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The end of the world

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KurohaneRuriStudent General Artist
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Already it's something I can't draw in a million years, but here's my two cents on this piece: If I remembered correctly. you wrote somewhere about lacking passion when it comes to drawing female characters. As I'm a newbie, I'll just say that the bishojo in red does look flat, from the way the shadows fall on her face and her silken dress. Also, the flowing ribbon could be more brought out and look more translucent.
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First off let me say that I really love the way you draw people, especially the faces, hair, and costumes. This picture has a lot of great movement and flow, the banners and skirt especially are really cool. One thing I think you could work on though is the anatomy of the horse, especially the front leg that is closest to the viewer. The perspective gets a little muddy there, and to my eyes it looks like it's a lot shorter than the other foreleg, because it appears to be missing the second joint, the elbow. The other foreleg has it, but on the closest leg it looks like after the ankle it just reconnects to the horse's torso. Now, I think that might be because the man's leg is where the definition for the horse's leg would be, so it may just be an unfortunate overlap, but it does confuse my eye.
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Dune-EpsilonHobbyist General Artist
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Overall the piece is wonderful!!
I just have a bit of nit-picky advice about the horse, (totaly up to you if you use it or not) the bit (the part running through the mouth), should be a metal bar, not leather, and the horse seems a little twisted in its body, you could change that by adding another back leg to the offside and place it more forward!
It may also help hid the twisted horse, if you pull the man's leg back and more under him to show the horse's elbow... but I don't know for sure that will work!
Have a great day!
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Overall it's a wonderful piece. The composition is well balanced. The highlights in the flowing fabrics help to keep the viewers eyes moving across the entire piece. The figures of the horse and the couple seem proportional and fairly realistic.

The only issue I really see is that your background shows a sun rising or setting, but your figures appear to have two light sources on them. It almost appears like there is another sun higher up and in front of the couple. If you put the light source off screen, I think the light source issue would be solved.
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This is a really lovely composition with strong shapes and direction. I like also the very bold use of red but otherwise limited palette- the gold is not too 'yellow' but kept subdued in the browns so as not to compete with the red and turn it into a McDonalds sign... Well done.
I have a few issues with the horse (the artist is probably already aware of them). The head is beautiful with an interesting stylization of the eye which carries through on the hero but alas not on the heroine. However there is something odd about the way the horse twists or doesn't- it seems to be a little inconsistent in its perspective with some flattening out in the hindleg area- the saddle straps may be contributing to this. Also I think the nearer foreleg could have a little more detail and contrast to pull it into the foreground a bit and maybe actually change the angle slightly- put the hoof a bit lower so that it's not at the same level as the other one and not contacting the hero's toe with so much tension- it needs to go behind more- this would hopefully avoid competing with the people's faces and also make the horse look more natural and less posed.
The faces are good, the hero having some stronger shadows, the heroine probably needs a touch more shadow to really nestle her into the hero.
The detail on the shoulder armour creates fabulous focal point and carries on down the hero's body to the knee detail. The girl's headpiece is a nice counterbalance... I'm just not sure how the girl is sitting on the horse, she doesn't seem to have any hips-I'll just have to imagine the hero has just swept her up and is carrying her with his other arm! However the eye doesn't really rest here so it's no biggie and the flowing robes pull the eye away almost immediately- great use of flowing robes Panda!
Overall a really strong image, just reference the horse a bit more- good one.<img src="e.deviantart.com/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)" />
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llindervHobbyist Photographer
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Very pretty! <img src="e.deviantart.com/emoticons/h/h…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" /> However, a couple things bother me...The position of the woman, for one, is rather odd. The way she's sitting doesn't really look like she's sitting in the man's lap (which would be more probable) and rather that she's directly facing him and missing her legs. It's very awkward there, and I think if she had her back twisted more to our view, it would look more realistic.

The second thing is the front of the horse. I'm not an expert on animal anatomy, though the front quarter of the horse seems to be trying to turn to the viewer's point. Thus, we're missing a more distinct 'ending' to the horses front left (our right) leg. It seems to simply just melt into the horse's body, then have an elbow and connect to the rest of the horse.

On the positive side, the flow of the clothing is just splendid. You did an amazing job on it. Another good choice for this picture is the smooth marble like quality to the horse and other aspects. I think if the horse had a more hide look, it would take away from the characters and the whole image would be, in my opinion, full of too much detail.

Overall, it is a beautiful and dramatic picture full of movement and emotions. It just needs a few anatomy tweaks. <img src="e.deviantart.com/emoticons/w/w…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)" />
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Raven207bHobbyist Digital Artist
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Your work on this is stunning but I hope, being an equestrian and equine artist, that I can provide something insightful! The figures appear to be floating next to the horse, rather than riding on him. This is emphasized by the angle of his arm with the rein. The back of a horse has a bit of a hollow to it, which is where saddle and rider sit. Whenever I draw a horse with rider, I usually draw the horse first, and place the rider with this in mind. I know that horses, especially with a rider, can be very challenging and it can be hard to visualize! Their anatomy can be very foreign as well, but as long as we keep in mind that they are a prey animal and built appropriately, it makes drawing them easier.

I do hope that this has been somewhat helpful. Your concept and execution are truly stunning!
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JoAnNaLvArEzHobbyist Traditional Artist
something unique
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MCreativeWorldHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm completely in love with your work !!
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woww so pretty
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GwasaneeHobbyist Digital Artist
Your work has been featured here: [link]

If you want it removed, please let me know :heart:

Have a wonderful day!
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Dragonkeeper-natalieStudent Writer
Wow, this is so amazing. You are incredible!
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Midnight-SpectrumHobbyist General Artist
Oh, wow, this looks amazing!! I love the colors and composition! everything comes together!
. . .
. . . . However, I think the horse seems a bit . . . out of place. It seems not as realistic as everything else, but I has of yet to figure out why . . . :upset:
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wings--of--hope Traditional Artist
WTF, it's incredible !!!
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i really love it, really pretty
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burningrage8-13Hobbyist General Artist
SWEETNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!
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That-Random--ArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
wow thats some serious detail in the armor O.o
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WOW this is a mazing, beautiful and great pic. Great job on it . Did you make this pic ?:D
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JumeiProfessional Digital Artist
How do the reins of the horse work? There's only one side and it's way too long. It looks like the man pulls the rein very hard but the horse holds it head straight and very relaxed like the man doesn't pull at all. I also think the horse could use some work. The head is too big and the perspective doesn't look right. At the front is looks like the horse is viewed at 3/4 but when you look at the belly, the saddle is strapped on the horse like it's viewed from the side. I also have no idea where the left front leg of the horse comes from.

The humans and horse also look very different from each other. The humans are very realistic while the horse looks cartoony and rushed.The whole pose of the man is out of order and his hand is way too small. I don't know if you understand English but I hope you can use this critique.
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Your art is so overwhelming! Like an explosion of universe!
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SukiDechuHobbyist Photographer
Love the sensation of movement u gave to it. It looks like they are flying to somewhere uncertain and yet better...
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Wow all your work is stunning! You dont have to answer, but what program do you use and HOW do you make the colors so perfect?
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