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  A woman with red hair screamed again as she held tightly unto the cloth of the bed. "Come on, Lady Kushina. Push, push!" Said a Female doctor. "Where's my husb… AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!" screamed Kushina as she brought her head back.

  "King Minato will be back soon, my lady. The battle with the normal's will be done with soon." "No, it won't." Said an injured Minato as he entered the room with a sword coming out of his palm with Orochimaru walking behind him carrying two maces.

  "We lost the battle, and soon the war. They completely outnumbered us, and they had a baby with them." "So what if they have a baby with them?" "This baby wasn't a ordinary baby, this baby somehow managed to cut our powers strength in half, it must've been a Uchiha."

  "What? But how? I thought they were instinct?" Said one of the nurse's, but then was brought back to reality when Kushina screamed. "Kushina, please don't tell me that its time!" Said Minato as his sword came back into his palm.

  "Yes, it is. Please, Minato. I want you to protect our child when it is born." "Kushina, both of us will protect him." "Actually, your majesty, I doubt that that will happen. You see, Kushina's internal organ's must've gotten hurt when the normal's must've tried to poison her. She won't make it, and I doubt the baby will make it also." Said one of the nurse's.

Minato had a look of sadness, surprise, and helplessness on his face. A few minutes later, a nurse that was watching out a window ran up to Minato, saying, "The remainder of our people is holding them back, but they've breached the city walls."

Minato watched helplessly as his entire life was disappearing before him, but he still had a chance to save the future of his people. When the baby was brought out, the umbilical cord was cut; the baby was shown to Minato.

  It had very little blonde hair, whisker marks on his cheeks, and obviously was a boy. "What should we call him?" Asked Minato as he showed the baby to Kushina. "N-Naruto."

  That was the last thing Kushina said as her eye's closed, and her breathing stopped. "Your Majesty, my guess is that the baby has only a few minutes left to live." Minato clenched his fists, and then yelled, "I WON'T LET MY ONE AND ONLY CHILD DIE!"

  He put his hand on his dying son's head, and then blue energy started to appear around his hand, going into the baby's body. "Minato, what are you doing?" "I have to pass on my power to my son to keep him alive. His body is just born, so his Kyubi systems will still be able to be changed, and adapt."

  Soon, Minato was completely drained, and then he picked up his son who was now wrapped in a cloth with a nametag around his neck, and it looks like the . "Orochimaru, I want you to take my son to Agrobah. That is the closest kingdom to our homeland here that doesn't know about us. I want you to protect Naruto with your life, and the both of you will try to bring us back." "What? Why me, your majesty?" Said Orochimaru with a surprised look.

  "The normal's purpose is to kill me and my wife, not to kill of any stragglers. They obviously hate my family, but they won't care about a soldier traveling with a baby that is completely outnumbered. You'll be completely safe, and once they kill me, they will call off this homicide."

  Orochimaru nodded, and then took the baby prince. Orochimaru held unto him with one arm, and snapping his fingers, disappeared. The was the sound of people coming up the steps, and soon five normal's appeared (If you already haven't guessed it, they call those without powers normal's).

  The Nurse's were slaughtered, and then a powerless Minato that was crouching next to his dead wife was surrounded. "Well, this was easier than I thought." Said a dark voice.

  A man in dark armor(Check the author's comment to see a link to a picture of him that I found on Google) walked into the room, his sword in hand. "Who are you?" "You don't remember me? Well it was a long time ago, but I'm sure that you would remember a person of a clan that you almost completely annihilated."

  Minato's eye's widened. The Black knight appeared in front of Minato with his sword in his gut, and then he whispered, "My name's Madara Uchiha." He pulled his sword out, and watched as Minato's lifeless body fell to the floor.

  "I want you all to burn their body's, but for any of you perverts, who wants this girl's body? I warn you, I will burn the body in three hours, as well as Minato's." One of the normal's walked forward to the dead body, picked it up with a perverted grin, and then turned around.

  Madara lunged at the normal, and thrust his sword into him. "They deserve a proper burial, and for those who do not respect the dead, I will kill." Madara took her body, and then brought the sword up, slashing the man in half.

  "He doesn't even deserve a burial. Feed him to the hounds." Said Madara, and then walked away.

  Meanwhile, five miles away from Agrobah, Orochimaru appeared out of nowhere holding unto Naruto, smiling. 'I could just leave him here, or leave him in Agrobah. Some cannibal is bound to come and find you. I seriously don't want the prince to live if m plan for my own empire is to work. Luckily Madara was eager to learn about our kingdom's weakness's and strengths, along with all our strategies.' Thought Orochimaru, and then started to walk towards Agrobah.

  Soon, he passed by a traveler who, with some 'persuasion' gave him his clothing so then he'd look more normal. Orochimaru entered Agrobah easily, and smiled. He could do so many things to kill the baby, and get away with it.

