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Near the castle

I spent more time here because of the amount of detail. But I most like to always work near the end.
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Amazing! So well done and realistic!

Btw... how did you make the rock texture?

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Love them all from Fel-X
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Very beautiful and inspiring!
5 stars!
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te detale, zdumiewające :)
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Teach me your ways master
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Truly amazing. This makes me want to read a book which has this picture on the cover.
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I dont understand how something can be so micro-detailed. It just doesnt seem possible. How is it possible to draw every blade of grass?
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As a very inexperienced hobbyist, it looks like he used 3 shades of green for the grass in the light, and 3 for the grass in the shade, and with the very detailed grass and flowers, I think he drew 1-4 very detailed, then scaled down, duplicated, copy/pasted, and added to them a bit. Probably very wrong :shifty: I'd love to see how he did this. Although, however which way he did this, it's gorgeous! :love:  
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I couldn't agree more its riveting work!
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like a mix of game of thrones and dr. seuss 
i like it :)
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This is an incredible showcase of fine talent!
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hi i used this stock here and thank you…
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great job on the lighting and the shadows! Really makes the picture come alive! I also agree with the comment below about the riders being a bit smaller...nonetheless fantastic piece!!!! 
It's really really amazing, loving it. Although I feel that the riders should be smaller, I have a feeling that the arch is quite distant and thus very large, but the riders suggest otherwise.

Still, an awesome piece. 
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This is excellent!
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Oh my, the details!!
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Your work is stunning!  Absolutely amazing lighting throughout your whole gallery.
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I sense adventure..
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great work!!!Awesome
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Oh my GOD! How do you do these so good?? haha. This is just insane!! =)
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that's an intense level of detail, i like it :nod:
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