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Fog over the water

This took me more time
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Absolutely beautiful.

It reminds me of that movie, the never-ending story (yes:D it is quite an old movie) when they are flying in the air over-seeing all the landscapes. This reminds me of one of those landscapes. Very Nostalgic, thank you for sharing!

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Excellent! So unique and little bit historical stylized piece, I love it!

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This is pretty unique ! what a great picture you have here !
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Am I allowed to use this?
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Such a beautiful work!
Especially combined with this wonderful music:…
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Robi wrażenie. Bardzo malowniczy krajobraz. Lubię takie ambitne prace.
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it's like dinosaur's age landscape. Amazing!
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This is beautiful!
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That's impressive!
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Wow! Really good! Spectacular piece, almosts seems impossible to do! Great job! :D
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:icondennisflipplz: Awesomely Awesome! :icondennisflipplz:
alexandramillerlite's avatar
LimeForDummies's avatar
Beautiful work! May I use this on an online community at my profile? :) I will credit you saying "Painting by"! I will crop it and add some text to it!

Again, amazing artwork! I'm stunned Clap 
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Gasp! Love it, it is so beautiful, wonderful job!
I'm new to digital painting/sketching, and I have a basic Bamboo fun tablet. I struggle to create pieces as detailed as this, and I know that practise is important, but I could really use some tips and pointers like what brush presets do you use and smudging techniques. 
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this is fantastic! :love:
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i think the vast majority will fave this for the rendering, but i think the really achievement is the composition. the perfect ratio of the three trees receding.
selebriana's avatar
Great work!))))
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there are words to describe it but I cannot say them. and damn it I wish this place was real! >_<
Heart So beautiful, I like it very much Clap 
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