  Orochimaru stopped at a trashcan, and smiled wickedly when no on else was on the street he was on. He opened the trashcan, and shoved the baby in there. "Bye bye, prince." Said Orochimaru as he closed the trashcan.

  He walked away, and then chuckled. Soon he arrived at the gates at the castle, and walked up to the guards. "Hello there, do you mind if I see your king? I come from a far away kingdom, and I hope to give your king gifts and myself to him as a sign of piece."
The guards looked at each other, and then back at Orochimaru. One of them asked, "What is the gift?" "Why, my powers." Orochimaru extended his arm, and than a purple glow surrounded his hand.

  The guards looked at each other, and then said, "You may see the king, but I am still keeping my eye on you." Said the guard, and then let him passed. Orochimaru, in the presence of ten other guards, was escorted to the kings palace. When he entered the chamber, he saw the king.

  The king had long, brown hair, clear, white eyes, and was holding unto a baby girl with purple hair, and the same color eyes, but had a little lavender to it. "I was told of your powers. Show me."

  Orochimaru extended his hand, and smiled. A bright purple light came from his hand, and soon a purple ball fell unto the floor. It started to take shape, and then it stopped when it took the shape of a purple Bald Eagle.

  "Amazing." Said the king as stopped giving his baby girl any attention. "Well, what do you say?" "What do you want, magician?" Said the king as he looked sternly at Orochimaru.

  "I want to be your right hand man." "Deal."

  Meanwhile, back at the trashcan, Naruto was crying as loud as he could, and his cry didn't go on deaf ears. A young women opened the trashcan, and gasped when she saw Naruto.

  "What the heck? Who would leave a baby in here?" Said the woman as she picked up the baby, and started rocking it to sleep while singing a lullaby. The young women saw the nametag, looked at it, and read it's name.

  "Naruto Uzumaki. What a nice name." Said the women, and then started walking home after the baby fell asleep. When she entered her house, she was greeted by her baby son, who had brown spiky hair, red marks under his eyes like his entire family has, and had brown colored eyes.

  "Hey there, Kiba. Look, I found a baby. I wonder if I should put up some papers asking people if they lost this baby, but then again, some widow will come and lie that Naruto was her child. I guess not." Said the young women, and then picked up her son. "Well I guess it won't be too bad to have two children."

  As she put them in their cradle, she started rocking the cradle, and started singing that lullaby. "When the boy with a thousand dreams come, we will rejoice. When the boy with a thousand dreams find love, we will rejoice. When the boy with a thousand dreams finally accomplish those dreams, we will rejoice."

  What she didn't know was that that was not just a song that her mother taught her, but also a prophecy that turned into a song about a boy that will save the world, and the thousand dreams are actually the thousand kingdoms in the world.

  17 years later, Hiashi woke up in his bed with a groan. He is busily trying to find a husband for his daughter, but so far, his daughter has declined each one. He fears that he might have to force her to marry, and he doesn't want that.

  He got up, and walked over to his window, opening up the blinds. "Your majesty, Orochimaru wish's to see you." Hiashi turned around, and nodded to the servant, saying, "Of course. Tell him I'll be with him soon." "Yes, your majesty." Said the servant bowing down, and then closed the door.

  Hiashi changed clothes, and then walked over to the throne room. When he entered the throne room, he saw Orochimaru waiting by his throne. "Hello there, your majesty. Today sure is beautiful, is it not?"

  "Yeah, it is. Now, why did you call me here?" Orochimaru walked up to Hiashi, saying, "You see, I saw how you have been trying to find your daughter a husband, but you go to people she doesn't even know. But me, on the other hand, I am very close to her, so here is my suggestion. You let me marry her, and that way you get to know she's in good hands and not in some strangers hands."

  Hiashi pondered this, and then said, "All right, fine. You, guard, go get my daughter! I want to know what she wants" "Yes sir!" Said a guard, and then started to go to get Hinata Hyuga. After a few minutes, the guard came running in, saying, "Sir, the princess is missing!"

  Hinata was traveling through the town, using the hood on her robe to hide her face. She is always fascinated by the people here, and loved watching some of the things people do to get money here. She see's people juggling swords, swallowing fire, and then holding it in for long periods of time before burping the fire out, and so much more.

  Hinata stopped at a small fruit stand, and looked hungrily at some of the fruit hungrily. After pulling some money out, she bought a apple, and then walked away while slowly eating the apple.

  Soon she heard, "Come on, Kyubi. Don't fall behind!" Hinata looked into the crowd, and saw a boy with blonde spiky hair with a fox on his shoulder running her way, and soon she saw five guards chasing him.

