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  Mr. fox was a man in his seventies. He had a small hunch on his back, is unmarried, and lives alone in a mansion. He is rich because he once was in charge of a world-wide bank.

  Mr. Fox was in his kitchen eating his dinner while watching the news. There was a knock on the door, and Mr. Fox grumbled as he walked up to the door. When he opened the door, he saw no one except a small blue box on his door matt.

  Mr. Fox took the box inside, and set it on the table. Mr. Fox opened it, and saw a human hand showing three fingers. Mr. Fox looked at the hand curiously as he picked it up, and when he saw the back of the hand, there was writing there.

  The writing said, "You are given my hand, and granted three wishes. You must be careful, for the wishes will be granted to you as you say it. You do not have to hold this hand to make a wish."

  Mr. Fox just grumbled words that children shouldn't hear, and then smiled. "Yeah right," said Mr. Fox, "If this is true, then I wish that my high school enemy, Bob Hardman, was put in jail for the wrongs he did to me in school."

  "In other news," said the reporter, "Bob Hardman was just released from Jail today." Mr. Fox couldn't believe what he heard. Bob Hardman was on a business trip in China, and was never sent to Jail.

"I don't believe it. This is impossible." Said Mr. Fox, and then smiled a evil smile. "For my second wish, I wish I was rich my entire life!" said Mr. Fox, and soon he saw the room changing.

  When the room was done changing, it was completely different. New memories entered his mind, and then he became sad. He saw he had ton's of friend's, a girlfriend, and everyone liked him, but he saw it was only for his money.

  Mr. Fox left his house, looked at it, and saw that it had five extra stories to it, and took up five extra yards. He also remembered how he has no one living with him. He lives alone in this humongous mansion.

  Mr. Fox reentered the house, and said, "My third and final wish is that I live a long life!" Mr. Fox smiled, and then that smile faded when there was a knock on the door. He fell to the ground, having no feeling in his body.

  Mr. Fox was brought to the Hospital by his sister, the one that knocked on thee door. Mr. Fox watched as a Doctor entered his room. "Mr. Fox," said the Doctor, "I am sorry, but you are in a coma. You can still see and hear, but that's it."

  Three days later, Mr. Fox heard the door open, and two policemen came in. They both took their hats off, and had sad looks on their faces. "Mr. Fox," said one of the policemen, "I am sorry to say this, but your sister was just murdered by a David Hardman."

  No one knew how he reacted, or his feelings, but deep down he was crying. Mr. Fox lived to be 120-years old, and spent the entire time alone in that Hospital room.
                                               The End
This is a little short story for school, and I hope that you like it.
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March 11, 2010
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