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Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics by FelgrandKnight34 Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics by FelgrandKnight34
Wow, I would like to say that I am shocked that the title actually fit for this. Oh well, that's not the important thing here. What I would like to say is that, if you don't know, I love, love, LOVE Power Rangers, and I am super hyped for the MMPR movie coming out in 2017~ I have no idea what the story is, or what they will do with the characters, and I don't want to know until I see the movie. I hate spoilers so much. Hell, I hated it when someone told me that Batman would be in Batman Arkham Knight. Yeah, I am that bad. 

Either way, after issue zero that was released on Free Comic Book Day, I was a little hesitant in what they were going to do with the comics, but as of now I LOVE this series! I've got the first three issues, issue zero is somewhere back at my parents, and I just got the first issue of the six parter 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink', all about Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger, and her time after she left the Power Rangers. I think it's okay, but I also think we're about to see the guy whom Kimberly leaves Tommy for. Either way, I love these comics, and I cannot wait for issue 4 of the main series to continue while also reading Pink. :la:
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June 9, 2016
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