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Becouse of i got a car accident that i could‘t use my computer sorry guys you waitied for a long time!
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I bought this when I went to the Sakura Matsuri event at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC in 2015. They were selling posters that were artwork from some of the dA members.
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Amazing work!!!
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my favorite picture of this styling by far. great job.
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My lord...

Hail! <3
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Hot hot hot hot hot hot! o////o
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Just the way you've done on this artwork blew my mind away~ Keep up the good work <3 you earned yourself a new watcher...If that even means anything ;__; 
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Yes, he appears to me like that, but with only-blonde long hair, and no wings. :P
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The display of dark power, pride, elegance and beauty in Lucifer were captured beautifully. The sword is a very clever element. I'm breathless.
nice art love it
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how do I get to see the 3.5MB version?
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Interesting composition.  You depicted him like how he was, beautiful, and powerful as a seraph, yet again it's like something about him is not to be trusted.
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I gotta say, this is probably my favorite visual depiction of Lucifer thus far. I've been looking for reference images for a novel I'm working on that fit the feeling of my portrayal of Lucifer, and this one fits it almost perfectly. :) Awesome work.
I like this depiction of Lucifer. I think it is a great piece of arts.
I always wonder how Lucifer looked like, and this painting show me how he may possibly look like.
I like your drawing. I think it is a nice depiction of Lucifer.
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I love this print... It's actully hanging on one of the walls.
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Does he really look like that like art work!
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Gorgeous! This is a true masterpiece!!

(By the way, sorry to hear of your car accident...ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ)

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I love it, amazing colors and details, the way you represent Lucifer is beautiful.
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Lucifer, *sigh,* so misunderstood. <3 him!
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I like the fact that you put in the six wings instead of the traditional two.
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