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  Naruto, Sai, Chouji, Kiba, Shikimaru, Gaara, and Sasuke entered the cafeteria, and Gaara and Shikimaru went and sat next to the people they sat next to during Lunch. Sasuke, Chouji, Sai, Kiba, and Sasuke all sat at the lunch table, and started chatting, waiting until they were given permission to eat some Dinner.

  "So Naruto, did you find Kakashi's watch?" "No. The weird thing is I looked everywhere, and I also saw a watch in Kakashi's office, but I just thought that the watch I was looking for was important to him." Said Naruto, and then turned toward the door that just opened.

  Ino, Sakura, TenTen, Temari, and Hinata walked into the cafeteria in that order. Hinata saw Naruto at the table looking at her, and she blushed while he blushed too. "Hinata, go over there and ask him the question we told you to ask him." "B-But w-w-what if h-he asks me h-how I know t-t-that?" "Just tell him we told you. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"

  "Um, n-no, I g-guess not." Said Hinata, and then the five girls walked over to the table with all of Ino's friends, and sat down. Ino sat next to Chouji, Hinata sat next to Naruto, Sakura sat next to Sasuke, Temari actually left to go sit with Shikimaru because they are really close friends, TenTen also went with her to sit next to Neji, and Hinata and Naruto was blushing.

  "Um, N-Naruto-Kun, c-c-can I ask you s-s-something?" "Sure, Hinata. What is it?" asked Naruto, and Hinata gulped. "W-Well you see, I-I played Guitar f-for a while n-n-now, but I'm n-not very good. I h-heard you are a g-great guitarist, so I w-was wondering i-if you c-c-could give me l-l-lessons." Said Hinata, and was looking down at the ground.

  "Sure, Hinata. But I didn't bring my Guitar." "I-Its okay. I-I can c-c-call my f-father, and tell him to bring my Guitar t-t-to camp along w-with a extra g-g-guitar." Said Hinata, and started fidgeting with her fingers.

  "Really? Great! I can't wait to start playing Guitar again!" said Naruto, and Hinata smiled, seeing how happy she made Naruto. Five hours after Dinner, Naruto couldn't sleep.

  He stared at the ceiling of the cabin, and while this was happening, Gaara's little sabotage worms was doing their work on the Teacher's rooms. 'What is going on here? How come there are these weird creatures here, and how come I was the target for one of them? Also, why does it feel like Shikimaru knows what is going on around here? I have to find out, and hopefully before I become a meal for one of these creatures.' Thought Naruto, and then heard, "Naruto, come outside of your cabin."

  Naruto looked around, but didn't see anyone, and just shrugged it off, and went back to sleep. "Naruto, don't ignore me. You are not hearing things, and I must tell a warning." Naruto looked around, didn't see anyone, and decided to go outside.

  Naruto stepped outside as silently as he can, to make sure that he won't wake anyone up, and when he was outside, he gasped. He saw a white tiger-like creature wearing old Japanese armor standing on two feet looking at him.

  "Naruto, I must tell you a warning. All the teachers are trying to kill you, and you must escape, for if you don't, then everyone you know will die." "Who are you, and what's going on here?"

  "I cannot say right now, but I can tell you this... you will have a fight on your hands. I cannot help you for you are not old enough, and Jarayia cannot protect you while there are others nearby, and you have a power inside of you that not many others have... You have magical powers, and can do many things. You cannot use your magic powers while the necklace around your neck is touching you or your cloths, and Jarayia will teach you your magic powers. I  can help you by hiding your magic aura, an aura created by magic users, with my own magic, and you can practice in piece." Said the Lion, and was about to walk away.

  "Wait, what is your name?" "My name cannot be heard by Human ears, and even if you could hear it, you will go deaf by it, but just call me Lion Master. I must go." Said Lion Master, and then turned around, and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

  Naruto snuck back into his cabin, went unto his bed, and went to sleep.

  Hinata entered the bathroom, and was happy to be alone for a while so she could have some free time. "Naruto..." moaned Hinata as she sat on a toilet and dug her hand underneath her pajama bottoms and into her panties.

  Hinata's breathing sped up, and she had a smile on her face. She doesn't know why, but Naruto is probably the most handsome man she has ever seen, and she couldn't take it much longer. She has never masturbated before, but seeing Naruto really turns her on for some reason.

