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work for my new project
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When you say, " new project" are you calling this an original work? I have this image stored on a drive somewhere but as I recall; the stored image I have does not contain the figures outside the shop and there are a few other differences but, it is very much the same scene. I'll look for my stored copy but in the interim if you are using another persons work as a starting point it would be more correct and nicer to credit the original and call this a variation on the original. Give credit where credit is due otherwise it makes you look like a petty thief. I'm not saying that you are appropreating someone else's work but I'm certain I've seen this shop seen at least a few years before now.
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There was a version like 2 years ago of this same background, but it's still by this artist. He just added the characters in this one later because the original wasn't uploaded to dA.

Version without the schoolgirls:
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bought one! pretty amazing, too bad it doesn't have the characters on it though. Love it anyway!
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Love all the odd angles.
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So delightful and gorgeous :)
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you are a great person, really! I find this unattainable in a lifetime of mine xD
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Incredible concept and renditiin - well done!
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So beautiful! :heart:
The colors are so pretty and so lovely. It's this calm feeling all over this! So lovely :D
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Hi, is there any chance I could buy a print of your art from something not included in your print shop? I'm very very interested. 
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Impressive art work, congratulations! Clap Worship 
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Let me guess, one of the girls lives on the third floor.
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WOW! I love the colors. 
Is this a fictional city or an actual location?
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Incredible job with the colours!
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yoooOOOOO i had this as my desktop background for years (without the girls) and I had no idea where it was from. Finally I found you ; q ;
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Love the shades and the perspective
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I'd like to live in that neighborhood :)
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May I know where is this location ?
So beautiful.
Is this real location or just your imagination blend for perfection ?
i WISH TO DROP BY THIS PLACE FOR SOME special kampung style.
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