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Love the story, I always find very sexy. I wish there was a little more fun between Sam and Liana, but at least we have our imagination...

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Trader Princess Prologue
Trader Princess
 Zon Kaarvan exits the Jedi shuttle, wearing his regular Jedi Robes with his family’s crest, an animal skull with two horns coming together but not quite touching, on his shoulder. He spent a good year on his home planet of Dorin, meditating there as he gathered himself and trained in hand-to-hand combat. He has his double-sided training saber on his back, a black belt with four pouches on it. He spots his master, Entum Tris, standing not too far away from the shuttle with his arms crossed over his chest. One of his tendrils are missing due to an explosion he was caught in during the Serien War.
 Entum walks up to his apprentice, smiling at him. “Von, it’s a pleasure to see you made it back safely. How was your time on your Dorin?”
 Von nods his head appreciatively. “It was an insightful experience, master. I understand more why you spend so much time in the garden, but now I have a little more understanding of where
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Jedi Cosplay by FelgrandKnight34 Jedi Cosplay :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 3
Zon Kaarvan Prologue
Zon Kaarvan Prologue
 Zon Kaarvan grabs the two training blades, looking at the two through the goggles he must wear, as do all other Kel Dor’s when they’re not on their home planet of Dorin. The nine-year-old inspects the blades length, width, and sturdiness before he does the same with their hilts. “Padawan, are you done yet?” Zon looks back at his new master, a male Nautolan wearing Jedi Robes, but is not wearing a under shirt underneath it.
 “Not quite, master. I’m sorry, but the blades just don’t quite feel right.” He says as he holds the blades up. “Then again, I could never really find a weapon that suited me. It all felt wrong, off, like they weren’t made for my hands.” Entum chuckles as he shakes his head in disbelief, gripping his training sword in one hand.
 “You really are something, Zon. Just choose one of them, and try your luck with…”
 “Hold on, I might have an i
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Zon Kaarvan's Bio
Name: Zon Kaarvan
Species: Kel Dor
Class: Jedi Knight
Physical description: About one-point-seventy-five meters tall with the Antiox Breath Mask and protective goggles, and has the crest of his family on the right shoulder pad over his robes, which consists of an animal skull with two horns near the top coming out of the sides, with the tips coming back in where the tips are almost touching.
Bio: Having grown up on the Kel Dorian home world of Dorin until he was about six years old, Zon feels a strong bond with his family, whom are the head of a manufacturing company that makes Republic One-man fighter’s, and wears the family crest in honor of them. He has four fingers on his hands, and when his goggles are taken off, others would be able to see he has white iris’s that confirm him being a Force Sensitive. His master, Entum Tris, has taught him how his skills with a lightsaber is not the only skill set he should focus on, as his master usually beats him in their duels due t
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 2 0
Star Wars Skylax and the Defender
Star Wars
Skylax and the Defender
 “You better word that better.” Skylax says to Sergeant Verlatox, a male human who was all too eager to leave the Triumvirate to join him, now stands in front of Skylax, who was just enjoying a nice glass of Rodian Wine, a type of wine from the Rodians that he most enjoys and can’t get enough of. A fine glass of wine while enjoying the outdoors. “I was having a rather nice evening, enjoying the nice summer day with the finest wine in all of the galaxy, and you mean to ruin this moment by telling me that, out of the six spec of troopers I sent in, only two have returned?”
 Sergeant Verlatox nods, obviously thinking twice about telling him this and about betraying the Emperor. “M-My lord, I apologize for ruining this moment for you, but I feel it is my duty to not sugarcoat the truth. Six Special Operation troopers went in, but only two returned. However, it is not all a loss.”
 Skylax is obviously
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Shark Hunt Part 2
Shark Hunt
Part 2
 Tika and Anto are lying on the couch, Tika’s back up against Anto as his arm is around her waist. She is fast asleep as Anto admires her sleeping form, smiling as he uses his free hand to move some hair from in front of her face. God, is she ever beautiful. What did Anto do to deserve her? He then looks up as he hears Anna and Galtiss enter the main area, the two talking about something he can’t hear until they get closer.
 "... that a capable detective turns into a war hero and later vigilante?" Anna asks curiously. The Amiss chuckles with a clop of his beak.
 "That is a long story, but the short version is that I was sick of the red tape on Coruscant where the regulations were tying my hands every time I wanted to do something, especially when a politician or senator was involved. One day I had to leave a case when a senator who was involved in some weapon smuggling intervened with my seniors. To feel better, I broke him his jaw right in
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Broer - Teen Titans! BBRAE by FelgrandKnight34 Broer - Teen Titans! BBRAE :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 2 0
Ivuur Pafen
Name: Ivuur Pefan
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Race/Species: Ithorian
Place of Birth: Onboard the medical space station ‘Alderaan’s savior’ above the planet Alderaan, so… technically Alderaan, since that was where he was raised.
Current Age: 21 standard years
Gender: Male
Height: 2.0 Meters
Weight: 189.5 pounds
