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The Felarya wiki :…
The Felarya forum :
Precisions about what is Felarya and what it is not :…
The disclaimer ( read if you plan to submit some ideas ) :…

Also don't forget to give credits to the people who came up with the ideas you are using. Even a short mention thanking them or a link to the wiki page where the idea is coming from is enough but don't forget it ! Having your work included and displayed into the Felarya group is conditional on you giving due credits. Don't forget to ask for a character author's permission before using one of their characters as well !

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Mature Content

Felarya - Layla by Stringsartz
Jewlia Hug by DiegoStars

Mature Content

Naughty Fun Preview by vaderaz
Tarynn Bonk by DiegoStars
Bios and ideas
Rahii by facadepapergirl

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Campbelliana by facadepapergirl
Frogarian Size Chart by CoolDude00000000

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Lilly (ref.) by CoolDude00000000
Animations, Sprites and Icons
Flying Fairy 4 - Animated by BannanaPower
Sleepy Aurora by Kikijonson

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Chocolate mishaps by BlueBabyDoll

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Fishing for a Bite by Asuroth
Doodles and WIP
Fated Match by vaderaz

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OC Rinloh Color Study by Kululu17

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331a3833-d285-40e2-8d0d-53ef2864b5a7 by Nachash9

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Butts by Karbo
Comics and strips

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Fated Outcome by vaderaz
Constance's Visitors 4 by DarkHourglass

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Constance's Visitors 3 by DarkHourglass
Constance's Visitors 2 by DarkHourglass

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A Meal For Crisis by Dekkard2

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Request - Tigercloud has eaten Glen by Angel-Tigercloud

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Liri tour by Karbo

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Felarya Subeta's Treasure by THEDAIBIJIN

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Winners of Group Contests :

:iconrythmear: :iconblazbaros: :iconfrenchsnack: :iconmouth-of-emergence: :iconkenguya: :iconglobfish: :iconprinnydood-abides: :iconthearchvile: :iconracemaster7: :iconsimonlorimer:

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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to #Felarya ! :dance:

This group is centered on the Felarya universe :…
A land of adventures, wonders, great dangers, legendary treasures, and voracious giant ladies XP

The group is meant to be a giant directory to help keeping track of any work ( writting, drawing, journals, articles ) made by the community.
Anyone is very much welcome to join :D

Before that however, here are some rules and guidelines as to how the group work. Please read before joining !

:star::star::star: Members
Membership to this group is totally free. However it's best to join if you share an interest in Felarya, and if you can do with the fetishes it has been founded on, namely giantess and vore. I'm well aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, but a minimum tolerance to it is in order to enjoy the group. If you *hate* those, you will likely only find troubles there, and should definitely NOT join.
As members you are allowed to submit deviations into the galleries.

The gallery is divided into several sections :

- Featured : This section is dedicated to art based on Felarya. It can be a fanart of a particular character, a scenery etc.. Please only submit work that are at a decent level, with a minimum time invested on it... I'd rather not see stickfigures done in MS paint there ^^;

- Felarya writing : This section is created for stories based on Felarya.

For bios of a particular character, an idea about a new creature, a location etc... please post them in the Bios and ideas section.

- Animations, sprites and icons : Pretty much self-explanatory. It includes little flash games as well ^^

-WIP : Post in that gallery your doodles and works in progress to receive advices or criticism.

- Comics and strips : Sequential art goes there. Depending on the drawing, a two panels picture can qualify as a comic or not. you decide.

- Vore : Here goes giantess vore pictures. Only explicit vore should go here, otherwise, pick the "featured" gallery. Non-Felaryan giantess vore material is accepted as well.

In case your deviation fits in two sections in the same time, just pick one of your choice. It may be moved later though.

:star::star::star: Rules and guidelines for the group.

- First you must remain polite and civil. Trolling won't be accepted. If, for example, you are here either for having a good lulz at the expense of others or bash vore, you are definitely not welcome and will be banned.

- Publishing a blog entry in order to flame something or someone won't be accepted. Also in general, publish one only if you have something important and Felarya-related to say. Don't use them for personnal things or as you would use Twitter..

- gatekeeping won't be accepted. There are some people who think they somehow hold the truth of what Felarya is ( or should be ) and attack others for not submitting to those views and basically ruin their experience. I don't want to see any such things there.

