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  The Doctor and Sara was walking through the tunnel, but then the Doctor stopped. "I just realized something. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I didn't see it before!" "What is it, Doctor?" "Why won't they destroy the basements? It's because they have the rest of their family here. Think about it, Sara. There are suppose to be 00 children a group, but outside there isn't a singe living thing! That means that they're hiding somewhere!"

  Sara was thinking about this for a second, and then smiled. "They're hiding underground." "Correct! Oh man, I can't believe I didn't see it before, but why are they here? These things never go off planet unless it is absolutely necessary for survival, which means that we have a pretty big problem on our hands." Said the Doctor, and then he started to ponder.

  "What could they want on Earth? Are they looking for something? Or someone? Or does their ship just ran out of power, and are trying to find another power source? No, that wouldn't make any sense. They would go all over the world, not just a small area with very few house's? Also why will they destroy the house's? Also, they've supposedly been here for month's from what jerry said, so how come I didn't see any destroyed house's? Man, this is a tough one."

  "Doctor, there's something behind you." "Not now, Sara. I'm busy thinking." "Doctor, you really should look behind you." Said Sara as she raised her hands up in the sky.

  The Doctor looked behind him, and saw the alien in the picture above pointing its gun right at the Doctor and Sara. "Oh." Said the Doctor as he raised his hands also. The Doctor then whispered into Sara's ear, "The gun's come from the adult's body, and this gun is small, meaning that it must be the female."

  "What are those things on its back?" "Well this specie's is called the Zako's, and they are great warriors. They have the eyes when they are babies, but the older they get, the more their body evolve, and soon, when they are ready to mate, they look like this. Those things on their backs help them glide, kinda like a installed parachute, and they also help underwater by giving them a quick boost. They are great warriors, and the female's grow more dangerous if they feel their babies' are in danger." Whispered the Doctor, and then there was another blood curling scream from behind them that caused the Zako to take two steps back in fear.

  "That noise… what is it?" Asked the Doctor, and then the creature started speaking in a weird alien language. "That's weird, we should be able to understand it's language because of the Tardis, but then again it has been a little glitchy lately. We were actually suppose to come to the 80's in Britain, but this is close enough, right?"

  "No, it's not." Said Sara with a annoyed look on her face. The Zako motioned for them to come towards it, and the Doctor ran to it. "What are you doing?" "Well it's either stay here or die, or come with this Zako and have a chance to live. What do you want?"

  Sara looked back in the direction of where the howl came from, and back at the Doctor, and then sighed. She ran over next to the Zako, and then the Zako pulled out two small devices.

  It gave it to the Doctor and Sara, and then motioned for them to put it in their ears. They both did so, and then the Zako said, "My name is Satog, and I am here to hide. I will show you my base in exchange for information." Said Satog, and it had a woman voice.

  Satog pulled out a small device, pressed a button, and then light appeared around them. Soon they disappeared from the tunnel. Another Zako with a bigger gun came out with a bunch of little Zako's next to him.

  "She has resorted to him. What do you think we should do, Master?" Asked the Zako as he turned around, and behind him was a girl with orange skin and four eyes, and looked like a little girl, the same Eroon that was on the ship with the Shadowless that the Doctor and Sara was in.

  "We wait…" The creature that was with her on the ship then looked at one of the Zako children, and said, "Zy moot yoon?" "Yes, you can." Said the girl, and the creature smiled as it showed its razor sharp teeth. It lunged at one of the Zako children, and started to shred it while eating it.

  "You and your children will continue to hunt down your wife, and I will get your Actoon star in exchange for letting you live during my Father's campaign." Said the girl, and the Zako nodded. It pulled out a red star shaped rock, and when she grabbed it, she whistled.

  The creature ran over to the girl, and she smiled. "I think that its time we go." Said the girl, and the two of them started going back into the tunnel.
                                           To Be Continued In Part 4
I know I haven't brought a new part out in a while now, but I hope you like it.
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