Secret Bero Santa: SEND THE ENTRIES!!

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It's not obligatory to submit them on DA, but you must send it to the person you were their SS~!
If you don't want to submit it but show it anyways, you can do it in the server, like this we all make sure everyone received their art gift. Do sent it to one of the mods ( Either Mari, Sika or Ace) so we can show all the entries after the event is fully done ♥ 

Here's the new folder to submit the entries on the group~

Thank you all so much for joining and hosting the event,

sparkles emoji HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! sparkles emoji 

{ Free Icon } --  Jingle Bell by Hardrockangel    Oh Oh Oh, it's Christmas Time for our Bero friends !    { Free Icon } --  Jingle Bell by Hardrockangel

Our little Santa helpers whispered to our ears that they'd love to do a little event for the best holiday of the year ♥ 

We are happy to announce that this year, the Beromimi group will have a Secret Santa event to make everyone happy <3

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Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa  How does it work Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa

- You enter by commenting below ! Once inscriptions are closed, you'll be assigned another participant via note ! You will have to draw something on their wishlist for them !

- You can not show any wips of your artwork publicly nor tell anyone who you are drawing for ! 

- Once you enter, you need to write a journal ( is perfectly fine) with your beromimi references and what you'd like / don't like ! It must be titled "BeroSanta Wishlist" 

- You need a beromimi to enter this event ! Your journal can only list beromimis.

- When your secret art it done, you note it to the group. You will be able to post it during the posting period ! Do not show it anywhere beforehand !

Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa 
Deadlines Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa

- FROM 10/11 TO 10/20 : Inscription Period

- 10/21 : Everyone get their assigned santas 

- 10/22 to 12/20: Drawing period ! 

- 12/20 to 12/25 : Post your art and deliver it to your Santa partner ♥ Since it's Christmas Period you have a few days window ! If you know you won't be online at all please pm Feinny with your finished artwork 

Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa RULES Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa

- Please do your best ! Everyone needs to put the most effort in their piece ! Make it at least a halfbody or a chibi with background fully lined and shaded, the more you do the best it is ! Christmas is about giving after all ♥ If your Santa or the mods feel like you rushed your piece too much, you will be banned from future events.

- Do not show any wips to anyone ! Make sure your art is a secret until last minute <3 

- We will use to pull the names ! that means, not even I will know who you need to draw for, it's a complete surprise for everyone ! As said above, you will be contacted with a note with a link that only you will click ! In the link, there will be the name of your Santa !

- That goes without saying but no base, or tracing for this event. The art must be yours and yours only.

- Do NOT be late. Please. Everyone needs to respect the deadlines. You have two full months to draw your piece ! Make sure no one gets left out ! We will send reminders to everyone entering every week or so if we don't have updates.

- Update THIS BOARD with an update when you finish a step of your drawing ! 

- If, for a MAJOR reason (you will be asked to give proofs) you need to back out during the drawing period, let us know ASAP. I ( Ace-Of-Shadow) will draw for your santa and you will be banned from future events. 

Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa 

Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa  If you have any questions you can ask them below ! We are expecting you to do your best on your piece !   Pixel Star (free to use) by Kakiwa

Participant List : 

- Feinny    |FTU| .: Mistletoe Mini Pixel :. by WandaPinkay  BeroSanta Wishlist

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The folder for ss is not open for members to submit