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Happy Lantern Festival(Sien nui yau wan 2)

Doujin art for NetEase, Inc.
:happybounce: Today is 
the Lantern Festival.:happybounce: 
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Sun-Lin-Fai-Lok Long-Mah-Jing_Tsun Sun-Tai-Geen-HongGung-Hei-Fat-Choy
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Everytime I look at your Pictures I want to live in them...
Beatiful men walking around everywhere... Everything is pretty... Everything is cool. Perfect. xD
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so beautiful Steven Quartz Universe Emote 6 Ren Kouha Amazing Icon Ene (Smile) [V7] Squee Bounce Happy Happy..Onion Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 
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Oh my. They are all gorgeous! :D
I love the background too, all these warm colours... great. ^^
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Beautiful long-haired mancandies everywhere (/' Q')/
Another beautiful one!
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long haired guys for life //
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Is that Dango? Me wanna! It looks tasty!! :P
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This is gorgeous - so rich in detail. As always, your men are so handsome!
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:iconiggybrowsplz: I wanna go....:D
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no wonder my chinese friend plays these sorts of online games, characters are hot!
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This is so pretty~! The colours and the details make this really gorgeous *_*
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Why can't I meet guys like this? :XD: That one with the skulls -- gorgeous.
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Aw, I wish America did Lantern Festivals. ; u ; ) Y'all guys get all the fun. 8D
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Also , what does the writing in the fan mean if anything ?
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I love even the detail on the guy to the left it the background blurred as not to stand out and take from the main three but still has all the details despite it being a background character the same style with the lights too ... :3 just pretty darn amazing
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It's wonderful! :love:
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All of them are so hot and well done~ ^O^ 
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