Appearance: A simple male Ithorian with a cybernetic left arm, and a long burn scar that goes from the back of his left shoulder down to his right hip.
Clothing: Simple Jedi robes with a belt around his hip that stores several pouches that mostly carry herbs or some sort of medical advice. Nothing that could stop a severe injury, but enough to keep the victims alive. He wears black gloves, and when he takes his upper robes off he is seen wearing a black V-neck T-shirt.
Force Speciality: He focuses more on the healing aspects of the force, hoping to become a Jedi Healer, like his great grandfather was. He is also good in using Force push and Force Pull, but not in
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
Teen TItans! BBRAE Episode 2
Teen Titans! BBRAE
Episode 2
Party Stopper
 Speedy and Aqualad are on the back of two separate dolphins, on their way towards where Aqualad felt his fish friend met his demise. The two are in their usual Hero attire, Speedy in his red, sleeveless shirt with red pants and Aqualad in his blue-scales one piece that covers everything from his feet up to his neck. Speedy quickly checks the string on his bow, making sure that it is in good shape before checking on the string to make sure it won’t snap on him.
 Once satisfied, he looks back to see the coast coming up quickly to them. Just another thirty seconds, and they’ll be there. “Hey Aqualad!” Speedy yells over to him. “What do you think this thing we’re looking for could be?”
 “I don’t know, Speedy, but we should make sure it doesn’t represent a threat. If it does, we take it down.” He replies back as the shore is now only ten seconds away. “Keep your
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 6 1
Teen Titans! BBRAE Episode 1
Teen Titans! BBRAE
Episode 1
The Get Together
 “Cyborg, how many girlfriends have you had since you became, you know, Cyborg?” Beast Boy asks as he sits on a crate almost as tall as him, but wide enough to fit about three of him if all three of him were back to back. Cyborg, who is currently under the T-car, has his robotic left arm as a wrench as he makes some small adjustments to the car.
 Cyborg looks at Beast Boy with a raised eyebrow at the question. “Girlfriends? B, why is my dating life suddenly any of your business?” Cyborg asks as he pushes himself out from underneath the T-Car. Beast Boy sighs as he looks down at the ground.
 “I’m just curious, especially since, oh, you know,” He points above him to a yellow banner hanging above him, with the words in large, red letters, that say, ’Welcome, Titans East’. “We’re about to throw a huge party, and I’m going to show up with no date!
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Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics by FelgrandKnight34 Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 0
YuGiOh! Soul Seeker Duel 1
Soul Seeker
Duel 1
 Police sirens go off in the streets of Emblem City, the police cars speeding through the city towards an abandoned apartments building. Inside of the building is a middle-aged man in tattered clothing, holding a magnum in his right hand, looking out the window as the police cars surround the building.
 “Damn, they found me.” He says, and then looks at the two bags of valuables he recently stole from the nearby museum. “I guess I’ll go down…” He brings the hammer of the gun back. “With a bang.”
 ”Duel field activated.” The man looks around in confusion as the room is surrounded in what appears to be digital code. “W-What is this? Who’s there?” He hears someone clapping from right outside the room. A figure in a brown overcoat steps around the doorway, his black gloved hands clapping together.
 “So ‘smart’ of you, hide in a abandoned build
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My Orange lightsaber by FelgrandKnight34 My Orange lightsaber :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 6
Stari Chronicles Book 1 Chapter 2
Stari Chronicles
Book 1: Shadows of the Past
Chapter 2
 Maryna Caballa meditates in the middle of the training room, allowing the force to flow through her and allow her to become one with the flowing force. She becomes her strongest when she lets the force flow through her like this, Maryna no longer fighting, but instead letting the Force fighting through her. She opens her eyes as she feels energy signatures approaching her.
 No life stems from them, but they are causing Maryna’s danger senses to go off. She waits until they have surrounded her, their weapons trained on her. Right before they fired, Maryna opens her eyes to see five different training droids surrounding her. Now is the time to act. She jumps up in the air as the droids fired where she was, the laser’s scorching where she was sitting.
 However, as Maryna lands behind one of the droids, whom is dual wielding two blaster Pistols, she instantly knows it was not her moving. She did not command
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 0 2
Stari Chronicles Book 1 Chapter 1
Star Wars
Stari Chronicles
Book 1: Shadows of the past
Chapter 1
Twelve years later
 High King Kunko Radu sits in at the head of the table, looking at the long table filled with his loyal aide’s. Kunko Rdu leads the prosperous planet of Xi-Vang-Mu, a planet in the Outer Rim territories, known for their medical research and some key figures currently in the Galactic Senate. Kunko’s species is the Xi, which in his language translates to, “Heavenly beings”, the best species of this planet in terms of culture, beauty, and intelligence. The Xi are identifiable by their pointed ears, blond hair, and silver iris’s, and are always in positions of power.
 Next is the Vang, which translates to, “Honored followers”. They are in what is considered the middle class of Xi-Vang-Mu, known to be loyal to the High King and the throne. They are identifiable by their red hair, and blue eyes. Then there’s the Mu, which translates to “Exiled
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Why do I like Kreia so much? HERE'S WHY!(Warning: Super long video here, over a hour long. Almost two!)

