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  "OH MY GOSH! THE NERVE OF THAT HYUGA!" Yelled Taro as she paced back and forth in her room with her two friends watching. Taro only had her two friends as her cabin mates because they were the last three, and this was the last Cabin.

  Sheila, the girl that was holding the video camera from earlier, was smiling while she said, "Taro, remember how you said a wet and naked Hinata that is tied up and can't do a thing is a turn on for any man? Well you're wrong, she is also a turn on for me too."

  The other friend, Alice, said, "Sheila, stop being such a Lesbian." "Hey, I can't help it. I don't see how you can't help but love other girls." Said Sheila, and then she was delivered a death glare from Alice.

  "Hinata will pay for this. We have to find a way to get back at her." Said Taro, to herself, not even acknowledging her friends argument. "I think I can help you there." Said Kurenai as she entered the Cabin.

  "Teacher? I was just kidding, you know." "I know what happened, and I think you also wanna get back at Naruto. Am I right?" said Kurenai as she sat down next to Sheila.

  "Y-You know? L-L-Listen, I c-c-can explain." Said Taro, hoping to not get in trouble. "Here, take this." Said Kurenai as she handed Taro a red star shaped pendent. "It's called the wishing star. You can make five wishes with it, and there are a few expectations. One: You cannot wish for a person's death. Two: You can't wish for an injury that will lead to death. Three: You cannot change a person's feelings towards a person or you. Fourth: You cannot wish for something that will scare them for the rest of their lives. Fifth: You cannot change what a person is like."

  "Yeah right. What happens if I break one of these rules?" "You'll die." Said Kurenai, showing no emotion. Alice grabbed the star, and said, "Yeah right! If that's true, then I wish that Naruto will die."

  The star shined, and then six see-through tentacles came out, and went into her body. They came back out, and they were holding unto her soul. The tentacles went back inside the star with her soul, and Alice fell unto the ground, her body not moving.

  "I don't kid around with this stuff. Oh wait, I almost forgot the most important rule. Never, and I mean never, try to wish someone back to life." "Why? Will we die then?" "No, much worse. You will die, yes, but even if you are a Christian, you will go to hell, and be there for three weeks. By the time you get back, you will be so misshaped and bruised, you wouldn't be able to make a single sound out of your mouth, and you won't even look Human." Kurenai exited through the door carrying Alice's body, and Taro smiled as she looked at the star.

  "This is just what I need. I wish I was prettier than Hinata!" A puff of smoke appeared around Taro, and when it disappeared, Sheila blushed as she looked at a Talo that was so pretty, gorgeous, and hot that she put Mother Nature to shame.

  For my second wish, I was I was sexier than Hinata." Talo's body started to change. Her butt got big but not too big, her breast's grew to a size that was almost two-times the size of Hinata's boobs, and her hips went to just the right size.

  "Now I wish that... hm, what else to wish for? I wish I knew what Naruto likes in a girl!" said Taro, and smiled as her mind was filled with what Naruto likes in a girl. "Now I wish I had super sexy clothes!" said Taro.

  A light came from the inside of her suitcase and a cloud of smoke appeared around Taro. When the smoke disappeared, and the light from the suitcase stopped, Sheila gasped, and got a nosebleed.

  Taro was in clothing that revealed a lot of her cleavage, and a skirt that barely went past her butt. She was wearing sandals and socks that said, "Too sexy for my shirt" "I'm going to guess by your nose bleed that I look great." "Yeah. What is going to be your fifth wish?" "I'm going to save that one for later. For now I have to sleep so then I can work some of my new magic on Naruto tomorrow." Said Taro, and then pulled out some Pajama's that looked way too tight around her chest and butt, and it also made an outline of her pussy when she laid down on her bunk bed.

  Hinata woke up, and saw Sakura and Ino towering over her. "Hey everyone, she's awake." Said Sakura, and TenTen and Temari ran over to Hinata. "Hinata, are you okay?" Asked Temari, and Hinata nodded her head up and down.

  "I can't believe that Taro. She rapes you, and then... hey Hinata, how come you're wearing a different pair of Pajama's?" Hinata's face went a bright red, and then she gulped. "W-W-Well when they r-raped me, I-I had t-to..." Sakura got an evil smile on her face, and then interrupted Hinata by saying, "Hey Hinata, can I see you outside?" Hinata nodded her head up and down, and the two of them left the cabin.

