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  The next day, Naruto and Hinata boarded the cruise, both with luggage that held their bathing suits, sun tan lotion, a extra pair of cloths, Ninja gear, for Hinata a comb, and also make-up.

  Naruto opened up the door to their room for the next day and a half, and saw that it looked nicer than his one-room apartment in Konoha. 'I can't believe that in just 11 day's of Vacation, we're in this much trouble. Oh well, at least I get to spend some time with Hinata.' Thought Naruto as he put his stuff down next to the bed he'll be sleeping on. A few hours later, Naruto was in his bathing suit sun bathing on the deck.

  "N-Naruto-Kun, c-can I lay h-her with you?" Asked Hinata. "Sure, Hina..." Naruto's jaw dropped at what he saw. Hinata was in the swimsuit that she has always worn, but she looks even more beautiful than she was the last few times she wore it.

"S-Sure, Hinata." Said Naruto, and Hinata laid next to Naruto, blushing as she did so. The both of them looked at the sky, and every now and then they would steal glances at each other.

  Naruto stood up, and then went to the side of the ship. He saw storm clouds quickly approaching, but what was weird that they were moving faster than any storm clouds could move.

  Hinata walked up to Naruto, and saw the clouds. "Hinata do clouds move that..." "No, they don't. Just a second. Let me check it out. Byakugan!" said Hinata, and then gasped.

  "N-Naruto-Kun, those cloud's are m-made out of C-Chakra!, and there's s-something coming after us u-underneath the water with loads of Chakra." Said Hinata, and then she took one step back. "Hinata, get everyone to safety. We have to make sure that no one gets hurt. I'll help you out too." Said Naruto, and then formed a hand sign.

  "Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" yelled Naruto while Hinata went and told the captian what was happening, and the caption ordered everyone to evacuate. The clones were helping everyone to get to safety while Naruto exited his room wearing his normal uniform with his Ninja gear.

  "NARUTO!" Yelled Hinata as she ran up to Naruto. "The crew and the caption are helping the people get off the cruise ship." "Good. Hinata, go and get your Ninja gear and your normal uniform on. I have a feeling that this fight won't be easy." Said Naruto, and Hinata nodded her head.

  Hinata ran into her room, and quickly got into her normal cloths and got her Ninja gear, and then went out of her room. The two went to the bridge, and saw everyone got off the ship excluding the clones.

  Naruto and Hinata looked back at the storm clouds, and then saw them right above them. Bubbles was coming from beneath the water, and something started coming out.

  Soon, a giant fish creature started coming out, causing the ship to rock back and forth. Soon the creature from the picture above came out, and looked down at the two.

  "NARUTO... YOU MUST DIE! MY MASTER WISHS IT!" Said the monster in such a demonic voice that it scared Naruto. The five clones attacked the monster from different directions, but the tentacles' it had managed to hit them, causing them to disappear. "I AM LIKE NO OTHER MONSTER YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT. I HAVE GAINED THE ABILITIES OF THOSE I HAVE KILLED. BYAKUGAN!"  said the monster, and Hinata saw the vein's pop out.


  Naruto smiled, and then whispered something into Hinata's ear. "Do you think that will work?" Hinata nodded, and then Naruto formed a hand sign. "Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" smoke covered Naruto, and when it disappeared, there were ten Naruto clones.

  The ten Narutos charged at the monster, and then jumped into the air towards it. The monster chuckled again, and the tentacles were used to hit all of them, and they all disappeared in a puff of smoke.

  "WHAT THE... WHERE'S THE REAL ONE?" Roared the creature, and no matter where he looked, he couldn't see another Naruto. "UP HERE!" yelled multiple Narutos.

  The creature looked up, and saw what looked like fifty Narutos with Rasengans coming down at it, all too close for him to kill any. 'I SEE WHAT HE HAS DONE. WHEN HE MADE THE CLONES, HE USED THE SMOKE TO ESCAPE AND WHILE I CONCENTRATED ON THE CLONES, HE MADE EVEN MORE CLONES, SOMEHOW GOT ABOVE ME AFTER MAKING THESE CLONES AFTER MAKING THEM MAKE RASENGANS, THEN HE SURPRISED ME WHEN HE got CLOSE, AND DIDN'T GIVE HIS POSITION AWAY WHEN HE WAS TOO FAR AWAY. HE IS PRETTY SMART.' Thought the monster, and then felt the fifty Rasengans hit him.

  The monster went back underwater with blood coming out of its head, and all the Narutos got back unto the ship. "That was way too easy. Should we get everyone back unto the ship now?"

  "THAT WILL NOT BE WISE, HUMAN." The monster came out, and there was blood coming down his face. "YOU DO KNOW I HAVE KILLED AND GAINED OTHER ABILITIES OTHER THAN HYUGA'S."  Said the creature, and then it's eye's turned red with three small black dots around his pupil.

  "I'M SURE YOU HAVE SEEN THE RASENGAN BEFORE, BOY. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF SASUKE." Said the Monster, and Naruto and Hinata looked away from his eyes. 'This sure isn't good. I can't look at his eyes, and almost all of my clones are gone.'

  "NOW GET READY TO DIE, HUMANS." 'Not today.' Thought Naruto with a smirk on his face. Kunais and shooting stars came out from the side of the ship where Narutos shadow clones were hiding, and there were too many Kunais and shooting stars for the monster to block them.

