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Rooftop Girl

By FeiGiap
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the place is Penang Georgetown of Malaysia. No schoolgirl this time. XD
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I perfect fit to the Anime/Video Game World.
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Amé el empeño puesto en el fondo, muy bien!
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This was taken off of the Internet.
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Hey, I think this has been stolen by another user.

I am the 90s

Might want to check that out. :/
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This somehow gives me a Jet Set Radio vibe. Probably because I've been playing it recently. :P I'm just picturing her skating on the roofs of those houses.
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Damn, the rooftop design looks like DMMD, and I was fooled. My second guess would be bleach. It looks a lot like bleach.
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It's actually a real place
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oh wow n1 ! =)
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Lawl, i have those headsets. also, sweet anachronisms bro~
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I love the detail on the phone and background.
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Nice photo your skills are really good.
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she is not the 90's. were is her CD player? we didn't have smartphones back then. very nice btw, i like the coloring, and the design in general :)
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Is it ok,If i ask what kind of software did you use?
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the most common one i have seen to be used is "Paint Tool SAI" so im gonna bet on that
the other three possabilitys (that i know of) are "Paint Shop Pro", "Photoshop" and "Manga Studio"
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Hello, I was wondering if I could use this piece of art in my background slideshow on my computer. If you do not want me to, I understand perfectly.
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awesome keep up the good work
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this ist rlly amazing! I think she just looks like 'i dont caaaaare'. I love this pic it stands out from the others a bit. :P <3
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