  "You masturbated about that Naruto fellow, didn't you?" whispered Sakura into Hinata's ear, causing her face to turn a bright red. "S-Sakura, that's s-sick! Y-You know me better t-than..." "Hinata, I know when you're lying. You're lying right now."

  Hinata gulped, and then she got on her knees, and said, "Oh gosh, please don't tell anyone." Sakura smiled, and then patted Hinata's head. "Hey, don't worry about a thing. I've got your back. Besides, if you masturbate about him, then he must have something that attracts you." Said Sakura, and then the two went back inside the cabin.

  Naruto woke up when he heard Kiba saying his name, and shaking him. "Come on, Naruto. Wake up. You won't believe what just happened." Naruto and Kiba left their cabin, and saw the Teacher's cabin.

  The Teacher's Cabin had holes in it, the bathroom part of it was completely destroyed, one side of the entire wall was gone, and all the windows were missing. "WHO DID THIS!?" Yelled Tsunade, but no one said a thing.

  Gaara smiled to himself. He never thought that his sabotage worms could do so well, and not wake up the teachers. Tsunade was about to yell again, but Anko put her hand on her shoulder, and whispered into her ear, "Sabotage worms."

  Tsunade nodded. Sabotage worms were either told to do this, or they wanted to cause mischievous deeds, but why only the principal's cabin? Sabotage worms are mysterious, but they never only just attack one place or building... especially one this small... so someone is controlling them, but who?

  "Dang, someone already pulled a prank. I wanted to be the first one." Said Naruto, sounding like a little kid whining. "Um, N-Naruto-Kun, can I a-a-ask you s-something?" Naruto turned around, and blushed when he saw Hinata, who was blushing, by herself.

  "I have to go now, Naruto. I promised I meet Chouji at the lunch hall." Said Kiba, and then left. "T-Thank you for s-s-saving me last night, N-Naruto-Kun." Said Hinata as she avoided his gaze.

  "Y-You're welcome, Hinata. I-I'm glad that I could h-h-help, H-Hinata-Chan." Hinata blushed when she heard the Chan part that Naruto added to her name. 'Oh man. He's so handsome. I don't know what to say. Just say the first thing that comes to mind.' Thought Hinata, and then gulped.

  "Y-Y-You look very n-nice, N-N-Naruto-Kun." Naruto's blush grew deeper. 'Oh man, she looks so cute. I thought that some of the girls at my school looked nice, but Hinata beats them all.' Thought Naruto, and then had the weird feeling to hold Hinata's hand.

  "T-Thanks', Hinata. Y-You look nice a-also." Said Naruto, causing her blush to deepen. Hinata started playing with two of her fingers while she had a small smile on her face.

  "Hey there, Naruto." Naruto turned around, and saw Taro. He was surprised at what he saw. "Taro, what happened to y..." Naruto stopped when he felt something coming from Taro.

  'What is this weird feeling? Why does it feel like something is streaming out of her?' thought Naruto. That was when he heard Lion Master say, "Naruto, I am speaking to you telepathically. What you are sensing is a person's magic aura. The weird thing is that it's not hers, but someone.. or something... else's."

  'So what should I do?' "I don't sense any danger towards you, but not so much for your mate." 'Mate? Who are you talking about?'  "Who else? That beautiful indigo-haired girl behind you."

  Naruto blushed, and then thought, 'Shut up, you perverted Lion.' "What happened to you?" Asked Hinata, a look of surprise on her face. "Don't know. I just woke up, and I was like this." She rubbed Naruto's leg as she said, "How about we have some fun in my cabin?"

  Naruto took two steps backward, and said, "Sorry Taro, but after what you tried to do to Hinata last night, I won't do anything with you." Said Naruto, and then smiled. "In fact, I think that we should tell the teachers and the principle what you did." Said Naruto, and then grabbed Hinata's hand.

  Naruto started to drag a blushing Hinata towards Tsunade and Kurenai. Kurenai whispered something in Tsunade's ear, and she nodded. Naruto stopped running when the two of them reached Tsunade, which caused Hinata to bump into his back.

  "Tsunade, Taro raped Hinata last night. Puni..." "Naruto, I am afraid that that is impossible." Said Tsunade, her face not changing. "What? Why?" said Naruto, a look of disbelief on his face.

  "Because she was with me and Kurenai last night with Sheila and Alice. So your accusation about the three of them raping Hinata is false." Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but then stopped.

