1800/Def. 1000), so by activating Polymerization I placed face-down, I fuze these two cards to make Demon Tamer Master(Atk. 4000/Def. 4000), and for every Demon Tamer in my graveyard, this card gains 1000 Atk. and Def. Points, and with six Demon Tamers in my graveyard, this card gains 6000 more points!" Jake watched in terror as the Demon Tamer Master's Atk. and Def. Points went up to 10,000.

  "Now I attack you directly, and I win!" "Sorry, but I now activate my trap card! Waboku! Now I take no battle damage this turn!" Akuma grinned, and said, "Oh well. I end my turn. What can you do to win this duel?

  Jake hovered his hand over his deck, thinking, 'He's right. I only have one card in my deck that can help me out, and that is my Royal General of the dead, but how can that help me? I already have it in my hand, but I need to sacrifice two monsters, and I have no monsters on the field. I might as well give up, but that will be worse than me not trying. If I'm going down, I'm going to go down fighting.'

  Jake drew one card, and smiled. 'YES! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!' thought Jake, and then looked up at Akuma. "You know, I think that I'm going to win because now I get to special summon my Six Samurai - Kamon(Atk. 1500/Def. 1000), and now I activate Return of the Six Samurai, bringing back Yariza, and now I sacrifice these two cards in order to play Royal General of the dead(Atk. 6500/ Def. 7000), and now this card's special ability! For every monster in my graveyard, this card gains 500 Atk. Points, and there are 4 monsters in my graveyard, leaving it with 9000 Atk. and 9500 Def. Points. Also, I activate Shield and sword, switching our Monster's Atk. and Def. Points, so now my monster's Atk. is 9500, and your monster's is still 10,000, but I'm not done yet. I equip him with two Legendary Ebon Steeds, leaving my monster with 9900 Atk. Points, and now I activate Reinforcements! My General now has 10400 Atk. Points, and now I destroy your monster, leaving you with 400 Life Points! I end my turn with Red medicine, giving me 500 more Life Points, and I now have 900 Life Points. I end my turn." Said Jake, and then Akuma clenched his fists.

  "You... you must've gotten completely lucky! There is no way that you can defeat my demon tamer Master!" "Shut up, and make your move!" Said Jake, and then Akuma drew one card.

  "I place a face-down, and end my turn." Said Akuma, and then Jake drew one card. "I now play Zombyra the dark(Atk. 2100/Def. 500), and destroy your facedown card with Zombyra the dark! Now I attack your Life Points directly with Royal General of the dead, leaving you with 0 Life Points. I win."

  As Jake turned and walked away, dark beams came out of the dark gatherer of Fiends eyes and Mouth, and soon his body disappeared, the little clothing he had dropping to the ground.

  Jake looked around, and then said, "Wherever Atticus and Hassleberry went, they sure did go a long way. I can't even see them, or what direction they went." Said Jake, and then sat down. "Well I'm going to wait, and not get lost here like th..."

  Jake froze when he realized something. He jump up, and yelled, "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET BACK HOME?"

  Atticus continued to follow the singing voice, almost totally memorized by the voice. "Atticus..." Said the voice again, coming from a meadow. "Atticus... join me, Atticus. Join me."

  Atticus stopped at the entrance to the cave, and then just stared blankly inside the cave. Soon, a figure with giant butterfly wings with long, purple hair started floating towards them.

  Soon he could see the person more clearly, and the thing had light green skin, was a female, and was floating in midair with a small harp in her hand. She then strung a note, and then the spell card, "Change of Heart", appeared above her.

  Atticus gasped as everything turned dark, and his soul coming out of his body. The same happened with the new being, and then their souls changed bodies. As the body that now has Atticus's soul dropped to the ground, and then Atticus's body smirked.

  "This new body... I feel amazing." The person in Atticus's body looked over at her old body, and then grinned. "I hope you have fun in my body." Said the person in Atticus's body, and then extended her arm.

  A pink portal opened up, and then on the other side was a image of the Slifer Red Dorm. "Hey, Atticus, are you here, private?" The person in Atticus's body(Okay, I'm getting sick of saying, "The person in Atticus's body" so I'm going to call this person Sennyo) walked up to her old body, and then hid it behind a rock behind a portal.

Sennyo walked out of the cave, and then saw Hassleberry coming. 'Now, from this boy's memories, this person is called Hassleberry. Hm, this person sure is weird, but I think I can easily beat him if necessary.'

  Hassleberry stopped running when he reached Sennyo, and then said, "Private, what's wrong with you? You can't go off lollygagging during a battle." "Yeah, sorry Hassleberry, but the singing was just so memorizing, and..." "Private, the sun here must really be getting to you. Like I said before, there was no singing."

  Sennyo smiled, and then said, "Yeah, I guess. By the way, I found a portal in the cave over there, and I can see the Slifer Red dorm." "Really? Well then let's go get 1ST class private Jake and get on back to the Sarge and everyone else."

  The two of them started back towards Jake, and when they got there, Jake was pacing back and forth in a trench that went up to his waist. "Uh, Private, why did you make a trench?"

  Jake looked up, and said, "What trench? And how did you two get so tall?" Jake looked down, and said, "When did this happen?" Sennyo and Hassleberry sweat dropped, and then Jake came out of the trench.

  "Jake, great news! We found a portal out of here!" "Really? Well then let's go." They started to walk towards the portal, and when they got to the cave, Jake stopped. Hassleberry and Sennyo turned around.

  "Jake, what's the matter?" Jake pulled out a spell card, put it in his duel disk, and said, "Activate spell card! Change of Heart!" Sennyo screamed out, as she closed her eyes, and when she opened them, she gasped.

  She was in her real body! Atticus looked around, and said, "What happened? Why is Jake here? Did he win?" "Atticus, what are you talking about? You should already know this since we just walked here with Jake and saw the spot where he just dueled with no Dark Gatheror in sight."

  "No, Hassleberry. He didn't. You see, he was being controlled." "What? How do you know?" "First of, Atticus was unusually quite. From what little that I know of him, he doesn't stay this quite. Also, I've seen this portal before. It is done by the dark gatherer of Fairy's."

  As if right on cue, there was an evil laughter as Sennyo floated out from behind her rock. "My my, Jake. You sure have grown. Not." "I would say that you grew more beautiful, but then again, that would be a lie. You look like the same pile of garbage as the last time I saw you."

  Sennyo muttered something, and then grinned evilly. "Well then, Jake, it should be easy to see me in Duel Academy." As she entered the portal, Jake, Hassleberry, and Atticus ran in too, Atticus asking, "So what's going on?"

  When they exited the portal, they gasped. They were back at Duel Academy, but there was a problem. Trees were dead and burnt, the grass was either almost completely gone or grey, and the Slifer Red Dorm was almost entirely destroyed with no one in sight.
To Be Continued In Part 14
SOrry for the long time it took to get this part out, but I am busy with school and other storie's.
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