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Ayralef the Western War-Cold VengeanceCold Vengeance The campfire danced in the snow-dusted night air as First Lieutenant Flavius Glacus, wide-awake for the wee-morning hour, gazed into the flames, entranced. Fidgeting with the saddle ring of his crossbow as it rested, loaded and ready against his chest, he replayed the events of the past week in his mind, biting a sore into his bottom lip as he mulled, searching for something he’d missed, some aspect of things that could clear away the sense of doom in his heart, more fierce with every minute in pace with the worsening storm. Though the wind was mild, he was becoming quite cold—frozen to the bone, to be sure—and he worried that he may have strayed off course in the white-out, now in the wee hours of its third uninterrupted day and growing more severe by the hour; this was all less than ideal, no doubt, but the young cavalry officer had concerns of a far more troubling nature than of storm or of step, as he puzzled into the campfire’s prancing glow… for he knew with a reluctant, stubborn certitude that, perhaps only just off beyond the trees, something stalked him—something as ancient as the eons, and wicked.Part 1A week prior, on the first day of the journey, Flavius had ridden out from the occupied fortress city of Driesburg , with orders from Company B of the 9th Axillary Cavalry, off to take over for the winter as a newly-minted officer of the Frost Peaks mountain wilderness patrol, replacing a fallen colleague. Promoted to his rank only just recently, Flavius had been eager to dust his boots and prove himself a capable first lieutenant on his first true assignment—and his performance was to be evaluated, as became painfully clear upon his arrival at the riverside camp of his new riding companion and superior officer, with whom Flavius had been told to rendezvous at the base of the Frost Peaks. The campsite had appeared vacant when he had ridden in, and reckoning that his new patrol partner was off answering nature’s call or something of the like, Flavius called out, announcing his arrival. In an instant, Flavius was thrown to the ground, blinded in the late-morning sun and choking for breath, as a rope noose bit in tightly around his neck. As suddenly as the ambush had commenced, the choke hold loosened, and a firm hand from behind grabbed Flavius’s wrist, yanking him to his feet. Still gagging, Flavius spun around to meet his attacker.“If I was an inu, a loud-mouth like you’d be headed for a mighty unsavory month, boy. That’s how long a young kid like yourself’ll live after they take your scalp and wings—and kind as they are, they would make sure you see every minute of that month,” scolded the tall, lanky fairy, re-coiling his lasso rope. “I’m Major Domition Prava, and you’ll be riding west with me, got it?”Blushing with embarrassment, Flavius nodded meekly. “First Lieutenant Flavius Glacus reporting, sir!” He was awestruck by the sheer brute strength the stringy fairy had.“That’s all very good, now get yourself sorted to ride out—and fix your scarf, boy! You’re a trooper of the mountain patrol now for the Flame's sake,” Dom ordered as he moved to begin packing his horse.“Yes, er— Major!” returned Flavius, trying to feign the confidence that had been knocked out of him.The Major glanced over his shoulder as he pulled his saddle knots tight. “No more of that ‘Yes Major’ harpyshit son, you call me Dom from here out. Where we’re headed, there’s no cavalry, and no law, and certainly nobody to give one centaur’s puddl’a piss about your fancy new rank, nor mine for that matter, understood?”Flavius nodded, still unsure whether he was getting tough love or an unsavory portrait of his new commanding officer, as they mounted their horses and trotted westward along the river, through the thin, brittle ground frost, set in high relief against a pale blue sky. “That bit about the Inu and the scalp and wings… you haven’t seen things like that, have you Maj—uh, Dom?”From ahead, Dom peered back over his shoulder at Flavius and smiled, mischievously. “Boy, you won’t believe what you’ll find out here!” he barked, with a chuckle.As the fairies rode through the second day, Dom grilled Flavius on this matter and that, seemingly in attempts to poke and prod, feeling around for the young lieutenant’s weak spots, and a stop for a late morning meal at a small river-bow served as venue for what had seemingly become the pastime of the trip. Having finished his fill, a meek feast in line with his slender stature, Dom commenced to polishing his sword with a handkerchief, as he ranted to Flavius.“I see you brought a full quiver for your crossbow, there. What did you think we’d be up against, bandits?” pressed Dom, mockingly. “Boy, the trouble out here sees you long before you see it! Matter’a fact, let me ask you something, boy—do you know the purpose of this here patrol?”“I think so, yessir—we patrol to look for inu resistance groups and to assist larger patrols in scouting. And to capture ice sprites for Queen Melany, for whatever reason she needs them for.” Flavius replied with a raised brow, not entirely sure what Dom was after. “That was my impression, anyhow.”“Yeah sometimes, sure, like catching those ice sprites for the Mad Queen. Don’t they plead an’ beg when the dampening net goes over them? You almost have to pity them. I bet their Pa is mighty upset” replied Dom. A strange look passed over his face for a moment before he continued. “Most times, though, the fighting is long over by the time we scouts get there—and there aren’t any ‘fairies’ left need assisting. You know why they had you bring that spade, there?” he asked gruffly, as he pointed to the shovel slung to Flavius’s saddle pack by the net. “It’s because we’s the last dispatches for fairies that meet their ends out here. Usually the only assistance the fairies we find’ll need is going to be our help digging a nice, deep hole. We retrieve last legacies of patrols far beyond helping, boy—and most times, such fairies’ fates are as good as guessing.”Flavius tried to hide his grimace in response to Dom’s frankness.Seemingly feeding off of Flavius’s unease, Dom laughed with a sadistic sort of sarcasm. “You sucker-green kid, you won’t believe what you’ll find out here!”To the best of Flavius’s memory, the third day was when the tone of the entire venture had moved beyond the mere frustration of Dom’s lecturing, and into a place more ominous; the late afternoon was grey, imbued with thick, billowing cloud-cover. Though the morning’s ride had been uneventful, the casual atmosphere evaporated as the riders came upon a frosty, river-split meadow. A Crimsonian patrol could be seen standing on the meadow's far edge, just next to where the river flowed out from the woods—but something about the scene was unnervingly… off, though Flavius could not discern exactly how until they came to within about a hundred yards. The legionnaires , some fifteen of them by his count, were lifeless—lifeless, but frozen in place, as solid as blocks of ice, with each covered in a finger-thick, transparent ice shell that glistened, as if it were a candy-coating… but it was their pose that shook Flavius the most deeply. The patrol seemed to be frozen in recoil, terrified; the faces of some were frozen in a petrified shriek; others were ossified into the beginnings of a turn-and-run as they crammed and clamored over each other to get away—but each and every one of the fairies glossy, dead eyes were locked, in sheer horror, onto a single spot at the edge of the woods. They had been fleeing something.“By the Eternal Flame, what happened to them—what did they see?” probed Flavius, anxiously gripping the horn of his saddle as he solicited for answers, even condescending ones. “What on Ayralef came out of those woods?”From his horseback, Dom grinned in an especially unsettling way as he raised his hands, gesticulating immense size. “Flavius, look around you. This place… is older than memory—and we are guests here. You best not forget that, boy. We’re here because it allows us. Now follow close up,” he said, nudging his horse into a trot with a light kick and a flick of his reins.“Shouldn’t we bury them? Should we leave them like this?” Flavius asked weakly.Dom cackled out a cruel laugh. “Boy, they are frozen solid. We’ll bury them when we pass this way in the spring. They ain’t going anywhere.”That night at camp, Flavius rehashed the dead patrol again, wondering aloud. He’d hoped that Dom would yield some explanation, if just to salve his poor riding partner’s nerves, but Dom waved away Flavius’s concerns. “I’m sure it would’ve made perfect sense if you could’ve been there the moment it happened, boy, that’s always how things like that are,” he said, standing up from the campfire and strolling over to his pitch. “I’ve seen a million things just as strange out here—or stranger. Like I keep telling you, boy, you won’t believe what you’ll find out here. Sleep on it,” he said, climbing inside his tent.Part 2The dead border, the one that Flavius had never heard of, that’s not on any maps… that was where, Flavius decided, the events of their patrol had escalated from bizarre to downright macabre, midway through the fourth day. As the two riders approached it, despite the ever-grey skies, it had been impossible to miss—though a low-set fog had reduced the visibility to a quarter-mile or less, a piercing line of contrast could be seen, cleanly cleaving the forest into two distinct zones ahead of them; on their side, dense evergreen thickets that had garnished the majority of their journey—and on the other side, straight-ahead… the forest was sun-bleached white, and dead.