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Kylo Ren

My fav star wars 7 character in the pose of my fav League champ................ -_-" 
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Amazing, fantastic job!
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:0 I'm so speechless
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This turned out really amazing.
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This is better than fantastic! I am in awe!!!
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W O W!!!!!  this is stunning!DeviantArt 
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Amazing art work, congratulations!
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hehe thanks :D 
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This is the best Kylo Ren art i have seen so far ! I love it ! <3 Talon is my favorite champ in League too haha :happybounce: 
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Haha thanks!! glad u think so :D talon ftw :p
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Ah man every time I see fan art I have to keep reminding myself as cool as he looks he still is a bit emoish (not trying to disrespect your art I love it) But man Ben really has some makeup to do in episode 8.
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Haha yea most bad guys are abit emoish but still the designs are cool. :D
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That they are ahh I guess the old saying is true your eyes can only tell you so much.
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Badass work here :D The pose and perspective is spot on!
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big improvement over your previous pictures
great work, looks fantastic
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Haha rly? I dnt rly notice a dif, but thanks anyways :D
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Very dynamic, love it :D
FeiHai's avatar
Hehe thx! Glad u love it :D
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Love the colors =D
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