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winter in the mountains

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Hello, I'm writing a book and absolutely love your art! It's given me so much motivation, I was wondering if I could use this image as one of the places for my book? But only if it is okay with you and I understand if you say no.💖 💖 
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I'm speechless!!! Such a great style.
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ahhhh~ it's so wonderful
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wow can i used it :) 
GOOD LORD!  I completely love it.  The reason I write more is that I'm working on a large mod for a game called "Darkest Dungeon" we are creating a new area for the heroes to explore called "The Mountain" and I think your art would be perfect to serve as concept, mood, loading screen and background art.  Hue, saturation and level alterations may have to be made to fit this piece into the Darkest Dungeon's gritty feel, as well as cropping and other superficial adjustments and so-on might also be required.

Are you willing to allow the project to use your work?  The mod will be free and available publicly for free through steam, and no member of the team will profit in any way.

Credit would be given to you and links to this piece would be provided.  Additionally, we would send you links to the project and the instances where your art may be used.

Thanks so much!
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Beautiful it looks like Ice Age
May I use this wonderful painting and other graphics like this from you on
Of course I'll credit you :)
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The fact that the eye is triggered to count all the mountain tops is amazing..Clap 
That picture reminds me of switzerland.. where I come from.. so wonderful q.q
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How I wish I could be there...
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To jest genialne co tworzysz zapiera mi dech przy każdym obrazie i detalu... w szoku jestem też chciałbym kiedyś tak malować... Pozdrawiam ;)
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I'm sorry, I just can't stop loving your artwork!
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Love this, [btw popped up on my facebook feed]
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After five minuets of staring at this, I am still questioning whether this is a photograph, or a painting.
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I second that! Such talent!
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Incredible!!! I can't even imagine the talent, patience, and labor creating something like this takes!!
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This just might be my favorite of your landscape works, I look at it and I'm just captivated by it and feel lost in the cold.
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Wonderful work! Looks great
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Dovahkin song sounds in my head when I look at this piece. Gorgeous! :icondovahkinplz:
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