“What is this place up ahead?” asked Flavius, willing to risk belittlement. “I’ve never heard of anything that looks—”“Forest fire, long ago.” Interrupted Dom. “All that’s left behind is bones.”Flavius had been unsettled by Dom since they’d first met days prior—the skinny prick didn’t leave a lot for warming up to, after all, and perhaps it was just the marble-white tree boneyard into which they rode, Flavius remembered thinking—but the way Dom had said what he did shook Flavius. All that was left were bones. The eerie scenery couldn’t have done a better job of helping that creepy bastard in setting his spooky tone. As if on some sinister queue, just as the fairies crossed over the border, into the dead forest, Dom began to digress,“The Inu won’t cross into this place, nor will our valka fae mercenaries. Nobody in the villages at the base of the mountains is old enough to remember exactly why, but the elders say these’re wicked lands—that they’re evil! Now, can you imagine such… praeposterus?” he asked rhetorically, smiling his impossibly wide, chilling, white-toothed smile.Though Flavius knew it to be ridiculous, he thought Dom’s grin stretched wider, even, than usual, as if reaching out to split his skull in half across the middle. That horrible winter-white smile, combined with Dom’s thin skull and sunken-in eyes, atop his tall, lanky frame—he looked especially skeletal. Yes, though Flavius knew it was absolutely improbable, he could almost swear that Dom’s limbs seemed to be even longer, even lankier than before—that Dom’s fingers seemed to have extended, appearing more claw-like, his fingers becoming longer and more nimble. Back on the fourth day, as they crossed the dead border, Flavius had tried to push it out of his mind—for he did not know then that it would be his last chance to turn back.On the morning of the fifth day as he ate his biscuit and drank his coffee by the fire, Flavius came to a horrible realization, made all the more troubling by the events of the previous two days, and further worsened by his growing distrust in his new partner—the game trail they’d been following had ended, sometime the day prior. Flavius didn’t even notice, apparently, as he’d been lost in an awestruck melancholy brought about by their fire-bleached deadwood surroundings after crossing the border that day. More worrying was the rapidly-deteriorating weather; snow fell in thin, sharp flakes, and it looked as though the storm would only grow. Flavius packed his horse silently alongside Dom, until his sense of urgency got the better of his wish to avoid scorn.“Dom, I don't reckon you’d see your way into going over the map with me?” asked Flavius, nervously. “It’s only that, well… we’re off the game trail now, and I figure we both should be familiar in case we have to spli—”Dom shook his head sternly, silencing Flavius. “Map? Boy, the only map out here is this one,” he scoffed, pointing to his right temple. “And this little doohickey.” Dom produced a lump from his coat pocket and tossed it to Flavius. It was a compass, of spartan build to put it mildly, with the N-S-E-W etched with some kind of sharp point into the exposed, shaky tin dial, along with the name, ‘Iulian’ on the backplate. “You can hold onto that if it’ll keep your sub ubi un-bunched; don’t need it after all these years, anyhow. And you can spare me your judgments on the build quality, as it was your predecessor’s.”“Whatabouts… what happened to him, by the way, if you don’t mind my asking, Dom?” croaked Flavius, regretting it instantly. He hadn’t truly wanted to know, he thought. Dom grinned his horrible grin—yes, a wider grin now, more sinister, Flavius was sure—and pointed his long, spindly finger directly up into the snowfall. “These storms, they are unnatural, created by an angry power I think, Flavius—you’ll get lost in ‘em like that!” he exclaimed, snapping his fingers. Flavius swore he’d seen a new, foreboding twinkle in Dom’s eyes as he did so. “Speaking of, this storm’ll be an ugly one by the looks of it, so you’ll stick to me like a fly on a shit wagon, if you’re smart—in line with all that, let the compass serve as a warning to you, more than a bearing, y’hear? It’s the last living piece anyone’ll see of ol’ Iulian, and a hundred times more than you’ll find of most fools that meet their ends out here. Now let’s get riding, and follow me closely, for the Flames’s sake,” he said, mounting his horse.The fairies rode northward—Flavius checked the compass from time to time—as the morning faded to afternoon, the snowfall now having grown into a still, windless white-out. Just as they prepared to stop for a midday meal, a dark silhouette appeared out of the snow ahead of them, beyond some trees; as they drew nearer, the shape of a tent and camp could be made out, inside of a tight clearing. On the far side of the camp, two cavalry horses stood hitched to a tree, yanking nervously at their reins.“Should we post up somewhere out of sight for a bit and watch for activity?” asked Flavius. “Could be danger, right?”“Won’t be necessary, boy—use your eyes,” replied Dom, gesturing towards the tent. “That thing’s got two inches of snow on it, and it’s only snowed one inch since morning. Those fairies are long gone—have been since yesterday evening, at the very least.” Dom smiled his bone-chilling smile, now easily the widest part of his impossibly thin skull.Sure enough, as they crossed the camp’s perimeter, it was clear that the horses were near starving; they’d not been fed for days, at best, having eaten themselves out of reachable grazing grass. Flavius, ever the keen observer, started to add things up; no Crimsonian soldier would willingly leave these kinds of supplies out here, at least not if anything good happened to them—and especially not horses. He surveyed around his boots; no foot tracks, sans Dom's and his own. He could rule out an inu or wild animal ambush, as a mere inch or two of snow wouldn’t sufficiently bury evidence of the ensuing struggle, and nothing of the sort could be seen. “Besides,” Flavius had mused, upon seeing crossbow bolts strewn inside the tent, much to his chagrin, “what in the world would take down well-armed fairies, yet leave horses unharmed, tied defenselessly to trees?” Flavius massaged his brow in disquieted confusion, puzzling.“Son, I keep telling you, over and over…” chuckled Dom, from behind.“Yeah Dom, I get it, alright?” Flavius hissed, forgetting himself in his growing panic, balling his fists in frightened rage. “I won’t belieeeeve what I’ll find out here,” he said mockingly, trying to keep the nervous tremble out of his voice. “Well I belieeeeve it just fine, Dom, belieeeeve me!" He spun around towards Dom. “And you need to start taking all of this more seriou—"Dom was nowhere in sight. Flavius was alone.With that, his final nugget of remaining fortitude vanished. With a lightning like haste, Flavius mounted his horse and rode onward, continuing north. He wanted nothing to do with the deserted camp at that point, and his wits were shaken far beyond use. He rode at a brisk trot—as fast as the terrain would allow—through the night, and still on through the next day, lost in a terrified stupor. He stopped and made camp only when the blizzard rendered further passage impossible. As he pitched his tent, he could swear he heard a voice on the evening wind… it was cackling.Part 3The flash and crack report of an air bubble rupturing inside one of the fire logs jolted Flavius, ripping him out of his umpteenth flashback of the previous week, back into the present. He’d seen no sign of Dom or his horse in the day and a half since he’d fled the deserted camp—and he didn’t care to dwell on it. As soon as the sun rose, Flavius would continue riding on, no matter the storm’s fierceness, even if he’d see no further than the tip of his own nose. He needed rest, as riding through the night had left him exhausted. Satisfied that thinking would be easier once he was mobile again come daybreak, he entered his tent and climbed into his bedroll; a pallid, restless sleep found him, due only to his sheer enervation.The next morning, Flavius woke to the same unnatural blizzard-force storm that had raged on for days. Slightly defeated at the sight, yet still motivated by fresh-enough fear, he packed his camp with particular haste, before kneeling down by the now-embers of his campfire, to scarf down a desperately-needed bit of jerky ahead of his departure. Deciding to orient himself preemptively, Flavius reached into his pocket, feeling for the compass. As he did, a large shadow slowly emerged from the woods, into the camp, obscured by the blizzard until it was within an arm’s reach of Flavius, startling him for his life—Dom’s horse. Appearing as unperturbed as ever, complete with Dom’s saddle rig mounted neatly, the now highly out-of-place animal rattled him; he wasn’t glad to see it one bit. In fact, he hated it. It reminded him that Dom had, well… He pulled out his compass, and he was greeted by a terror of a far greater nature. All it had taken, to shatter Flavius’s entire universe of hope, was the act of producing the compass… the N-S-E-W on the dial had been replaced by L-O-S-T, and now spun aimlessly. he slowly turned the compass over, exposing the backplate in his leaf-trembling hands—it read, “Flavius.” Just then, from all directions at once, he heard the faintest of whispers, calling out from the storm.“Boy,” it taunted, “you won’t belieeeeve… what will find you out here!”It was only then, in that instant, Flavius realize that it had been Iulian who he was supposed to meet a week prior… and that whatever it was that he had come to know as “Dom” would see to it that they’d soon meet after all—Flavius knew this; he could hear it on the wind! It was here! Now! A branch cracked and broke directly behind him, but he didn’t bother glancing back—he already knew what was there. As First Lieutenant Flavius Glacus, of the 9th Auxiliary Cavalry, Company B, knelt down and closed his eyes, ready to surrender to the personified horror rising up behind him, he had one final notion:“The patrol’s patrolled by somethin’ old!” he blurted out with a gruesome, tear-streaked chuckle, in the final moment just before something, wicked and ancient as eons—and angry—lunged down upon him, its agape jaws stretched into a wide, sinister smile.

