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Love the story, I always find very sexy. I wish there was a little more fun between Sam and Liana, but at least we have our imagination...

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The Tangled Monkeys Part 1 :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 7
Mature content
Big Mouth trailer reaction :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
Trader Princess Prologue
Trader Princess
 Zon Kaarvan exits the Jedi shuttle, wearing his regular Jedi Robes with his family’s crest, an animal skull with two horns coming together but not quite touching, on his shoulder. He spent a good year on his home planet of Dorin, meditating there as he gathered himself and trained in hand-to-hand combat. He has his double-sided training saber on his back, a black belt with four pouches on it. He spots his master, Entum Tris, standing not too far away from the shuttle with his arms crossed over his chest. One of his tendrils are missing due to an explosion he was caught in during the Serien War.
 Entum walks up to his apprentice, smiling at him. “Von, it’s a pleasure to see you made it back safely. How was your time on your Dorin?”
 Von nods his head appreciatively. “It was an insightful experience, master. I understand more why you spend so much time in the garden, but now I have a little more understanding of where
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 0 0
Jedi Cosplay by FelgrandKnight34 Jedi Cosplay :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 3
Zon Kaarvan Prologue
Zon Kaarvan Prologue
 Zon Kaarvan grabs the two training blades, looking at the two through the goggles he must wear, as do all other Kel Dor’s when they’re not on their home planet of Dorin. The nine-year-old inspects the blades length, width, and sturdiness before he does the same with their hilts. “Padawan, are you done yet?” Zon looks back at his new master, a male Nautolan wearing Jedi Robes, but is not wearing a under shirt underneath it.
 “Not quite, master. I’m sorry, but the blades just don’t quite feel right.” He says as he holds the blades up. “Then again, I could never really find a weapon that suited me. It all felt wrong, off, like they weren’t made for my hands.” Entum chuckles as he shakes his head in disbelief, gripping his training sword in one hand.
 “You really are something, Zon. Just choose one of them, and try your luck with…”
 “Hold on, I might have an i
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
Zon Kaarvan's Bio
Name: Zon Kaarvan
Species: Kel Dor
Class: Jedi Knight
Physical description: About one-point-seventy-five meters tall with the Antiox Breath Mask and protective goggles, and has the crest of his family on the right shoulder pad over his robes, which consists of an animal skull with two horns near the top coming out of the sides, with the tips coming back in where the tips are almost touching.
Bio: Having grown up on the Kel Dorian home world of Dorin until he was about six years old, Zon feels a strong bond with his family, whom are the head of a manufacturing company that makes Republic One-man fighter’s, and wears the family crest in honor of them. He has four fingers on his hands, and when his goggles are taken off, others would be able to see he has white iris’s that confirm him being a Force Sensitive. His master, Entum Tris, has taught him how his skills with a lightsaber is not the only skill set he should focus on, as his master usually beats him in their duels due t
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 2 0
Star Wars Skylax and the Defender
Star Wars
Skylax and the Defender
 “You better word that better.” Skylax says to Sergeant Verlatox, a male human who was all too eager to leave the Triumvirate to join him, now stands in front of Skylax, who was just enjoying a nice glass of Rodian Wine, a type of wine from the Rodians that he most enjoys and can’t get enough of. A fine glass of wine while enjoying the outdoors. “I was having a rather nice evening, enjoying the nice summer day with the finest wine in all of the galaxy, and you mean to ruin this moment by telling me that, out of the six spec of troopers I sent in, only two have returned?”
 Sergeant Verlatox nods, obviously thinking twice about telling him this and about betraying the Emperor. “M-My lord, I apologize for ruining this moment for you, but I feel it is my duty to not sugarcoat the truth. Six Special Operation troopers went in, but only two returned. However, it is not all a loss.”
 Skylax is obviously
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 0 0
Shark Hunt Part 2
Shark Hunt
Part 2
 Tika and Anto are lying on the couch, Tika’s back up against Anto as his arm is around her waist. She is fast asleep as Anto admires her sleeping form, smiling as he uses his free hand to move some hair from in front of her face. God, is she ever beautiful. What did Anto do to deserve her? He then looks up as he hears Anna and Galtiss enter the main area, the two talking about something he can’t hear until they get closer.
 "... that a capable detective turns into a war hero and later vigilante?" Anna asks curiously. The Amiss chuckles with a clop of his beak.
 "That is a long story, but the short version is that I was sick of the red tape on Coruscant where the regulations were tying my hands every time I wanted to do something, especially when a politician or senator was involved. One day I had to leave a case when a senator who was involved in some weapon smuggling intervened with my seniors. To feel better, I broke him his jaw right in
