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  Hassleberry and Jaden watched Syrus as he was lying in his bed, scared stiff. "Dang. I've never seen the little runt this scared before." said Hassleberry, and Jaden responded, "Well if you were fighting the same monster, then you probably would too. You should've seen it, Hassleberry. Jake's monster was the biggest and strongest monster I've ever seen." said Jaden, and then Hassleberry smiled.

  "Don't worry, Sergeant. I'll deal with him. He won't know what hit him." said Hassleberry, and then there was a knock on the door. Hassleberry opened the door, saying, "Yeah, who is it?" said HassleBerry, and then was surprised to see Jake. "Hello there. Is Jaden Yuki available?" said Jake with a smile.

  Jaden ran up to the door, and said, "Yeah, I'm here. What do you want?" "Easy. I challenge you to a duel!" Hassleberry grabbed Jake's shirt, and said, "Hold it right there, son. If you want to get to Sergeant, then you have to duel me!" said Hassleberry, and Jake simply replied, "Okay. If going through you means that I can get to Jaden, then sure." and then smiled.

  Jake and Hassleberry were infront of the school grounds, and Jake and Hassleberry just finished shuffling their decks, and drew five cards. "I go first!" said Hassleberry, drew one card, and smiled.

  "I play my Gilasauras(Atk. 1400/Def. 400), and that was a special summon, so by sacrificing it I get to play my Dark Driceratops(Atk. 2400/Def. 1500) in attack-mode, and I end my turn." said Hassleberry, and Jake drew one card.

  "I play one card, face-down in defense-position, and one card, face-down. I end my turn." said Jake, and Hasslebery drew one card. "Allright, I play Uraby(Atk. 1500/Def. 800) in attack-mode, and I attack that face-down card with my Dark Driceratop's." said Hassleberry, and saw that he destroyed Man-eater bug(Atk. 450/Def. 600).

  "Jake, because of my Dark Driceratop's special ability the difference between that monster's Def. points and my Dinoaur's Atk. Points is decreased from your Life Points." said Hassleberry, and saw his Life points go down from 4000 Life Points to 2200 Life Points, and saw Jake smile.

  "You just destroyed Man-eater bug." "Yeah, so what?" asked Hassleberry, and then saw his Dark Driceratops get destroyed. "What!? What happened to my Dinosaur?" "Don't you know? Once a monster destroys this card, that card is destroyed." said Jake, and Hassleberry ordered his Uraby to attack his Life Points directly. "Sorry, but now you activated my trap! Draining Shield! Now not only is your attack stopped, but I gain Life Points equal to the atatcking Monsters Attack points." said Jake, and his Life Points went from 2200 to 3700.

  "Allright, I end my turn with a face-down." said Hassleberry, and Jake drew one card. Jaden and Syrus was watching from the side-lines, and Syrus was hoping that he wouldn't play his Royal General of the dead.

  Jake smiled, and said, "First off I activate Dian Keto the cure master, giving me 1000 more Life Points, and also play Command Knight(Atk. 1200/ Def. 1900) in attack-mode, and now because of his special ability he gains 400 Atk. points, leaving him with 1600 Atk. Points, and now I also activate my Tribute to the doomed, so by sending one card from my hand to the graveyard you lose one monster, and thats not all. I activate Dark Hole, destroying every monster on the field." said Jake, and Hassleberry had a confused look on his face.

  "Jaden, how come he activated Tribute to the doomed and Dark Hole at the same time?" asked Syrus, and Jaden only nodded left and right. "I don't know, but he must have some reason." said Jaden, and saw Jake's smile.

  "Looks like I'll be fighting Jaden sooner than I thought." said Jake, and Hassleberry had a confused look on his face. "Why's that?" "Because now I activate Monster Reborn, and now I bring back the one monster that you don't want to face." said Jake, and Hassleberry wondered what he meant by that.

  "Now say hello to Royal General of the dead(Atk. 6500/Def. 7000), and now because there are two monster's in my Graveyeard, my monster gains 1000 Atk. and Def. points, so now my monster has 7500 Atk. points and 8000 Def. points! Now attack and destroy the rest of his Life Points!" said Jake and Syrus asked Jaden, "Wait. I'm confused. When did that monster got sent to the graveyard?"

  "Don't you remember, Syrus? When he used that Tribute to the doomed card, he had to send one card to the graveyard, so he obviously sent that card to the graveyard." said Jaden, and Hassleberry smiled.

  "I activate my trap card! Sakuretsu armor! Now your monster is destroyed." said Hassleberry, and when the Royal General of the Dead got in front of him, and raised his swords, Hassleberry said, "Wait, why isn't he being affected?" said Hassleberry, and then he saw the blades come down, and strike him.

  Hassleberry's Life Points = 0. "But I don't get it. Why wasn't he destroyed?" asked Hassleberry, and Jake responded after putting the cards back into his deck, "Royal General of the dead cannot be affected by Trap card's and Monster's special abilities." Jake looked at Jaden, and thought, 'I'm finally about to duel Jaden. After years of waiting for the right moment, I am finally about to duel him.'
                       To Be Continued In Part 4
The fourth part, and Hassleberry just got defeated by Jake. Not surprising, and now Jaden and Jake are about to duel.
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