  They all hit him in his eyes, and the monster roared out in pain. The monster covered its eyes in pain, and blood was coming out of it's eyes. 'THIS KID IS SMARTER THAN I THOUGHT. HE MADE 100 CLONES. 50 CLONES TO MAKE THE RASENGAN, AND THEN THE OTHER 50, INCLUDING HIMSELF, TO HIT ME WITH THE RASENGAN. WHEN I WAS STILL ALIVE AND WAS USING THE RASENGAN, HIS CLONES GOT CLOSE TO ME, THEN THREW THE SHOOTING STARS AND KUNAIS TO BLIND ME. LUCKILY I HAVE A BACKUP PLAN.' Thought the creature, and then smiled.

  Hinata pulled out a Kunai, and searched for its heart. 'If I can get rid of the heart, then that should be able to beat this monster, but where is it? Actually, where is any of his organs? It's like his body is just a shell.' Thought Hinata, and then she realized something.

  Where the organs are suppose to be are just giant Chakra points. Hinata couldn't believe the size of it. In order for her to stop the chakra flow, she would need her and three other Hyugas in order to stop one of its regular Chakra points, but for the big ones she would need ten Hyugas including herself.

  She gulped, and then started thinking of what to do. Naruto was thinking the exact same thing, and then had a idea, but it was pretty risky, and he didn't know if he'd even survive, or if it would even work.

  "Hinata, I have a plan, but I don't know if it will work, or how I will do it, but I need someone to distract it. Can you do it?" asked Naruto, and Hinata nodded. Hinata was about to move, but then saw two monstrous hands come out of the water, and it started to form hand signs.

  "ZYLOON NO JUTSU!" Yelled the monster, and then he opened up one eye. His eye was not purple, but black. "LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'RE PLANNING. TRYING TO ATTACK ME FROM THE INSIDE, BUT UNFORTUNATATELY YOU HAVE TO GET UNSIDE ME. IF I KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT, THAT WON'T HAPPEN." Said the monster, and Naruto snarled.

  'How did he learn my strategy? Is that eye thing allowing him to see into my mind? There isn't any other way that he could know.' Thought Naruto, and then he saw a bunch of smoke disappear where his clones were.

  The monster formed another hand sign, and said really quickly, "Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" Smoke appeared around him, and when it disappeared, there were ten of him. "NOW LETS SEE IF YOU CAN FIND TH EREAL ME!" said all of the sea creatures.

  'Darn it. We need help. I need to send clones to go and get help, but we're one mile away from the island, and this creature can swim faster than me and my clone's can, but there still is one way.' Thought Naruto.

  Naruto formed a hand sign, and said, "Kage Bushin No Jutsu." Thirty clone's appeared, and all but eleven charged at the creatures. They threw Kunais and shooting stars, but when they came in contact with any of them, they all just got defected, and was sent into the ocean.

  'This isn't like normal clones. They are like the Shadow Ninja's clones. They can't be destroyed, and we have trouble with just one.' Thought Naruto, and then he saw the clones he sent after the ten creatures get destroyed.

  "LETS SEE IF YOU CAN FIND OUR WEAK POINTS. WE EACH HAVE DIFFERENT WEAK POINTS. YOU CAN'T BEAT US ALL." Said the creatures, and then saw that ten of Narutos clones were gone.

  Before they could say anything, they felt one small thing enter their ears. 'I DON'T BELIEVE IT! WE WERE ALL FOCUSING ON THE REAL ONE WE WEREN'T THINKING WHAT THE CLONES PLAN WOULD BE, OR IF THEY WOULD EVEN THINK OF ONE.' Thought the real one, and then he felt something he didn't want. He felt something sharp stab against where his brain was suppose to be.

  There was a explosion inside his head, and he knew what happened. Boom paper attached to Kunais. The sea creature clones all disappeared, and the real one fell into the water, and then sunk.

  Naruto and Hinata smiled, and Naruto fell unto the dock, exhausted. Naruto was almost out of energy, breath, and Chakra. Hinata laid down next to Naruto, and looked at him.

  "N-Nice job, N-Naruto-Kun." Said Hinata, a smile on her face. "Thanks, Hinata. That was really tough. Maybe we should go back to the hotel. I am really tired, and I don't wanna stay here for the night, and possibly have to fight another monster here." Said Naruto, and Hinata giggled.

  She formed a clone, sent the clone to the captian, told him that it was safe, and soon they were back at the docks. 'Weird. I never thought about this, but who gave Naruto the tickets?' thought Hinata, and while the two of them went back to the hotel, Hinata started thinking of what could have happened, and then she knew what happened.

  She whispered her theory to Naruto, and her theory was that the girl that tied Hinata and everyone but Naruto up, and also made Naruto think that everyone was against him gave them the tickets so then they would be separated from everyone else.

  When they got back into their room, they already told Ino of their theory, which means that soon everyone will know of their theory. The two of them laid down on their beds, but when Hinata did, she felt something sharp poke her in the back. She jumped up, saying, "What the..", rubbed her back, and then looked at what she landed on.

  She saw a small needle that was taped so then it will be positioned straight up, and she saw some weird purple stuff over it. "Hinata, are you okay?" "Yeah, I am. I just... ugh..." Hinata felt dizzy, and soon she fell on the ground, panting.

  "HINATA!" Yelled Naruto as he ran over to Hinata. He put his hand on her shoulder, and then started shaking her. "Hinata, come on. Whats the problem?" said Naruto, but she still didn't say a thing.

  He could tell that she was still breathing, so he picked her up bridal style, and ran out the door yelling for Sakura. Meanwhile, the old lady was snickering to herself as she watched what just happened. 'Soon my daughter's death will be revenged. I know it.'
                                      To Be Continued In Part 38
I wasn't sure if I should continue this or not, but :iconsabyy701: read my story, and I guess I didn't want to dissapoint her.
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