  Hinata sped her hands even more, and arched her back in pleasure. Ten minutes later, Hinata left the bathroom with a new pair of Pajamas on thinking, 'I can't believe I did that. When she reached her cabin, she saw Taro, a girl with long, blonde hair, green eyes, and seems to have been keeping a close eye on Naruto ever since she got there at camp.

  "Hey there, Hinata. I saw how you tried to flirt with Naruto during Lunch. Don't you remember our little promise during Kindergarten?" "Of course, how could I forget?"

A few years ago in Konoha Elementary

  "But I wanna marry him." Said kid Taro, who was arguing with kid Hinata about marrying the actor, Deidara. "B-But I w-w-wanna marry h-him." Said Kid Hinata.

Kid Hinata = was very shy, and if it wasn't for Taro, wouldn't have had a single friend for all of Kindergarten. Taro helped her build up confidence, and Hinata loved watching romance films even while she was a kid. Hinata was always having trouble making friends, and Taro became her friend when she saw how lonely Hinata was.

Kid Taro = Taro was energetic, smart, loved romance films, liked to try and kiss boys even then, always managed to settle a conflict, and helped Hinata gain some confidence.

  "All right, just give me a few seconds to think this over." Said Taro, ad Hinata waited patiently. "All right, I got it. Hinata, if one of us likes a guy, then the other will have to respect and not try to take him from her. If we both like a man, then we both have to do rock, paper, scissors to decide who will go after the man. Deal?" Hinata smiled, and shook hands with Taro, saying, "Deal."


  "I remember that promise, Taro, but I also remembered that in third grade a guy that you liked tried to hit on me even though I tried to get away, and you blamed me for breaking our promise, and then you stopped being my friend." Said Hinata, and when she tried to get inside her cabin, one of Taro's friends stepped in front of her.

  "You broke our promise again." "I thought that you stopped doing the promise when you stopped being friends with me." Said Hinata, and Taro just smiled as her second friend put her hand over Hinata's mouth, and held her hands behind her back.

  Taro's second friend rolled out some duct tape, and then put it over Hinata's mouth after putting her sock inside of Hinata's mouth. She then proceeded to tie her hands behind her back, and then tied her ankles together.

  Taro put Hinata over her shoulder, and then started to walk towards the forest, saying, "Hinata, I think you remember what I do with people who betray me, right?" asked Taro, and Hinata had a scared look on her face.

  Naruto was fast sleep, and then woke up when he heard, "Naruto, follow the sound of my voice. Hinata is in danger." Naruto sneaked out of his cabin, and then followed the voice, hoping to get to Hinata before it was too late.

  Hinata was put on a rock, her belly facing up, and she struggled against her bonds. Taro's father was even richer than Hinata's father, and gave the school the most money ever, so she is allowed to do anything she wants.

  Taro slowly unbuttoned Hinata's shirt, smiling widely as she watch Hinata's futile attempts to escape. When she was done, she immediately tore it off, and smiled. "Hinata, you naughty girl. You're not wearing a bra."

  Hinata's face was blushing wildly, and she fruitlessly tried to cover herself, which failed. Taro slowly started taking her pants off, and Hinata squirmed, twisted, and groaned in protest, but it didn't bother Taro in the least.

  Taro then tore her pants off, and looked at Hinata's bikini. It was a pink Lacey Bikini with a rabbit on it. Taro pulled out a camera, and this is what Hinata didn't look forward to.

  Taro's friend's dumped two buckets of cold water on Hinata, and Taro smiled at Hinata's scream. "A naked and totally wet Hinata who is tied up and can't do a thing. This is definitely a turn on for a man." Said Taro.

  She took a picture, and Hinata was struggling against her bonds even more now, but it was useless. Hinata saw Taro do this to another girl, and the pictures were all of the girl in her bra and bikini, and soon it was on every door of the school, and the teachers couldn't do a thing because Taro would stop paying so much money to them, and soon the pictures was on the internet, and Hinata did not want that to happen to her.

  "Don't worry, Hinata. We'll only give these pictures to Naruto, and we'll see if he shares them or not." Said Taro, and Hinata's blush grew even bigger and brighter as she thought of Naruto seeing these pictures.