Mature Content

World War Ayralef: Book TwoDeception IOnce Anna's "scorpion" weapon, with the clearly advanced A.I. named "Felice" at the controls, achieved breakthrough on the exterior wall of Black Tower Prison, victory was nigh inevitable.Both Anna's Deluran commando unit, and Corbin Landau's volunteers from the Angkoran Defense Battalion, were able to charge at the prison, across open ground, with little fear of retaliation from the machine gun nests of the prison guards. That's because the prison nests were frantically firing away at Felice, trying to stop her from continuing to do damage. But the scorpion was double-plated, in some areas even triple-plated, with titanium caliber metal, that was highly resistant to bullet and missile attacks. Like pebbles from a slingshot, most of the machine gun rounds simply bounced off, like they had in the initial charge. Most importantly, now that she was inside the prison compound, the Deluran Army could not swarm her over with as much firepower as they could before. This problem grew increasingly dire, as more towers collapsed under scorpion attack, and the secret weapon of Anna Demorah was reinforced by Angkora's fighters themselves.To top it all off, the prisoners started rioting. They knew they were saved. And they also appreaciated that their saviors needed assistance. So a well-timed prison revolt caught the Deluran prison guards by complete surprise, under the circumstances, and pinned them down even further. Unbeknownst to all but a few, some of these prisoners were not ordinary prisoners. There were fairies in their midst. Fairy warriors who were quite good at fighting in a battle of this kind. With secretive magical subtlety, and high-class fighting skills of their very own, these prisoners were able to take down some of the more heavily implanted machine gun nests, and command towers, with high effectiveness. While still pretending to be nothing more than rioting prisoners. So frantic was all the commotion, that nobody who wasn't one of them really noticed.It was here, now, in this chaos, that Carolingia, the secret leader, of this secret sabotage force, was finally able to be reunited with the human male who might have once stolen her heart.In her disguised form, she called herself "Reina." And her ordinarily blue hair was a dark brown, while her ordinarily red eyes were a mere greenish tint. Even her clothing was meant to look like nothing more than a prisoner's tattered garb. This was all thanks to her illusion magic. It could literally fool almost anyone. And Reina was determined to fool Corbin Landau most of all!As soon as she saw him, she smiled. He had definitely aged. Humans, after all, aged so much more quickly than fairies did. Fourteen years had clearly piled themselves on the lines of his face, and patches of his unshaven facial hair. He wasn't old enough yet to become "wrinkled," but his handsome face was definitely taking on the mileage of a male in his upper years of prime. And it looked so wonderful on him! Carolingia had to literally stop herself from sprinting straight at him, and leaping into his arms! She had to remind herself there was an important job she had to do. And a part she was duty-bound to play. Above all, Carolingia couldn't dare to betray the trust of Queen Soinee!But she was a good actress. One had to be, to be an illusionist, after all. Assuming her role as Reina, she collapsed to the ground nearby, yet made sure she was in Corbin's line of sight, as she pretended to be wounded and unconscious. She even used her magic to make her disguise appear bruised, and bleeding. "The prisoners are revolting!" she heard Corbin shout to his allies nearby, both Deluran and Sagolian. "Reinforce them, if you can! Their safety is of top priority to this mission!"Several soldiers barked back affirmation, as they clumsily fired in different directions, while they spread apart. The Delurans were clearly better at handling guns than the Sagolians, who were also pretty clearly not used to these types of armaments. But still, they did their duties as well as they could. Carolingia made sure that her eyes were closed, as she heard a pair of footfalls draw close to her body. She knew it was Corbin. She had seen him trotting toward her fallen body while he dished out his orders to his men. He had seen her collapse! He was worried for her! He was coming to make sure she was okay!Carolingia tried, unsuccessfully, to slow her heart rate down, as he knelt beside her, on his left knee, and gently rolled her over. Immediately, he took off one of his guantlets, and used his bare fingertips to check her neck for a pulse. When he felt it, he took his hand away, and sighed, with what had to be relief."Madam... I'm sorry we took so long to rescue you," he said, shaking her gently, to stir her, "but we're here now, and we're taking you back to Angkora, where you'll be absolutely safe from this war."Carolingia opened her eyes, and stared upward at the expected visage, which belonged to that voice. Seeing his wonderful, sympathetic, blue eyes looming over her face, the disguised fairy prisoner momentarily lost control of her whims. She couldn't even hesitate to throw her arms around his shoulders, and lean up toward his face...Two minutes later, another voice, originating from a newly arrived individual, who was also female, cleared her throat and spoke up:"Are you two about done snogging, or do I need to get you a room??"It was Corbin who pushed himself away from Reina, as he only just now seemed to realize she was making out with him, in the middle of a war zone. His expression was an adorable mix of shock, and confusion, as he looked at her, then at the newcomer, then back at her, as though he were a five-year old boy, caught with his hand in the cookie jar by a strict mother.He tried to stammer out some kind of apology, to both of them, but Carolingia merely flopped back to the ground, as though still wounded, and did the rescuing herself. "Oh... I'm so... s-sorry," she said, weakly, up at them. "F-for a... for a minute I... thought you were my... dead husband... you look so much l-like him... I'm sorry...""Uh-huh..." said the redheaded Deluran, the one called Anna, still glaring at her, but now swinging her eyes dangerously at Corbin. "Is she telling the truth, or do you need a good ass-kicking on behalf of your wife, you cocksucker?""No! I..." Corbin leaned back on his haunches, and threw up his arms in mock surrender at the Deluran general. "I came over, because she was unconscious, and bleeding! I was just making sure she wasn't dead! I had no idea she--she..." he glanced at Reina, his face pale from bottled up panic. "She kissed me! I didn't know that was going to happen! I... I-I...""Are a doofus. Just admit it," Anna admonished him, but clearly not with the full brunt of her anger. "I just couldn't help noticing how you weren't exactly flailing to get off of her while she was polishing your tonsils, you prick.""I... I swear I'm... I'm..." Corbin looked back and forth between Anna and Reina, his expression completely, adorably, helpless to explain. Carolingia actually had to stop herself from throwing herself at him again. She had to keep up the act."I'm sorry... Like I said... I thought you were Rennik," she said, making up a name for her fake husband. "If you're married, then... I'm doubly sorry.""At any rate, we don't have time for this," said Corbin, climbing to his feet, and grabbing his gun. "We still have people to save here, and not a lot of time before the Deluran Army finds out about this, if they haven't already." He walked up to Anna, and swung his eyes