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Tower Island


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that's STUNNING! Love the perspective!

Defoger's avatar

I don't care how unrealistic it is, I love it! (and I mean unrealistic physicaly speaking, not visualy, it looks great!)

shirousagi360's avatar

I love this world. The colors, the design of the city - it's so peaceful. Perfect picture to escape into dreams

PL-att's avatar
I love this!
Tanky-sg's avatar
Stunning work as always. Love the colours and architecture!
KizUna-Cat's avatar
beautiful, nice perspective!
vanndra's avatar
Beautiful work!
Arte-de-Junqueiro's avatar
This is just amazing!!! :wow:
Tsumerai-Kyon's avatar
You always do some amazing perspective with a fuckton of details. Really would love to see what you can do with a 3D software.

I loved the sea and the lighting you used. God, the lighting. I do feel like you make perspective reduce the size of the people too quickly, though. It might be just me but the mom and the kid are already too small from a couple steps foward, their size don't seem to match the girls.
charla316's avatar
Some reason it reminds me of spirited away
Tsumerai-Kyon's avatar
face style plus the amount of stuff on the scenery, maybe?
PenaltyKillah's avatar
You're telling me this isn't 3D? Shocked 

All kidding aside, huge props to Fei Giap on the perspective. I'm not surprised if the buildings were plotted out with 3D software though, not to take anything away from this of course Sweat Emoticon 
If it was plotted out with 3D software, then it really isn't any different from thumbnail sketches or whatever. Amateur artists of all types tend to have an idea of what's "cheating". I say just use the toolset you're given, and as long as you're not ripping somebody off you're fine. I'd bet anything that if DaVinci were born today he'd be using photoshop.
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supridiot's avatar
i love the perspective
joseavilespacheco's avatar

conversing with the perspective
VerlyVetoVermol's avatar
Wow...great work!...
I love this Scenery, The color, the details and the perspectiv are so good, Do more like that <3
duskricorn's avatar
Your imagination, details, perspective, and colors have always been so inspiring and otherworldly. Feel like you could back up on that rendering; it "muddies" the characters. Perhaps, for the brighter areas in the sunlight, leave out any rendering. Let them be the spotlight.
Benjamilk's avatar
I love this. The framing. The perspective, the colors. Part of me wants to say it "reminds me of x" to try to put into perspective how good it is, but I just can't. Nothing I could say would do this justice, so I'll just say "Looking good!"
Peaniko's avatar
This is fantastic, the colors, the perspective, the details that make this look like a market, I love it! I adore backgrounds like this.
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