  "Oh, and maybe we should use these too." Said Taro a she held up a video camera and a vibrator. "HHMM!" yelled Hinata, and tried to escape even more now. Taro gave the video camera to one of her friends, and she started playing the video camera.

  Hinata struggled to get out even more than she has ever tried, and felt even more embarrassed than before. Taro quickly pulled her Bikini aside, showing Hinata's vagina.

  Hinata tried to cover herself, but Taro's second friend kept her legs apart after taking the duct tape off while Taro quickly opened up her Vagina, and while the video camera was catching all of this, Taro quickly took a picture of it.

  Taro activated the vibrator, and put it at her entrance. Hinata squealed and tried to escape all this humiliation, but she found it almost impossible. "Are you ready?" asked Taro, and Hinata nodded her head left and right.

  "I'll take that as a yes." Said Taro, and then shoved it into Hinata, causing her to scream out in pain and embarrassment. Taro quickly started bringing it in and out as fast as she could, taking pictures every now and again, and couldn't wait to see Naruto's expression when he see's the video and picture's.
  "Hinata!" yelled Naruto as he jumped out, and punched the video camera away. Taro was caught off guard, and was delivered a punch by Naruto. Taro fell to the ground, and the camera broke when it landed on the ground.

  Naruto blocked a kick that was delivered by the girl that was holding Hinata's legs apart, and he immediately punched her in the jaw. She fell backwards, and landed on her butt. Naruto immediately went over to the video camera, and saw that this type wasn't water proof.

  Naruto threw it into a nearby river, and saw it fall into the bottom of the river. Naruto ran over to Hinata, and immediately untied her. "Naruto, I did this for you. Now you'll pay for this." Said Taro, and then she and her three friends ran away.

  Naruto took the vibrator out of Hinata, and that's when he realized just how naked and sexy she really was, and got a nose bleed. Naruto covered it up with one of his hands, and quickly ungagged and untied Hinata.

  Hinata immediately grabbed her cloths as Naruto turned around to give her some privacy, and when she was done, she hugged Naruto from behind, smiling, even though the both of them was blushing.

  "T-Thank you f-f-for saving m-me." Naruto turned around, made a cheesy smile, and said, "Hey, don't worry about it. I couldn't let them hurt such a beautiful girl." Hinata blushed even brighter, and then Naruto wondered why.

  That was when Naruto realized what he said, and blushed even brighter. "I m-mean, you are very nice, and kind, and hot... I mean not that bad looking. I don't mean that you aren't hot, but what I'm trying to say is... uh... Let me try this again. I couldn't let them do such things to someone as sexy as you. No, I didn't mean that, even though you are sexy, I don't..."

  Hinata listened to Naruto say all this, and she was blushing brighter than any man or women ever could. She couldn't take it anymore, and then feinted. Naruto brought Hinata back to her cabin, and then knocked on the door.

  Sakura answered the door, and saw Hinata being carried by Naruto. "Sakura, Hinata feinted. I think she's sick." 'Yeah, whatever you say so, Naruto. Obviously you did something idiotic.' Thought Sakura, and then said, "All right, put her on the bed, and tell me what happened." Said Sakura, and then Naruto put Hinata on the bed, and told her how he was taking a walk in the forest, and then he heard some weird noise's, followed them, and saw Taro and two of her friend's recording and taping Hinata naked with a vibrator in her, so he went over, destroyed both the camera's, and freed Hinata, and then the hilarious little mistake that Naruto made.

  "I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT TARO PAYS FOR THAT! SHE THINKS THAT SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO ANYONE!? WELL I'M GOING TO SHOW HER WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SHE MESS'S WITH MY FRIEND'S! CHA!" Yelled Sakura, and everyone listened to the story, and everyone but Karin agreed that they'll get back at Taro.

  Naruto returned to his cabin, and fell asleep, smiling while he felt his pants get tight from the memory of Hinata.
                                  To Be Continued In Part 4
Sorry it took so long, but I had troule on what should happen in this chapter, and I found the picture on Google, and take no credit for making it.
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(I can)(a aura)(he shares the or not)(:Are you ready?" asked Taro)(ungaggeed)(and said, "Hey, don't worry about it. I couldn't let them hurt such a beautiful girl. Hinata)
IMPORTANT the ('S) is only used to replaced is and on the owner for example(Hinata's love)(Naruto's sword) but not on the object example(her hand's) is wrong.
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