around, looking for trouble. "Are we still having trouble anywhere? Where do you need me to go now?"His eyes, Carolingia noted, settled somewhere off on the horizon. Anna noticed this as well."We're almost done here anyway," the redhead replied, noting his distraction. "And you suck with a gun. Always have. I swear, watching you is like watching a toddler."Corbin glared at Anna, but it was more out of indignant embarrassment than any real anger. "Yeah, well... swords aren't exactly good tools in a battle like this.""Smartest thing you've said all day," said Anna, rolling her eyes at him, and storming away. "I know what you're really worried about, besides molesting the average P.O.W...""Hey! Knock it off! You know I'm innocent!" Corbin snapped at her backside."Whatever!" Anna retorted, holding up her left arm to silence him, still walking away. "Go check on the bird. That's what you really want to do. I'm sure she's fine, but I can't stand you constantly being distracted while we're trying to fight a war."Corbin's face clearly didn't like that line, but he didn't respond, as he turned toward the prisoner he had just 'rescued.' "Stay here, and stay down," he told her. "I'll summon a medic to come check on you. There's another soldier I have to make sure is alright."Carolingia, still pretending to be a mere prisoner, nodded weakly, and laid her head back down on the ground, as she watched Corbin stride away, and flag down a military medic. He was worried about the harpy. The one who had distracted the prison guns long enough for the Deluran scorpion weapon to right itself, and resume its' attack on the prison wall. She knew this because she had watched her fall from the sky, when one of the Deluran towers managed to actually hit her with its' machine guns.*****Less than an hour later, the signal for "mission accomplished" was launched into the air, in the form of a fired green flare, from a gun. The minute she saw this, Anna lowered her rifle, slung it over her right shoulder, by the strap, and immediately began striding amongst the milling soldiers of her, and Corbin's, armies, and dishing out a new set of orders."Battle's over!" she barked, making sure she was loud enough for everyone nearby to hear her. "But we got no time to throw a party! Gather every prisoner you can find, and make for the tree cover! If I'm General Stark, I've got every air unit in the command on their way here, fully loaded, to ruin our day!! We need to be out of sight within fifteen minutes, no later! Captain Musberger, you got command until I get back!""Roger that," the named captain responded, with a salute, then immediately spun about, and began dishing out more specific orders to anyone with a gun, nearby. Anna was satisfied to see none of them, not even Sagolians, dragging their feet, as they hurried to evacuate the liberated prisoners. Anna would have overseen this part of the mission herself, but she was curious about how Corbin was doing. It was notable how he still hadn't reappeared in the middle of everything.That usually did not mean anything good...*****Where the albino harpy had crashed down was less than a football field's length from the exterior prison walls. So Anna had no bones about sprinting, to get there as fast as she could, even in full fatigues. When she showed up to where she knew Corbin was, she was almost shocked enough to fall over!The Chief Deluran Field-medic, Colonel-Doctor Emilio Patrone, was standing off to the side of the scene, as he watched a despondent younger soldier, in full Sagolian armor, openly weeping over what looked like a heap of white, blood-stained sheets. Anna's mouth dropped open, unable to believe what she was seeing.But one glance over to the doctor was the only confirmation she needed. Doctor Patrone, an army veteran in his own right, who had served on Ayralef almost as long as Anna had, caught her eye, as she stared his way. His already bitterly disappointed face soured further, as he silently shook his head, in a negative gesture, at the unasked question hanging in the air. Anna could hardly believe it, when she saw him shake his head at her. But military doctors were honor-bound never to lie to superiors. Not that doctors, in general, were given to lying to begin with. The head-shake could only mean one thing. Marlena, Corbin's familiar of almost a decade, had become yet another casualty of this war.And Corbin was not so manly that he felt the need to conceal his grief. He wept next to the shrouded familiar, still giant-sized, apparently because she had died before she could shrink herself down to human proportion. He looked genuinely torn apart. Because he blamed himself. It was stupid to blame himself, but Corbin was simply wired to take on responsibility for everyone else's behavior. "When you are a leader, everything will be your fault, just as everything will be your glory," Anna remembered him telling her, a long time ago, back when they were enemies, yet he was treating her wounds as if she were one of his own soldiers. "Don't ever forget to own your mistakes, because if you do... you will become a rotten leader, and be responsible for more death and damage to your army than your enemies will be."He had allowed Marlena to risk her life, to save Felice from being hopelessly mired under constant enemy fire, and unable to complete her mission. It was, in a nutshell, the right decision to make.She still recalled how Corbin had cried out in horror, and almost sprinted in the harpy's direction, as everyone saw the familiar get shot out of the sky by prison bullets. Anna had restrained him. So had Crisis, who had also come on the mission, and was still inside the prison, doing what she needed to do. They had both held him back, because although they knew how he surely felt, staying safely out of sight until the prison was breached was the right thing to do."You said she'd be okay..." Anna felt like a pike stabbed her in the chest, as she turned on her heel, and beheld the blond naga warrior slowly slithering her way up beside them. Crisis didn't have to ask. She could tell from Corbin's audible tears, and the gigantic white shroud, covered in blood stains, what had happened.Anna bit her lip, and turned to look back at Corbin once again, tears instantly coming into her field of vision, at the weight of that accusation.She had indeed held Corbin back, so that nobody from the prison could shoot him dead while he sprinted toward his fallen familiar. It was more important, she'd told him, that the attack go on as planned. As a good leader himself, Corbin quickly agreed to that, and calmed himself for the coming battle.Anna had also assured him that Marlena was fine. That there was no way a few bullets could take down a giant-sized familiar so easily. She was sure she'd seen Crisis herself survive much worse before...But Marlena was clearly not Crisis."It's all my fault. You can go ahead and blame me, if you want to," said Anna, in a deadened tone of voice, in response to Crisis. "I thought that she would be fine. I've seen you, after all, take so much more punishment than that. Better collect the man, get his act together. And shrink that body down with your magic, if you can, so we can carry it off with us. Time is short. We have to get out of here before the enemy counterattack arrives. And trust me, they are coming..."Crisis did not argue, or complain, at the coldness of those orders. She was, after all, still a soldier. And she had fought in wars before, against enemies like this.Anna turned, and began walking back toward the prison. Part of her wanted to tell those words to Corbin, herself. But