I think this covers it all. I want the group to be a pleasant place for everyone to share their ideas, creations and interest in Felarya. Have fun ! :D



it's chilly under there by stuntkid it's chilly under there :iconstuntkid:stuntkid 2,273 103 Druid A...Hippy Shi... by stuntkid Druid A...Hippy Shi... :iconstuntkid:stuntkid 1,487 60 emperor by molybdenumgp03
Mature content
emperor :iconmolybdenumgp03:molybdenumgp03 2,546 104
Half Elf Girl by kerembeyit Half Elf Girl :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 24,025 1,245 Capsule by zain7 Capsule :iconzain7:zain7 12,499 392 Dew Collector by darkmello Dew Collector :icondarkmello:darkmello 1,009 187 The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere The Bridge :icongate-to-nowhere:Gate-To-Nowhere 10,594 770 Yumi: Ohayo! by Jett0 Yumi: Ohayo! :iconjett0:Jett0 3,879 336 Collab: Upon Docking by kheleksul Collab: Upon Docking :iconkheleksul:kheleksul 1,772 248 Realm of Sea by muhoho-seijin Realm of Sea :iconmuhoho-seijin:muhoho-seijin 2,402 97 62 by JOEIAN 62 :iconjoeian:JOEIAN 2,680 156 International jet set by kalkulation International jet set :iconkalkulation:kalkulation 2,339 102 The Road to Tomorrow by Kyomu The Road to Tomorrow :iconkyomu:Kyomu 4,519 225 Don't be afraid by tahra Don't be afraid :icontahra:tahra 10,521 611 sneaker girls by Tomiokajiro sneaker girls :icontomiokajiro:Tomiokajiro 7,847 262 CRIMSON HARDCORE by redjuice999 CRIMSON HARDCORE :iconredjuice999:redjuice999 11,667 397










Contest winner !

Mature Content


Mature Content

by :iconnightsvallow:

Congratulations! :dance:

Crisis says...

Long Live Felarya !!!

Recent Journal Entries

I'll probably be offline for three weeks, starting this Saturday.

I'm not sure I'll have time to look at items submitted to the group gallery between now and then, so please don't submit any.
Yep since i'm back for a while i thought i would open up 1 or 2 request slots.

the only rules is that is that the scene is Felarya based and has a giantess in it in some way.

i can do original characters with from previous drawings or from a written description.

so go ahead and shoot me your ideas below or in my notes and ill do the ones i like the best!


well even before my pot got cleared for the group, he one on my page filled up entireley, completed requests coming soon!
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Welcome to the Seventeenth group contest ^_^

This time it will be for drawers. As usual the winner will be featured in the group page, and will get to choose the theme of the next contest :)
Our previous winner, :iconnightsvallow: , has chosen the theme of this one : Healing care

Show a scene with some Felaryans taking care of another. Perhaps through plant concoctions, magic, natural abilities or others means.

The characters in the picture can be of any species or size. I could be a giant pred taking care of another of their kind or of their small friend. Or, on the contrary, a human-sized creature using their small size to help a giant pred and so on. Maybe it's just a small wound or something more grievous and life threatening or it could be venom. I think it can create a touching picture or on opposite, a funny one. I had a couple of ideas myself while writing XP

The picture will be judged on the technique : the drawing, the composition, the coloring ( if you choose to go for one ) as well as the creativity ^^

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Rules are simple :

-The deviations must be within the deviantart policies.

-To enter the contest you must join the group

-All entries must be posted in the GROUP CONTEST gallery.

- Judging will be made by a panel of judges and me.

-If you enter the contest, you must be *ready* for the eventuality that you will loose. There will be only one winner... So if you can't accept that idea, then it's better you don't enter.. ^^;

-The contest will last one month, though the date is not engraved in iron.

- Multi-entries are allowed but avoid submitting more than two ( or remove one previous entry from the contest before )

I think this cover all. This contest is essentially mean for fun, so please enjoy it !  Any comments and suggestions are very welcome ^_^

EDIT : We're going to prolong the contest for two more weeks :) There is one entry for now and I know some people would like more chance to participate :3
Well we have a winner for the protector contest ^^

:iconnightsvallow: for  

Mature Content


Mature Content


Let me first say it was really difficult to pick a winner this time ! there was a lot of entries and all of them of very good quality :D

"Pearl in a world of dirt" though particularly striked me as both very well written and creative and in the same time right on the mark of the theme :)
Nightswallow managed to create a really interesting and unique ecosystem ,that you discover through the eyes of the poor protagonist who is having a rather rough day. The descriptions are very good  and paint a fascinating place, but also a dangerous one where danger come and strike unexpectedly. The characters are interesting and colorful and just fits well together, making that relation between a giant protector and prey-sized beings all the more credible and coherent. Overall it's a really pleasant story to read and that flow very well from start to finish !