  Hinata stepped to the side, hoping to not get n the way, but unfortunately, the boy was already looking for a hostage, and chose her. He pulled out a knife he hid in his shirt, and when he got next to Hinata, he grabbed her arm, went behind her with him keeping her arm behind her back, and then held the knife up to her neck.

  "All right, you monkeys! Leave me alone or else she'll die!" Said the blonde, and Hinata started panicking. "P-Please, let me g-go, sir. I-I have nothing of i-importance."

  "Listen," whispered the blonde boy into her ear. "I won't hurt you if you just behave, so don't do anything, and don't resist." Hinata nodded, and then she saw the fox grab some rope off of the boy's belt.

  The fox then started to tightly put the rope around Hinata's wrists, and then the blonde used the hand to tie a knot. The boy used his free hand to pull out a small bandana with a sock that he had in a small pouch with another sock, and then put the sock in her mouth and then put the and tied the bandana over her mouth.

  "Now back off, and no one follow me or else she dies!" yelled the blonde, and then hosted Hinata over his shoulder. He then started to run away after the fox, which Hinata guessed was Kyubi, went on his other shoulder.

  Naruto started using one hand to climb up a building(Kinda like how the main characters in Assassin's creed and Prince of Persia get on the buildings), and when he got to the top of the building, he started to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

  'Where is he taking me? He's already safe, so why does he still need me? Is he going to rape me? Oh gosh, what have I gotten myself into?' thought Hinata, and then started to struggle furiously against her bonds.

  "Hey, calm down there, who ever you are. I'm taking you to my hideout until things calm down around here, and then I'll let you free. The only reason I want you is because if they find me again, I need to use you as a hostage to get away."

  Hinata's fear of this man's other intentions still didn't leave.

  Orochimaru and Hiashi waited patiently for the report of where Hiashi's daughter is. 'Where are you, Hinata? Please be okay.' Thought Hiashi, and then started tapping his finger.

  Orochimaru noticed this, and then whispered to his king, "Your majesty, don't worry about a thing. Our men will find her, even if they have to give their lives. I am sending Sasuke to deal with this also."

  Hiashi looked up, saying, "Send all our men to find her, Orochimaru." "All? But sir that will leave you defenseless!" "Fine! All but ten! Now do as I say!" Orochimaru nodded, and then walked over to the closest guard, smiling to himself.

  'Good. This way he will be almost completely defenseless against me.' Thought Orochimaru as he told the guard the King's orders.

  Naruto jumped down unto the street after making sure that no one was around. Hinata has never been this far away from the castle before, and she could see a lot of poor people just lying on the streets begging for money from any one.

  Naruto entered a small house, and set Hinata on a chair. "I'll be right back. Oh yeah, my names Naruto by the way." Said Naruto, and then ran off to a door. When he got to the door, he opened it, and ran in while pulling something out.

  He didn't close the door, and then Hinata saw the last thing she expected. A boy with brown hair with red markings under his eyes, and who she guessed was his mother was lying in a bed with a blanket over her, a wet folded up towel on her forehead, and she looked like she was in terrible condition.

  "Here you go, Mother. This is the best Medicine that they had for your condition!" She smiled, saying, "Thank you, Naruto, but we both know it's too late for me. Naruto, I have to tell you something important. I'm not your real mother, I found you in a trashcan on this same street. No one came to reclaim you, so I took you in. All I found on you was this." The woman held up a small military tag, and on it said, "Naruto Uzumaki." And a date. The date on it is the same date I found you, and I am so happy to have been able to raise you, Naruto." She brought her hand up to Naruto's cheek.

  A tear came down Naruto's cheek, and it went over the woman's finger. She smiled while saying, "I am so proud of the both of you. Naruto, I want you to look in that chest I told you two not to look in. I believe what's in there belongs to you."

  When she was done saying that, her smile faded, her eyes closed, and her hand fell limp. Naruto and the boy started crying, and Hinata felt sorry for them. Naruto rose up, walked over to Hinata, and started going up some stairs that led upstairs.

  Hinata managed to get one last glimpse of the boy, and when she saw his face, she got the last reaction she thought she would have. Her heart raced, heat rose to her cheeks, and could've sworn she thought, 'He looks so handsome.'
To                        Be Continued In Part 2
I hope you like it, and if you're wodering how Orochimaru got Sasuke when Madara had him then you'll find out in the next chapter.
Also, I have two chapters of a Star Wars story out, and here's the first part. Star Wars New Era Chapter 1: The new Empire
khan3 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
great to see ya come back with another great story ^_^, its really good my fave part of this is the begginig with king minato XD
Sabyy701 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job on the first chapter of Agrobah, the begining of the situation on what's happen really was descriptive, only one mistake I found:
paragra 11, ''and it looks like the . "Orochimaru..''
dat's pretty much's it, there were fewer mistake, so :w00t:
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