she couldn't take the thought of saying such cold words to him, so soon after he'd lost his familiar. Better that Crisis, a person he had known his whole life, and who knew better how to get on his good side, be the one to tell him.Doctor Patrone, who clearly was not needed out there anymore, ran to catch up to her. "I'll see to getting the wounded ready for evac," he announced to her. "I'll have the fallen up and out of sight in fifteen minutes, tops.""How did it happen? Humor me," Anna murmured. She herself wanted to know."It wasn't the bullets that killed her," said Patrone, after thinking for a moment. "Those injuries were superficial. She would have gotten over them just fine.""That's not what I asked, soldier," said Anna, her voice hardening, like diamonds."Right..." Patrone stammered, as though searching for a gentle way to put things, "it was her neck. It was broken. Probably when she hit the ground. Most harpies, if they're wounded, know how to fall gently, with their wings. Just like wounded birds on our world. But she landed hard... and almost directly on her spine. She... I think she must have lost consciousness while still in the air, and couldn't stop her fall. That's my theory, anyway.""Carry on," Anna responded, her voice still dead of emotion. The field doctor quickly sprinted off, leaving the redhead to pause for a moment, and lean over, putting her hands on her knees, to keep from falling over, as she stared at the ground, at her feet. Marlena, a harpy forced into military duty because of her licensing to a soldier, and someone who never truly loved fighting, died because military duty. Because she was forced into action by circumstances outside of her control.Just like every soldier. Anna, too, had almost died that way once. Until she was saved by an enemy..."It's not your fault, Corbin," she murmured, under her breath, to herself, even while she looked over her shoulder, back at the white mound of sheets concealing the dead harpy. "If you have to blame anyone... you are completely right to blame me. This battle was my idea. And Marlena's sacrifice... I was the one who held you back from stopping her. Her death is entirely on me..."Anna Demorah did not even stop to wonder why it was that she was crying, as she finished her self-admonishment.She simply kept walking toward the prison, to see to the evacuation.*****"He lost his familiar," said Carolingia, as her disguised fairy wingmate, Latona, walked up beside her."They're moving us prisoners out. Better move along with them, if you don't wanna arouse suspicion," Latona replied, shortly."The poor girl. It's all my fault," Carolingia replied, as she dutifully walked next to Latona, toward the gaping hole in the prison wall that the Deluran weapon had made at the start of the battle, and the trees one could clearly see beyond it."I'm glad you at least grasp that part," replied Latona, in a quiet voice, as they merged with the main group of prisoners. "Nobody had to die to rescue you. But you were so selfishly longing for your 'hero' to meet you again, the way you wanted...""He's hurting now," Carolingia responded, in a soft voice. "I suppose it falls to me to provide the comfort he'll need.""yeah, well... don't forget about the tree..." Latona muttered. "You wanna make it up to the human... win this war for us. Wouldn't wanna be around Soinee if you fail her..."And with that, Latona stormed off.*****The knock, which came to the bedroom door, had very little energy, or enthusiasm. That should have been some kind of a warning, to an alert person. But Aqua was not in the mood to be alert. A messenger had told her, less than half an hour ago, that the battle at the prison was over, and the Sagolians and Delurans were returning, via the same portal that Queen Seluvine could muster.That meant that her egg-daughter, Marlena, was also coming back. As a mother, Aqua couldn't help being worried about Marlena. It was probably unnecessary, but one never did stop being a mother, even when her daughters were adults."Finally, they're here," said Scarlet, her other present egg-daughter, moving to answer the door. "Your pacing was beginning to drive me up the tree...""Yeah, well, shut up and let them in," Aqua snarked back. "Next time I might just send you along with them."Scarlet stuck out her tongue, but dutifully answered the door, while Aqua hung back, near the bed, trying to compose herself. "It's General Landau, mom," said Scarlet, escorting the singular guest into the room. Marlena was notably not with him. But he did carry a small bundle in his left arm. "Hello, 'Queen's Pet'," Aqua needled him with the nickname. "I trust you didn't make the Delurans do all the work this time?""It wasn't the Delurans who saved the day today," said Corbin, the volume, tone, and heaviness behind his voice, was unmistakable. He was in a state of emotion that never portended good things. And as soon as he made eye contact with Aqua, and started unwrapping the bundle of cloth in his arm, Aqua understood the magnitude of news she was about to receive.She sat, heavily, upon the mattress, even as Corbin approached Aqua, and pulled the cloth covering of his bundle away, fully, to reveal the unmistakable metal urn he held in his arms."I'm so sorry, 'egg-mother Aqua'," Corbin stated, his voice already thick with emotion. "But I was unable to stop your daughter from being a true hero of Ur-Sagol. She died... so that we could win, and Ur-Sagol's prisoners could have freedom."Aqua took the urn, both disbelief, and a stubborn refusal to believe what she was hearing right now, waging war inside her chest. It felt so horridly heavy, even though the weight of it should not have mattered to a shrunken giant such as she. Perhaps it was emotional weight she was feeling. Her vision blurred, as she stared at her own reflection coming off of its' burnished exterior."You've gotta be shitting me!" said Scarlet, who had stood up, even as Aqua collapsed to her rear, and strode over to see the urn for herself. "How did this happen?!""She flew, in full view of the enemy, so that they would not fire at us, while we attacked their walls," said Corbin, barely holding his emotions in his voice back. "I did not order her to do it, but... she insisted... And I was unable to stop her from going."Aqua held up her left wing, to stop Corbin from talking, even as she squeezed her eyes shut, and quietly wept at the sudden loss. "Tell me... why you couldn't at least... let me be there for her cremation... Is that why you took so long to tell me...?!""We cremated her... so that we could get back, quickly," explained Corbin, still sounding utterly depressed. "She died in giant-form. Burning her to ashes was the only way to carry her back... before the enemy reinforcements... killed us all.""Gods of Ayralef!..." Scarlet wheezed, covering her mouth with both of her wingtips, and stumbling off toward the window, to peer outside.Aqua completely lost her cool, and started to cry, as she leaned down, and planted her lips, lovingly, on the urn's exterior. Then, she looked up at Corbin Landau's crushed expression, and her gaze hardened into a glare."You coward! You couldn't even do my daughter the decency of riding her into battle, and sharing in her peril, could you?!" Those were the words that oozed out of her mouth."I couldn't..." Corbin started to say, but shame clearly kept him from saying any more words. He cast his gaze away, eyes misting with more tears."Couldn't what?! Summon the courage to put anyone other than my little girl into harm's way?!!" Aqua raged, placing the ur on the mattress, standing up to full height, and