Congratulations ! :dance:
You get to choose the theme of the next contest, which will be a drawing one this time :D

Thanks very much to every of you who participated ! ^_^
More Journal Entries


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Kululu17 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist

Felicitations my fellow Felarian fans! Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I want to ask the group to help me find the lost city of Xin. The city is not actually lost. Just not important enough to to be included on any map up to this point. I had a couple ideas where it COULD be located on that lovely map Mr. Karbo has drawn, but I don't want to accidentally conflict with existing lore.

For those not familiar with my stories, Xin is a smallish city located along a coast, surrounded by tediously dull plains, and woodlands. Except for a small flock of giant harpies and a few sundry mermaids, there are few giant predators. Also no historic ruins, valuable resources, or popular tourist attractions. The weather is generally lousy, being cold in the winter, and overcast and/or rainy for much of the remainder. On the plus side the real estate is quite affordable.

I'm getting to a point in my story where I'll have to start referring to known established places in Felarya, so I need to find a place for Xin. I had two possible locations in mind, please let me if there is any lore I'm missing, or if you can think of a better location!

Location 1. Just east of the mouth of the Motamo River. Looks like there is a plains, and some woodlands there, with the possibility of bad weather blowing in from the Torrential Coast.

Location 2. Myrodia Coast, just outside between Elifga valley and Direwind hills. Close enough to Imoreith Tundra to inherit some lousy winter weather.

Thanks in advance! And if there is a better place for me to post this query, let me know.

FrenchSnack Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I'm going to be offline from tomorrow (Friday) morning until Monday afternoon. My apologies if I don't get round to dealing with the items submitted for the gallery before then.
SophiaKS Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
Thank you so much for accepting my first story here.
I hope it's worth your time ^_^
Major-Owen Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
hello, thanks for accepting my story.
It's my first one, so it means a lots for me.
I've been watching and reading Felarya for so long...
Hurttoto Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Its no use they never pay attention to this chat...
Hurttoto Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Dude its no use they ignore new people.....
makor359 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
OOPS! Sorry, I meant female-dominated society!  Giantess' are more interesting!
makor359 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Is Felarya only a primeval planet/dimension where you can become a snack,or it it part of a greater civilization?? I s there perhaps an organized felines dominated society that rules over this place and others? If a felaryan adventure can focus on different places,and still snack,it could be very cool;)..Thanx..makor359
Hurttoto Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
Also is there a discord server or just the forum?
Hurttoto Featured By Owner Edited Oct 23, 2017
Ill like to join but...

I make poor art but great stories if given enough time.

Anyways you guys do roleplays?

Do i need to submit my experience?
DevilNaga Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So I am doing a little self Promoting here, don't know if that is against the rules. I have been making a fun little story about a Neera (mouse girl) who is friends with a Neko (cat girl) lots of fun Vore, and what I believe is a fun captivating story. So if you are looking for something fun to read, I ask you to give it a shot, and let me know what you think. Stay Tiny!
KeikoTheNeko Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do people role play here often?
me12345678 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
What is the etymology of the name "Felarya"? Where did it get its name?
Stringsartz Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
fey and feral mixed together methinks
dragon808tr Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
Hey everyone! Don't forget we have a specialized Felarya Fourm too! Join here!We would love to have you around!
raloibsp1 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi everyone, I'm making a fanfic about felarya but it's in Spanish, does not it matter if I post it in Spanish? I do not know if I'm the only Spanish here.
me12345678 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
You can definitely do that. Most users here use English, even those that come from non-Anglophone countries, but there's no rule that says "English, MFer, you must speak it."
raloibsp1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Student Digital Artist
okey i will trie to upload mi fanfic in spanish
dragon808tr Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Just wondering, how active is this group? I generally don't do much with groups, but Felarya is special to me. 
me12345678 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017
I can't access the wiki. Did something happen to it?
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