  "I didn't say anything about Alice or Sheila." Said Naruto, and Tsunade gulped. "Lucky guess. Either way, I..." "Wait, what do you mean by lucky guess? I haven't said anything about you being right that I thought... no... know they raped Hinata last night."

  "Everyone, great news!" yelled Kakashi, and everyone looked at Kakashi. "No class's today!" Yelled Kakashi, and everyone were about to yell in joy, but then he yelled, "Instead, everyone will participate in a 20-mile hike!" Everyone went silent.

  "Okay, here are the rule's. Everyone has to choose a partner. It can be a guy or girl, and you can only have one partner. No sex, like always. You all have to sleep in a sleeping bag for it get's really cold up in the mountains. You always have to travel with a buddy. You do not bring any food for us teachers will provide them. You can kiss, hold hands, and/or hug with your girl or boyfriend. That's about it, so you all better go pack up while I call someone to fix up our cabin."

  Naruto and everyone went back to their cabins, and packed up some clothing and some water, then went outside. A few minute's later, everyone was out, and was looking for their partners.

  Naruto was looking at the crowd, and started to wonder who would be good as his partner. Naruto smiled when he saw Hinata looking around, and guessed that she hasn't found a partner yet.

  "Hey Hinata! Wanna be my partner for the hike?" Hinata blushed while Naruto stopped running when he reached her. "S-Sure, N-N-Naruto-Kun." Everyone was now waiting for the teachers to get there while standing next to their partners, both Naruto and Hinata stealing glances at each other.

  "All right everyone. Sorry we were so late, but we had some problems getting someone that could help rebuild the cabin. Either way, lets go and start on our hike. We will hike ten miles a day, and then we will set up camp except tomorrow after the ten mile's will be coming back here." Said Kakashi, and then motioned for everyone to follow him. Naruto and Hinata walked side-by-side, Naruto tempted to hold her hand, and Hinata was tempted to do the same.

  A few minutes later, the entire camp was exhausted, and they only traveled two miles. Naruto and Hinata, on the other hand, along with Lee, was perfectly fine. They have all gone on hikes before, and are perfectly use to it.

  "Hey Hinata, do you want me to carry your pack incase you get tired?" Hinata blushed at his generosity, and stuttered, "Y-Y-You don't h-have to. I c-can carry i-it myself." She said this while fidgeting with her fingers.

  "Don't worry, Hinata. I would love to carry it for you if you get too tired out." Said Naruto with a goofy smile and a small blush on his face. "Nice pickup line, kid." Said Lion master, and Naruto heard a snicker.

'Shut up, you stupid Lion.' Thought Naruto. After a full minute, Naruto finally managed to convince Hinata to let him carry her pack incase she gets tired, and then retold the Lion Master he was a pervert after he called Hinata his mate again.

  When they reached their five-mile marker, Hinata was exhausted while Naruto still had lots of energy left. "N-Naruto, I-I'm exhausted. D-Do you mind..." "Sure, Hinata. Give me your pack. I'll gladly carry it for you." Said Naruto with a cheesy smile.

  Hinata pulled her pack off, and handed it to Naruto, uknaware that the belt loop on her pant's got caught on a small stick that was attached to a small tree. Naruto had a little trouble, but he eventually got it on.

  He started to walk away while Hinata looked at the beautiful view she had. "Hey Hinata, are you coming or not?" Hinata snapped out of her trance, and saw Naruto was ahead of her.

  "C-Coming." Said Hinata. Hinata then started to run, but stopped when she heard something tear. "AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!" Yelled Hinata, causing everyone to look back, and also causing every guy, and Sheila, to get a nosebleed.

  Hinata's pants hung on a tree branch, and Hinata's purple lacey bikini with a bunny head on it was revealed to them. Hinata immediately covered herself, and then remembered that her extra pair of pants were in her pack which was on Naruto's pack.


  Tsunade pulled out a extra pair of pants for Hinata out of her pack, and threw it to Hinata. Hinata immediately put it on, and the blush on her face put the sun to shame. Hinata walked up to Naruto, and the hike continued.

  Naruto was blushing as he thought of what he saw. 'Hinata looked so sexy in her Bikini. I wonder if I will ever see that again. I sure hope so.' Thought Naruto. 'OH MY GOSH! I AM SUCH A IDIOT! N-Naruto saw me in my b-bikini, and I... I can't even talk to him now. I am so embarrassed. I h-have to say something to him.' Thought Hinata as she started fidgeting with her fingers.