twisting her facial expression into a proper snarl. "I couldn't... stop her..." Corbin said, tears now running freely from his irises, but still refusing to make eye contact. "She insisted...""She was no warrior! She was never MEANT to die like this!! You are the worst human being who has ever partnered a familiar, you piece of trash!!!!" Aqua lost control, and kicked Corbin over backward, knocking the human flat on his back. With another sweeping move, she stomped her foot down, upon his chest, pinning him to the floor, then, with almost no hesitation, she raised her right leg, flexing her avian claws, on her toes, getting read to tear his exposed throat out of his neck!"SHE DIED BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO COURAGE, YOU BASTARD!!!!" She roared, striking for his neck, without hesitation... like a true wild harpy would!Only to be stopped, by a lightning fast snake-tail, of blueish tint, which snared her, by the ankle, and held her fast.Aqua stumbled to regain her balance, then looked up, to see Crisis standing in the doorway. Her muscled arms were crossed, over her chest, but fully flexed. Ready for action. And the look on her own face was every bit as dangerous as the one on Aqua's. "That would be a huge 'no-no'," growled the blonde naga. "Because if you killed him, I wouldn't hesitate to chop you into fish-bait!""WHY DIDN'T HE RIDE WITH HER, INTO DANGER?!" Aqua roared back, suddenly wanting to kill Crisis, too. "WHY DID HE SACRIFICE MY LITTLE GIRL?!!?"When Crisis moved, it was with lightning speed. Like a coiled cobra, the naga was, in the blink of an eye, face to face with Aqua, her forehead practically touching the harpy's. Aqua actually gasped, not expecting that speed. If this naga had wanted to kill her... there would be no defense against it! That realization was terrifying..."Simple... because your 'little girl' told him to stay behind. And I agreed with her. Everyone did," explained Crisis, her voice less of a sweet intonement, and more of a growl. "And I don't know if you know this, but killing him won't even make you feel better. I know from experience. So why don't you do us both a favor, and take a fucking SEAT??"Crisis shoved Aqua backward, onto the nearby bed, even as the last word of her question came out of her mouth."Crisis, that's enough," said Corbin, firmly, but gently, as he climbed back to his feet, and rearranged parts of his armor, so that they weren't askew anymore. "I can't stop you from blaming me for Marlena's death, if that's what you truly want to do," Corbin continued, looking at Aqua directly, with eyes that were nearly devoid of pride, or confidence. "In fact, I don't want to. Because I already do that to myself. I only ask for the opportunity to make up for my failure. Because Ur-Sagol is still in a shitty place right now. Killing me won't save it. It certainly won't save your remaining daughters. But I want the chance to save everybody else. That's what your daughter wanted to do. It's what she would want me to do."Aqua cursed under her breath, and glared sidelong at the urn that was now lying on the bed, on its' side. "I hate you. I have this feeling I always will," Aqua said, refusing to make any more eye contact with the human. "So why don't you get out of here, and leave my family to grieve in peace?""I understand. Crisis, let's go," said Corbin, turning to walk out of the room. Crisis followed him out, her body still tense from pent-up anger, but she said nothing to escalate things.*****Lea opened her eyes, having just finished her latest incantation, and took at least half a minute to admire her handiwork. She stared out across the freshly plowed soil. Across a thirty-acre stretch of tillable prairie, just outside the outer wall of Ayralef. This area had been completely tilled over, and carefully planted, by a virtual army of farmers, most of whom had come up with the Negav survivors. The seeds were finished being planted mere minutes ago. In that time, Lea used a spell she'd never even learned before, but somehow instinctively knew. She used the heaps of magical energy she always felt coursing through her veins, thanks to her connection to the Giant Tree. And with that magic, she grew those mere seeds into fully grown, and fully ripened, adult plants, of all kinds. And she did so in the span of mere minutes...There was corn. There were potatoes. There were tomatoes, and broccoli, and peppers from the southern Negav region. Anything that could be grown in a farm, and eaten, was there. Unmolested by weeds, or insects, because there had been no time for pests to ruin the fruit of the land. "Well done. I like this idea of yours," Queen Seluvine approved, waving the gathered farmers, who were both bowled over with awe, and deliriously happy to see such fast fruit borne from their labors, forward, to harvest the suddenly grown crops. "Ur-Sagol has food again. And given the thousands of people we're about to get in our city, we're going to need it. In fact, I'll have the farmers who haven't yet done any work to plow some more land.""Make sure you keep those plots of land underneath my dome," Lea reminded the queen. "Otherwise I can't protect them from outsiders.""Yes, yes, yes... And why don't you tell me to breathe, while you're at it?" Seluvine waved off her worries, and sauntered away. Just in time for a messenger to run up, from seemingly out of nowhere, and bow to her. Lea wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but she couldn't help overhearing the news that her husband was back. And so was Crisis, and Anna, and the vast majority of the troops who had gone to help fight with them. That was the good news.It was the bad news that she wasn't ready for. Myreli walked back over to her, her smile had faded to a more sour expression. One of someone who had to give someone else bad news. Lea tried to brace herself, even though part of her knew that would do no good."Take a break, while we plow some more fields for you to 'miracle plant'," the ruler of Ur-Sagol muttered, in a low voice. "Your husband needs you right now. I've just been told that the harpy called 'Marlena' is no longer among the living. I want you to make sure he's still in a good frame of mind for me."Lea's mouth hung open, as the queen strode away, to dish out new orders to the city's farmers. Marlena?! Lea was not exactly sure she was in a 'good frame of mind,' after hearing that Marlena, of all people, was dead.TO BE CONTINUED...
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Every once in a while i like to d a request giveaway to those who don't have the means to get a commission. and today is one of those days!
The only rule for entry is if you haven't gotten anything from me in the past year.
As stated above, the image will be a flat color face portrait of your OC.
I would prefer that you have visual references even a simple drawing, but a well written visual description can work too.
Type your entries in the comments below, and ill pick the one i like best! good luck!
this request opening will be kept separate from the other one currently on my profile , saved this one is saved especialy for felarya peeps =3
Once this has been up for a few hours and a few people have had the chance to enter i will get back to all the responses!
******************If you wish to enter for a non felaryan character, please post your comment over at the other request giveaway (link below)**************************
:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Let's start the year with a new group contest ;3
This time it will be for artists. Zabas392, the previous winner, chose the theme:

