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SAI2 Stamp Brushes

some more stamp brushes

I reccomend a custom angle tilt of +/-4 for better stamping at tighter angles

Download here:
Alternative when Stash is not working:

Copy the files into your scatter folder in your SAI2 directory (version:2018-09-20)
new versions: <(My)Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAIv2\settings
restart SAI2

these brushes can be used for PS as well with abit of tinkering.
free for personal and commericial use
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Огромное вам спасибо)))

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I added in the carpet that should be but it doesnt work, can you explain me unu?

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Can you please add new link? 030 Both of them doesn't work xc

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second one should work, you will get to a duplicate of this post with a download button below the picture, and there's the brushset

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Oh, apparently it was a site error, because I was forbidden to follow the second link for some unknown reason. Now everything works, thanks a lot ^^

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It won't appear in SAI, any thoughts why?

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I use 2020.04.10 version

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Solved the problem with your making brush tutorial, thank you!

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I think the ressource path changed in one of the last updates, and this one is a bit older.
try putting it in
<(My)Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAIv2\settings
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can you make a lace brush?
or a tutorial how you did this?
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here's a quick tutorial:
How to SAI2 Brushes by Feivelyn
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I'm sorry for the bother but it says that this no longer exists is the stash!

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added an alternate link that should work now.
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Thank you for sharing :) 
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Oh these are amazing... Can you tell me where you learned to make them. 
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self taught, well it's not that complicated, you can use any kind of grayscale bitmap for a stamp brush
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i adore these! thank you so much for sharing them!
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Nice brushes :heart: thanks for share :hug:
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