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Dynasty declining

happy new year! Makes a tabletop to give everybody the use
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ยฉ 2008 - 2021 feimo
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There is a listing on Etsy that has used this image:

Also send a direct message to the artist.
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I would love to know who this is
Kai45's avatar
Does anybody know who this character is?
LordOfPandemonium21's avatar
hey i made him my name character in my book! 
se7endipity's avatar
I'm totally in love :heart:
I want to buy a print of this. Is this possible?
vertus-design-being's avatar
I totally love this art. Really.
Darcy0414's avatar
Immediately had to favorite this. :heart:
k-no-uta's avatar
OMG this is from you then! I stumbled over it over google search and fell in love at first sight! So amazing! It's cool to stumble over your account here now!
NetherStray's avatar
Same here. I'm using it as a placeholder in a book I'm writing just because this guy reminds me so much of the main character. It startled me when I first saw it!
xakana's avatar
I absolutely adore this.
mornstar70's avatar
Cool....I like it!!!
stellartcorsica's avatar
extremely detailed !! Magnificient :love:
torivan6's avatar
such  amazing  character !!
xclt's avatar
Such a Fantastic work
Definitely my favorite :)
Dianote's avatar
I luv the eyes...
Subtle-War's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
FeiRyuzaki's avatar
One of my favorites ! Gorgeous, dark and charismatic ! Thank you for sharing all those splendid arworks with us.
Lust-Aii's avatar
Excellence. I made a story around this character. It's fantastic.
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