Pranks ! In a sense it's a bit similar to the trick one but  it could still yield some fun results, and this time it's for drawers :D

So draw a Felaryan character messing with another ! It could be some harmless fun, or some fun that end up down a gullet X3 ( in that case that was probably a trick as well ! ). It could be a pred teasing a tiny or the other way around or just one pred messing up with a friend of their size for example. After all, Felaryans too have to let of the steam at some moments ;3

Here the things that are going to especially matter are the expression on the faces and the body language, conveying surprise or amusement for example and, of course, the base idea.  What kind of prank can be played in world like Felarya ? You decide ! ;)

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Rules  are simple :

-The deviations must be within the deviantart policies.

-To enter the contest you must join the group

-All entries must be posted in the GROUP CONTEST gallery.

- Judging will be made by a panel of judges and me.

-If you enter the contest, you must be *ready* for the eventuality that you will loose. There will be only one winner... So if you can't accept that idea, then it's better you don't enter.. ^^;

-The contest will last one month, though the date is not engraved in iron.

- Multi-entries are allowed but avoid submitting more than two ( or remove one previous entry from the contest before )

I think this cover all. This contest is essentially mean for fun, so please enjoy it !  Any comments and suggestions are very welcome ^_^
Well we have a winner for the trick contest ^^  ( not too soon I know ^^; )
I apologize for taking so much time to decide for this one. I'll make up for it with something special from me for the next writing contest ;3

There was really a lot of great entries, well written and creative. The winner was not easy to pick but in the end I chose :iconzabas392: for   That's Knot Funny!That's Knot Funny!
Crisis, Subeta, and the realm of Felarya belong to Karbo
Extract from Attack on the Giant Tree: Chapter One:
[Lea is having difficulty with magic and Crisis has come to motivate her. This is the end of their conversation.]
“Well anyway, I’m here to cheer you on and practice makes perfect sooo… get practicing!" Crisis ordered playfully.
“Okay, okay! Don’t get your tail in a knot,” Lea chuckled.
“I’ve never done that," the blonde naga huffed indignantly. That was a lie but she’d never admit that.

Many years ago…
There are very few pleasures in life that feel better than relaxing in a cool river and letting the icy water flow over your body. That is what the young naga, Crisis, was doing right now.
Upon waking up that morning, she had eagerly decided to have a quick dip in a nearby river to help freshen herself up before venturing out and looking for breakfast. Still only a young, adolescen

That story was both really cute and funny while being right on the mark concerning the theme. It was well paced and well described, making the whole scene easy to visualize and it put a big silly grin on my face at the end :D

Congratulations ! You get to choose the theme of the next contest, which will be a drawing one this time  ^_^
Thanks very much to every of you who participated !
Well the last theme didn't inspire you guys much ^^;   We'll close the contest and move on a different theme, this time for writers  :)

As usual, the winner will be featured in the group page, and will get to choose the theme of the next contest.

The theme is : tricks

Surprise, deception, and ruse are all important tools to survive in Felarya. Sometimes one has to think quickly or outside the box to trick others creatures in order to gain an advantage, be it for a predator to catch a stubborn prey or for a prey, to avoid ending up in a stomach !

So tell the story of either a predator in Felarya catching a prey using  an unexpected trick : Maybe the predator is using a rare hunting method ? Maybe they're using the terrain to their advantages in a surprising way ?  A trap in a trap perhaps ? At any rate, the prey didn't see coming and is probably about to become lunch !

Or tell the story of a prey refusing to go down the hatch quietly and uses a trick to avoid being eaten. Maybe it's an unique defense mechanism ? or a clever ruse to deceive the pred. Perhaps using the terrain ? Or a certain knowledge about the pred ? At any rate the predator didn't see coming and the prey may have pulled itself out of the menu for this time.
I think that theme can allow for some interesting and surprising scenes :)

Don't forget you can consult the wiki if you need some infos :… ^^

The story will be judged on :

-The writing : Does the story flows well ? is is interesting, original, captivating and pleasant to read ?
-Descriptions of the environment and the setting. In this theme I fel the atmosphere is going to be especially important.
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Rules are simple :

-The deviations must be within the deviantart policies.

