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I just love this one i saw it on google once looking for something similar to my character and I've been looking for the original artist so if I reposted it i can give you credit for this amazing art on my goigle plus. I always give credit where it is due i even have in my tagline all credit to the original artists cause most art on Pinterest and google comes off of here and its so hard to find the original artist. But if I had enough to buy a digital copy and actually own a copy of this picture so my stalkers and those people cyberbullying me about my character saying no i can't use this picture for my Cain because its their Cain well ill settle it. If I may ask i will try my best to sketch you something art for art and do an art trade for a copy of this picture and still put a thank you and note this belongs to the original artist because since 2014 and 2015 i have refused to come on social media due to stalkers in a cult cyberbullying me because of my original character Cain and them having stolen this picture without asking you and i admit i took it off google but i said to their faces i give the artist credit for this art and you you stole it and cropped their signature out of this picture. I found the original copy once but never your account cause google kept glitching and i strongly apologize as an artist, a writer, roleplayer and person a human being for using this picture off google without asking first and not contacting you years ago. I just could not come online due to the harassment and cyberbullying and i even had to delete my main account and try to start over and now have a private account on google plus like this one. But i have a small sketchbook and pencils and will do a normal for the hell of drawling for a friend new or old ive been on this site actually 7 to 8 years on the account that was hacked this is a remake of Inarismesanger01 i probably spelled that wrong but yet you are one amazing artist like my friend Carlos and i need to try and give you as many favs and lamas as i can cause you are like the one whos done all my favorite pics that look like my book characters i draw in my head. So thank you for inspiring me through my depression and emotional disability and i thank you for all this amazing time and effort you put in this picture it is amazing. keep making awesome work i may never do as good as you all on a phone but hey its alright i like old fashioned pen and pencil on paper. Rock on bro or sis. Keep it up. ~ Signed Cain my real name is Mina