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
Broer - Teen Titans! BBRAE by FelgrandKnight34 Broer - Teen Titans! BBRAE :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 2 0
Ivuur Pafen
Name: Ivuur Pefan
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Race/Species: Ithorian
Place of Birth: Onboard the medical space station ‘Alderaan’s savior’ above the planet Alderaan, so… technically Alderaan, since that was where he was raised.
Current Age: 21 standard years
Gender: Male
Height: 2.0 Meters
Weight: 189.5 pounds
Appearance: A simple male Ithorian with a cybernetic left arm, and a long burn scar that goes from the back of his left shoulder down to his right hip.
Clothing: Simple Jedi robes with a belt around his hip that stores several pouches that mostly carry herbs or some sort of medical advice. Nothing that could stop a severe injury, but enough to keep the victims alive. He wears black gloves, and when he takes his upper robes off he is seen wearing a black V-neck T-shirt.
Force Speciality: He focuses more on the healing aspects of the force, hoping to become a Jedi Healer, like his great grandfather was. He is also good in using Force push and Force Pull, but not in
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
Teen TItans! BBRAE Episode 2
Teen Titans! BBRAE
Episode 2
Party Stopper
 Speedy and Aqualad are on the back of two separate dolphins, on their way towards where Aqualad felt his fish friend met his demise. The two are in their usual Hero attire, Speedy in his red, sleeveless shirt with red pants and Aqualad in his blue-scales one piece that covers everything from his feet up to his neck. Speedy quickly checks the string on his bow, making sure that it is in good shape before checking on the string to make sure it won’t snap on him.
 Once satisfied, he looks back to see the coast coming up quickly to them. Just another thirty seconds, and they’ll be there. “Hey Aqualad!” Speedy yells over to him. “What do you think this thing we’re looking for could be?”
 “I don’t know, Speedy, but we should make sure it doesn’t represent a threat. If it does, we take it down.” He replies back as the shore is now only ten seconds away. “Keep your
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 6 1
Teen Titans! BBRAE Episode 1
Teen Titans! BBRAE
Episode 1
The Get Together
 “Cyborg, how many girlfriends have you had since you became, you know, Cyborg?” Beast Boy asks as he sits on a crate almost as tall as him, but wide enough to fit about three of him if all three of him were back to back. Cyborg, who is currently under the T-car, has his robotic left arm as a wrench as he makes some small adjustments to the car.
 Cyborg looks at Beast Boy with a raised eyebrow at the question. “Girlfriends? B, why is my dating life suddenly any of your business?” Cyborg asks as he pushes himself out from underneath the T-Car. Beast Boy sighs as he looks down at the ground.
 “I’m just curious, especially since, oh, you know,” He points above him to a yellow banner hanging above him, with the words in large, red letters, that say, ’Welcome, Titans East’. “We’re about to throw a huge party, and I’m going to show up with no date!
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 7 9
Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics by FelgrandKnight34 Me and my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 0
YuGiOh! Soul Seeker Duel 1
Soul Seeker
Duel 1
 Police sirens go off in the streets of Emblem City, the police cars speeding through the city towards an abandoned apartments building. Inside of the building is a middle-aged man in tattered clothing, holding a magnum in his right hand, looking out the window as the police cars surround the building.
 “Damn, they found me.” He says, and then looks at the two bags of valuables he recently stole from the nearby museum. “I guess I’ll go down…” He brings the hammer of the gun back. “With a bang.”
 ”Duel field activated.” The man looks around in confusion as the room is surrounded in what appears to be digital code. “W-What is this? Who’s there?” He hears someone clapping from right outside the room. A figure in a brown overcoat steps around the doorway, his black gloved hands clapping together.
 “So ‘smart’ of you, hide in a abandoned build
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 1 0
My Orange lightsaber by FelgrandKnight34 My Orange lightsaber :iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 3 6
Stari Chronicles Book 1 Chapter 2
Stari Chronicles
Book 1: Shadows of the Past
Chapter 2
 Maryna Caballa meditates in the middle of the training room, allowing the force to flow through her and allow her to become one with the flowing force. She becomes her strongest when she lets the force flow through her like this, Maryna no longer fighting, but instead letting the Force fighting through her. She opens her eyes as she feels energy signatures approaching her.
 No life stems from them, but they are causing Maryna’s danger senses to go off. She waits until they have surrounded her, their weapons trained on her. Right before they fired, Maryna opens her eyes to see five different training droids surrounding her. Now is the time to act. She jumps up in the air as the droids fired where she was, the laser’s scorching where she was sitting.
 However, as Maryna lands behind one of the droids, whom is dual wielding two blaster Pistols, she instantly knows it was not her moving. She did not command
:iconfelgrandknight34:FelgrandKnight34 0 2