Media: Oh, these haters of TLJ just wanted Luke in a lightsaber fight with Snoke for three hours as Snoke monologues about his background!

Sadly, this is a actual article I read a few days ago. It's been on my mind, and I just need to get it out there. Also sadly, I cannot find it right now as I am about to leave for work, so maybe later today? But is this really what the media thinks those who disliked TLJ wanted? I guess if they close their eyes, plug their ears, and yell, "LALALALALALALALA" real loudly you can purposefully mishear what they are saying as they have said it time and time again.

Star Wars Fandom: We just wanted a good movie.

And if the media is taking that as the quote from above... then either they are admitting that is a better movie, or they just want to do misrepresent the fandom since, you know, Solo was such a huge box office hit after how people had boycotted it in defiance of what they had done in TLJ. I'm certain this won't come back to bite them in the ass soon. Showing respect to your fanbase? Why, that's ridiculous!


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United States
I love star wars, am a NaruHina fan, have written a few stories on, am part of boy scouts, and I like playing video game's

Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite cartoon character: Beast(Beauty and the Beast)
Again, another random journal, but at least this one has to do with my last journal. No list, just me giving what I really enjoy about this era, and it will start off with me talking about why I enjoy this era.

Kotor by FelgrandKnight34

For one thing, there's the characters. Zayne Carrick is what I would most definitely be like if I was a Jedi, probably not that great but wanting to do the right thing. Not only that, but the story of him is really unique, and what happens AFTER that main story is something else I could also see me doing, so there is a personal level to this era for me. Then there's the history, despite there not being as much material in this era as there is in other era's, but there's still a lot of history behind it! The Mandalorian Wars, the fear the Jedi have since it's not been that long since Exar Kun fell to the Dark Side, so the Jedi are extremely scared of the Dark Side at this time. There is also the fact that the Mandalorian Wars was, indeed, was just a front for another Dark Side user... one that won't be brought to light until TOR, but it does show the Jedi were still able to detect the intentions of the Dark Side. However, not all of them did, like the Revanchist, or Revan, and Alak. Revan and Alak lead at the least a sizable number of Jedi to leave the Order, leaving a rather hard question to answer. Imagine you were a Jedi at the time, and you know the Mandalorian's are causing terror along the Outer Rim, however the Jedi are asking you to be cautious and patient as they decide on what to do... but it's taking years, and the Republic is unable to hold them off. You hear of two Jedi, both of whom are very respectable Jedi, start talking about how they will lead the Jedi and the Republic to victory against the Mandalorians, and how they will save people, something that Jedi should be doing. What would you do? Would you follow them to war? Or would you listen to the Jedi Council?

Well, for the Jedi that left, if what I have heard is correct, then there is only one that answered the Council's call for the Jedi to come back and face trial for disobeying the Jedi Order, Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile. The rest? Well, after the disastrous battle of Malachor V, the final battle of the Mandalorian War, Revan hears from Mandalore, whom Revan had bested in combat, he tells Revan of a Dark Empire out in unknown Space. Revan and Alak, as well as the rest of the Jedi, excluding Meetra Surik, and some of the Republic's forces went to the outer rim, where they meet a Sith Empire, led by Emperor Vitiate, whom is so powerful he managed to use the force to turn all of the Jedi and Republic Forces into Dark Jedi and a Dark Side army, and sent them back to fight the Republic.

