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Mountain Weather

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Good frief, your vistas and layers of weather are incredibly evocative.  Super talent!
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Belle Nature,généreuse et indomptée,bravo Fel-X !!!
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You have creative imagination that only few people can put in arts. so awesome... Heart Heart 
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Amazing, this is so incredibly beautiful.
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harsh and unforgiving yet breathtaking.
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Your talent is gorgeous! Your art is wonderful! Outstanding!
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I just can't get enough of your lovely art!
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Let's see you make more. :D
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This is jaw dropping! Incredible work!
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By the God's of Epic, this Talent and Creativity is the real Deal B-) :worship:
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You have so many beautiful landscapes and you're very talented :clap:
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The way you do your lighting really adds a special touch to your already fantastic (digital?) painting.

Yeah, I am curious: are you doing this using a program or with traditional tools?
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Wonderful work, special atmosphere!
All your work is astonnishing just wow!! I would love if you could do one with the resolution 5323x1050 That would exactly be my new background .... It inspires me so much.... Your work is that, what's in my fantasy... just so ... perfectLove
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This is a truly impressive setting.
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Quite a remarkable piece of work! Be proud!!
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This is absolutely breath taking. My first reaction was wow this is mind blowingly beautiful but thats an understatement to say the least. The level of detail to every element is astonishing. I can see a few nit pick details involving shadow but who cares anyone normal would appreciate this work of art in all its glory. 

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Seriously, this is so good I have to comment on it a second time haha. Absolutely stunning work. I'm going to share this on Facebook
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