So, because Jatoku's videos on Kabuto have their audio happening, like, three to five seconds ahead of schedule, I'm now watching Kabuto episode 31 on KissAsian... now I remember why I left this website, because it's loading speed is that of a snail.


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United States
I love star wars, am a NaruHina fan, have written a few stories on, am part of boy scouts, and I like playing video game's

Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite cartoon character: Beast(Beauty and the Beast)
I thought I'd go into all the colors we've had of Ranger outfits so far, and explain what they could possible mean, but mostly what the colors usually show for the Ranger's positions in a team, and maybe even why.


But only four colors in and I realized something. THE COLORS DON'T MEAN SHIT! Does Red automatically mean leader? For the most part, yes, but there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, White Mighty morphing power ranger AND White Alien Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger, and the Black Dino Ranger I consider more of the leader of the team than the red Ranger... so again, Tommy is the leader. 

Blue Rangers seem to be more likely the smart ones or the second-in-commands... but then someone like Max from Time Force proves this wrong, as well as Dax from Overdrive, and Koda from Dino Charge. Black seems to be the most consistent, with either focusing on strength or a more skill-based fighter. Pink is always female, though, right? Right?

Legendary-pink-ranger-mode by FelgrandKnight34

... F*CK!

So yeah, never mind this. I'm not going into the colors, especially Green... green is completely random with whatever role and/or personalities they take.



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If your wondering why I call the prequel stories
Cedrick the first rebel
It’s in reference to captain America, even though cedrick has him, batman, and Optimus prime, but it’s him not only trying to find out what palpatines up to but also trying to change the Jedi into a new Jedi order and trying to stop them from doing more harm then good, and trying to find new weapons, ships, vehicles, and allies to try to help give the galaxy a fighting chance

While orphans of the lost
FelgrandKnight34 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2018
Interesting, but what about Orphans of the Lost?
HEROMASTER85 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018
I meant orphans of the forgotten
Their is a prophecy with them but that’s in the first rebel

But it’s about about 10 force sensitive orphans who were unofficially like any other force sensitives by a purple chagrian woman who was also a witness to what really happen on the when they Jedi attacked the chancellor and went into a hiding for a year until she got her chance to flee and makes a apartment complex and orphanage in a gated community

But years prior when she was a tadpole men came to her house but came for her brother but after showing adimant from her parents the men left without her brother

And when she was older and making friends with a padawan that was kicked out she found why as the jedi take little kids from infancy to 4 thinking it will protect them from the darkside, and the forbidding of love and family, to her that’s force recruitment of child soldiers so she after she attended a protest at the Jedi temple she tried speak them out of recruiting kids, then when ahsoka tano was framed she thinkis that they and the senate are going too far in sentencing a kid to death, but thanked god she got her name cleared

But with all that she wanted to put it on herself to prove the Jedi wrong
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Did you see the durasteel giant
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I do prefer Legends, and while I have only sadly read one book of the New Jedi Order, I do LOVE the KOTOR era. :)
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