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Sooooo, yea, title says it all, and my inbox is filled with thousands of messages/comments x___x  Unfortunately, I won't be able to go through it all! But a lot of the questions were very similar so I'll answer them here, since I might be lazy to change the comments on a few of the arts I've already submitted.

1. Q: They're for viewing purposes only, but I see them on a lot of other deviant's profiles.
    A: Alright, since it seems like a lot of people don't like to read/pay attention or would simply like to ignore my wishes, I guess it's okay to put them up on your deviant profile, with credit of course.

2. Q: They're the wrong dates.
    A: Okay, I went pretty old school with these dates. The dates for the astrologies are taken from a book called, "5 Ways to Know About You" by Karent Cravelle, and it was the book I played with when I was in elementary school, so mostly late 1990's. And recently there have been a change of dates a few years back I believe, so obviously the dates don't match up from source to source. If you dislike it, then I'm sorry, I have no intention of updating the dates (for now).

1. Q: Can I adopt ___________.
    A: Okay, sorry, I think that is my fault for the misleading title. I owned a pixel site a few years back and those were the "adoptables" I had on my site for other pixel site owner to put in their "toybox". [Alright, I don't know if that still exists, but if it doesn't I think I just made myself feel older]

1. Q: Do you do requests:
    A: Sorry, but I don't.  

I think I just got most of the repetitive questions answered here. And to everyone who left a comment, thank you! n___n It always make my day when I come back after being dead or just to check up on dA that I find all these sweet comments.

ANYWAY, I've been dead for a little over 2 years, and I'm not sure if I'm coming back tho, because I haven't pixelled anything at all within this timeline either. Maybe when I find some inspiration to pixel again, or for random DIY crafts.


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Hi, do you still have the template for the Kuroshitsuji papercraft? Can I have a copy? Please?
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Happy birthday ! ♥
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