So for those that want a specific timeline so far, The Mandalorian Wars began in the year 3976 BBY(Before Battle of Yavin), and then ends in 3960 BBY. In other words, this war lasted SIXTEEN years, which is a long time. The Clone Wars everyone knows about? That lasted about two-and-a-half to three years. Then what happens? Just a year later, Revan and Malak return after finding the Star Forge, and name themselves Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Two years later, Bastilla Shan leads a strike team of Jedi against Revan, but before they could capture him, Malak finds this as a good oppurtunity to take the reign of Sith Lord... probably also wants some revenge for Revan cutting his jaw off as some form of punishment, but also taking the title of Dark Lord, that's a big part too, certainly has nothing to do with his new metallic jaw... yeah...

I won't say too much of what happens as now we're getting into events of what happened during the game Knights of the Old Republic, but I will give a quick synopsis of what canonically happens. The Player Character wakes up on the Republic Ship the Endar Spire, where the player character as well as Republic Soldier Trask Ulgo run to the bridge in hopes of getting to Bastilla Shan, whose Battle Meditation has helped the Republic win many victories against the Sith. However, Bastilla has already left the bridge, and now the two make their way to the Escape Pods. Sadly, Trask stays behind to try to keep a Sith from killing you as well, but then you get to the Escape Pods where you meet up with Republic Pilot and War Hero, Carth Onasi. You two make it to the planet Taris down below as the Endar Spire is destroyed, and the planet is then out under planetary blockade. No one gets in or out until the Sith find Bastilla. You and Carth make some allies here, most importantly with the young Twi'lek girl Mission Vao and her Wookie friend Zaalbar, Jedi Knight Bastilla Shan, the Mandalorian Mercenary Canderous Ordo, and the Astromech Droid T3-M4. You manage to get on the ship the Ebon Hawk, and then escape Taris to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. There, you are discovered to be a Force Sensitive, and you are trained in becoming a Jedi. You then go to the nearby plains where the fallen Cathar Jedi Padawan, Juhani, and you can choose to redeem her, keep her alive, or just kill her, but canonically you redeem her. Then you go back to the Temple, and are sent to the Plains again to a location you and Bastilla shared in a vision that Revan and Malak had visited years ago, and you find one piece of the Star Map that leads to the Star Forge. You then are sent to go find the other planets, Juhani joining you as you then go to these four planets, to the best of my knowledge there being no real order of which planets are visited first, to find the other Star Maps.

Tatooine(Where you can get the Assassin/Protocol Droid HK-47)
Kashyyyk(Where you can get the Jedi Hermit Jolee Bindo, my favorite character in the game)

Malak captures Bastilla after the third planet and you discover that Malak has sent his Sith Fleet to Dantooine to bomb it, and when you and your crew goes to Rakata Prime to find the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk crash lands on the surface where there is a Rakatan temple, and very few of the Rakatan people left. You and the crew go into the Temple to deactivate the machine that caused the Ebon Hawk to crashland, and on the rooftop you find Bastilla, having turned to the Dark Side after a week of constant torture from Darth Malak. She fights you, but then retreats. You go back up to the Star Forge now, with the Republic Fleet coming in now to attack the Star Forge. You and your crew gets into the Star Forge, where after some time you go and meet Bastilla one-on-one, and she is convinced to join the Light Side once again, confessing her love for you and the start of a beautiful relationship. You then go and face Malak alone on the bridge of the Star Forge, whom has captured Jedi in Bacta Tanks around so that, when you start winning, he uses Force Drain to absorb their life energy into his own. You eventually defeat Malak, and then escape the Star Forge with Bastilla and the crew, and you and your crew are awarded Republic Medals of honor, and declared as Republic Heroes. We then find out the remaining Sith that were serving under Malak became Sith Warlords, the Republic attacking them and slowly getting rid of them, unaware of the real threat hiding in the shadows, the Sith triumvirate.

First off, events from the novel "TOR: Revan" take place here, which I would love to talk about what happens exactly, but due to spoilers for the first game, I will stay quiet to most. Just know Canderous and the Ordo clan found Mandalore's helmet, Bastilla and your character have a child, and your character goes missing when he goes to find out what happened to Revan and Malak in Unknown Space.

Oooh, this is where it gets good! The Sith Triumvirate are led by three Lords. Lord Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger, who was so powerful that when a group of Jedi gathered on the planet of Katarr, he used such a powerful version of Force Drain that he killed all organic life on the planet... except for one, Visas Marr, whom will soon become his apprentice. He is just a suit of armor that is kept alive with his will. Then there's Lord Sion, whom is just a walking corpse whose body is constantly breaking apart and stitching itself back together constantly through sheer force of will. He was the one that started the first Jedi Purge by sending his assassin's out against the Jedi Order, all but wiping them out. Then there's their teacher, the one who brought them together and all Sith Warlords under one rule: Darth Traya, lord of Betrayal. She was once a Jedi, then became a Sith. However, as stated by Kreia, "To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best." So guess what happened to the Lord of Betrayal when surrounded by Sith? She got betrayed.