  "Um, N-Naruto-Kun, t-t-tell me something. D-Did you like what you saw earlier?" Naruto was taken back. Like way back. "What? W-Why would you ask me that?" "B-Because I am just c-c-curious." said Hinata as she looked down at the ground.

  Naruto gulped. 'Should I tell her that I did like it?' thought Naruto, and then started scratching the back of his head. "Y-Yeah, I did, but I am not a pervert! L-Lots of g-guys would love t-t-that sight." Said Naruto, a humongous blush on his face. A few hours later, everyone was setting up their tents that the teachers handed out to them, and Naruto and Hinata was the first ones done.

  They had to wait until everyone was done, and then got in line because everyone wanted to get their sleeping bags, and go to bed. The two of them were last in line, and when they got to Kakashi, they were given one sleeping bag.

  "Um, Kakashi, how come we only have one sleeping bag?" "Because we ran out of sleeping bags. Remember, you two have to sleep in the same sleeping bag." Naruto and Hinata's face blushed so bright, everyone could see their faces, even though it was pretty dark.

  The two put the sleeping bag down, and Hinata didn't know what to do. She wanted to get in the sleeping bag, but she wasn't sure if she should do it first, but if she did, then she wasn't sure if that would make her look like she wanted to be sleeping with Naruto, or if she should go in second, but she still wasn't sure if that would make it look like she was joining Naruto in his sleeping bag for perverted reasons.

  Hinata then went into the sleeping bag, and quickly went to sleep, hoping to get to sleep before Naruto gets in. Unfortunately, her wish did not come true. Naruto went into the sleeping bag, and Hinata's and Naruto's blush was so bright, it could be mistaken for two extra suns.

  Hinata could feel Naruto's body heat, and it felt so good for Hinata. She could feel his warmth filling her up like a drink, and she couldn't get enough of it. She felt Naruto shivered, and then she had a idea.

  "Um, N-Naruto-Kun, a-a-are you c-cold?" "Y-Yeah, but not too c-cold." Said Naruto. "W-Well if you do, you can always h-hug me. T-That way, our b-body heat will warm each other up." Said Hinata as she started fidgeting with her fingers under the sleeping bag.

  "O-Okay, I will when I h-have to.." "Oh man. I can't believe I forgot it." Said Hinata. "Forget what?" "When I changed into my hiking gear, I forgot to put my bra on." Naruto immediately hugged her, and she was facing Naruto so her chest was squished up against his chest.

  Hinata and Naruto blushed, and she couldn't believe it. She felt turned on because her chest was being squished against Naruto's masculant chest. 'Oh gosh. He's so masculant. I f-feel so naughty thinking t-this, but he is so sexy.' Thought Hinata, and she hugged him back.

  Naruto's hand was where her bra strap was suppose to be, and thought, 'Oh my gosh! Hinata really isn't wearing a bra!' and then he realized what is happening.

  He was hugging Hinata, who was not wearing a bra, so that meant that the only thing between her breast's and him is a tight T-shirt. He blushed even brighter, but Hinata also realized this, and she blushed so much, steam was coming out of her ears.

  She gulped, and then felt like masturbating there. She wanted to also go far away from there, and forget about this happening. But that wasn't happening, and she was even a little happy about that.

  The two of them were having trouble, but eventually did fall asleep. Meanwhile, All the teachers were around a fire about a mile away from the campsite, and the women started chanting, "Spirits of fire come to us. We will kindle the fire. Spirits of fire come to us. We will kindle the fire. We will kindle the fire, Dance the magic circle round. We will kindle the fire. We will kindle the fire..." They continued to chant this while the men started drumming some drums, and the fire got bigger and bigger, and soon it started to make shape.

  Soon the fire has taken shape, and the chant ended. "I don't know about this. This creature can be seen by everyone, including non-magical bearers. Are you sure this is such a good idea?" Asked Asuma, lighting a cigar.

  The creature now looked like the creature in the picture, and stepped out of the fire. "You will not do a thing to Naruto. You will stay here, and we will have Naruto come here tomorrow night, and then you can kill him. Don't worry about a thing, we have ways to keep them here." Said Tsunade, and the creature nodded.

  The teachers sneaked back into the campsite, and went into their sleeping bags.
                                  To Be Continued In Part 5
I know it took me a very long time to come out with this, but hope you like it, and that this makes up for it. Also, the chant they were singing can be heard on Youtube. I just thought that it would be a nice idea to use it here.
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