-To enter the contest you must join the group

-All entries must be posted in the GROUP CONTEST gallery.

- Judging will be made by a panel of judges and me.

-If you enter the contest, you must be *ready* for the eventuality that you will loose. There will be only one winner... So if you can't accept that idea, then it's better you don't enter.. ^^;

-The contest will last one month, though the date is not engraved in iron.

- Multi-entries are allowed but avoid submitting more than two ( or remove one previous entry from the contest before )

I think this cover all. This contest is essentially mean for fun, so please enjoy it ! :D
Comments and suggestions are very welcome ! ^_^
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Blazingangel1214 Featured By Owner May 26, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I have set up a post for two new races that might be interesting to see in Felarya. One is a giant Demi-dragon race called the Pendraigs. Pendraig is was Welsh version of the name Pendragon meaning Chief Dragon. The other race are giant plesiosaur type centaur that can live in Felarya's oceans, lakes and rivers. I call them the Nisaeg. Nisaeg means Water horse in Scotland and is another for the Loch Ness Monster. I grew up loving dragons, dinosaurs, and other mythical creatures. I hope to add my new races in Felarya. So if you want to see the bios for these races, see my post and choose which one you want most.
geo-goatson Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2020
How do yo know where to begin with Felarya?
PSPRebirth Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2020
To Everybody In The Group,

   I have returned to apologize for past actions I have made. I am the one who used to go under the username "PopStarPlatinum", and, in a fit of rage and denial, posted a not so nice comment essentially telling you all to basically get a life. Time has passed, and I have grown wiser to my mistakes. What I did was not only insolent, but immature as well. I have now realized that people can live their life in any way that makes them happy, and I don't have the right to judge. If anything, I foolishly attacked others for mistakes and pitfalls of my own. Instead of being a man and owning up to my faults, I took the easy way out and pitted all you as a scapegoat for something that wasn't your fault in the slightest. And now that my original account is banished, the stamp of my own stupidity and wrath has stained the comment section of your group, possibly scaring away others who look to join your festivities. I feel terrible for what I have done and wanted to make it right by writing this note of apology. I hope you all can find it in your heart to forgive me for my hurtful actions. If not, I fully understand and won't retaliate in the slightest.

Oasis has taught me a very powerful lesson that I think everyone can learn from: Don't Look Back In Anger. Because if you do, you will someday regret it. The link to the song is right below here for anyone who wants to listen. Thank you all so very much for reading this, and I wish all of you a bright future filled with happiness and good times.

Arrivederci, Noah S.…
Pyroanime2k16 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2020
Am I allowed to make a character or species for Felarya?
david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You might need to refine that question. Are you allowed to submit bios and ideas on new races? Oh yeah! We fully encourage that! Will it get put in the Wiki or worshiped by the Discord community? Ehhhh maybe? It's all a roll of the dice.

As for making a character. ;P Look at the OC and ideas section on here. We've got plenty and we don't mind more! Feel free but do read the wiki to be sure you understand the setting and avoid mistakes maybe? Just a tip from a vet. Either enjoy your likely short stay with us! 🤭
Pyroanime2k16 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2020
Sorry for the very late reply, but is it okay if I make an OC just through writing? I'm not really a good drawer.
david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh sure! There's plenty of us who are good artists who do it as well a few icons who only were written about before they got fan art some of my favorites are only found on the page! Ours is a world that accepts many many types of OC creation.
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PopStarPlatinum Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2020  Student Writer

Resolve of a Man 


A man lies in waste, feeling not right 

The vision he had was out of his sight 

Once, there was a time where he chased a dream 

But not all the glitter is gold, it did seem 

He tried many times, day after day 

Still every work, the color of grey 

By now, his brain was deep in a bind 

So, he decided to go out and empty his mind 


What he soon found was a great surprise 

Some knowledge that made him a little more wise: 

The very work that made him feel small 

It rid him of gloom to not see it at all 

With this new power, he soared high in the sky 

Again and again, feeling more spry 

He said, “Out with the old, in with the new!” 

Thus, the last time he ever felt blue 


So, through this story, we all can see 

You can change, and that change is the key 

There is nothing more precious than a happy life 

All you must do is pull through your strife 

Through the cloud, we must all advance 

To break through the anguish, to break the trance 

Destroy the chain, and kill your sorrow 

Have nothing more than a bright tomorrow 

Yep, I'm leaving already. Not like any of you internet strangers care anyway. Keep doing what you want, but take my tale with a grain of salt. See ya!!


P.S.- Whoever takes this down just in straight denial of their real-world life.

In the words of Pearl Jam, one of the greatest rock bands ever, "You know time is long, and life is short, begin to live while you still can."

Have a good rest of your life!!! Hi! 

PopStarPlatinum Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2020  Student Writer
Hello Everyone! Looking forward to being in this group with all of you guys and gals! :happybounce: 
Parsnipsingularity Featured By Owner May 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it just me, or does this setting seem like an allegory for fascism?
kylie-obelisk-blue Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi if I was looking for story with specific type of predator would I just look on the regular search engine on DA or can somebody direct to a place to find vore stories and pictures involving sphinxes and riddles?
faun-an-games Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2019
Um how do you do Felarya? Emote - Shy Wave 01  Will somebody come and be my tour guide?
Parsnipsingularity Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Meta question: What's this setting's history? When were the first bits of it made? In which corner of the internet did it start out and become defined? Who and what were the key figures and events that shaped it? What did Karbo do before then?
david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you wish to see our full canon chronology you should visit it in the wiki right here:…

As for how it came to be it was sort of just Karbo posting ideas then somehow a community started to form and support it. Now who Karbo is in RL? That's a mystery even the closest of us to him do not know and really? I prefer it that way. So few mysteries in life nowadays.
Parsnipsingularity Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
And what about the more important works that shaped the setting? LiF? Silver Scales? The manga?
david-dent-jedai Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well Felarya's timeline isn't made canon by works of fiction as much as by the trope "Word of god". Its not like Star Wars or The Dresden Files in that each book adds canonical material as Felarya doesn't really recognize a one true canon philosphy. Hence why the Discord Group has it's own history and even locations that don't normally show up on the "canon" map.
You get points with me for knowing some of my favorite stories though. Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1]
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sodayodasEahawks6 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2019  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Since Article 13 is now a thing does that include Felarya? Are we still allowed to make stuff with Felarya?
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bluefunnymen Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019
Go up to the very upper left hand corner of this webpage, and hover over the "Felarya" thing.  A dropdown menu will come down and there you can send a request to join from there
pizza9798 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
Question about characters, am I allowed to make whatever as long as it doesn't just ravage the existing canon.
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