... Maybe that wasn't the wisest of names to take when you are surrounded by Sith. Just saying.

Either way, she gets betrayed, with the Jedi almost extinct and the Sith fighting from the Shadows, but then comes a very important character into play. Meetra Surik. Remember her? The Jedi Exile? Well, she's returned now as the Sith now believe her to be the last Jedi, and she picks up some allies. The Force Sensitive Kreia, whom I will say is obviously Traya as it was never any big surprise that's who she was. Then the Scoundrel Atton Rand, whom seems very secretive when it comes to his past. The Astromech Droid, T3-M4, again. The Zabrak engineer Bao-Dur and his small floating droid Remote, whom worked with Meetra Surik at the battle of Malachor V, and was the one who designed the Mass Shadow Generator. In canon, you get the Disciple/Mical, but non-canon you get Handmaiden if you choose a male character to play as, but back to canonocity. Then you get the new Mandalore, whom we also know as Canderous Ordo from the last game. HK-47 again, and a new droid ally, GO-TO, whom was in charge of the Exchange, a large crime syndicate. Visas Marr, the lone survivor of her planet and redeemed servant of Nihilus. And finally, Mira the Bounty Hunter.

After Meetra, Kreia, Atton, and T3 escape the Peragus Mining Field, they go to Telos where they pick up Bao-Dur (And possibly the Handmaiden), and then discover from the surviving Jedi Historian, Atris's, archive that the Jedi Council has survived the Jedi Purge, and have all gone into hiding on these planets. Master Vrook on Dantooine, Zez-Kai Ell on Nar Shaddaa, Lonna Vosh on Korriban, and Kavar on Onderon. Meetra wants to find these Jedi as the Sith have finally revealed themselves, and she believes that getting the Jedi Master's together she and her allies can work with them, alongside the Republic, to fight and kill the Sith. Vrook, Zez-Kai Ell, and Kavar are recruited, sadly Lonna Vosh is killed by Darth Sion on Korriban, and Atris does not get the invitation because she is rather... bitchy. And Sithy. Yeah, during her time hiding from the Sith, she thought that learning from Sith Holocrons could help her learn how to fight these Sith, but instead she just fell to the Dark Side, but didn't want to admit it. This is probably a good thing, though, as Meetra learns that the Jedi Masters will just go back into hiding, and have gathered here to cut Meetra off from the force. For good, this time. However Kreia, angered by the Jedi Master's, stopped them and then killed the three Masters using Force Drain, cutting them off from the Force. Kreia then goes to Telos, and then lures Darth Nihilus to the planet to end him. Meetra meets Atris first in her secret Jedi Academy, and manages to redeem the Jedi Historian whom tells her that Kreia has gone back to Malachor V where she plans on actually KILLING the force. Meetra, with the help of the Mandalorians, boards Nihilus's ship and Meetra, along with the aid of Visas Marr, defeat Darth Nihilus. 

They then go to Malachor, where the Ebon Hawk crash lands on the planet due to the storm constantly surrounding the planet, and we see Bao-Dur has died, but given the Remote the codes to activate the Mass Shadow Generator again to fully kill the planet this time. Remote manages to do so as Mira fights a demon from her past, and the Force Sensitive crew members of your party try to stop Kreia... but fail in doing so. Meetra, right before facing Kreia, finds Sion waiting right outside. Meetra then manages to convince Sion that, while death is a frightening thing, it is far better than a life full of pain and misery. Sion, convinced by Meetra of this, dies the only way he could die: By letting himself die. Meetra then meets with Kreia, whom after a lightsaber duel, at a certain point where Kreia calls upon three lightsabers to float around her and fight for her, Kreia tells Meetra that there is a greater threat, and just how much she hated how the force controlled Kreia, Meetra, and everyone, how no one had free will. Meetra is then told about how your character left known space, and has been missing since then. She leaves Malachor V with at least T3-M4, the other companion's fates confirmed for surviving this. Meetra is then met by Bastilla, whom tells her more about what happened with your character, and then Meetra also leaves for unknown space... where she won't be seen by anyone again. Until TOR, that is. 

I didn't go into too much detail, but you all can hopefully see why this era is not only so interesting, but also my favorite. So much potential for stories and already so many interesting characters, I can't get enough of this era! I wish there was a KOTOR novel, not just a TOR novel, and explore more of this era. Sadly, I highly doubt that will ever happen now... so yeah, there's my random journal of the day. I hope it was somewhat interesting, and you all enjoyed it.……





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